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The Cry of a Love-Lorn Tom

Abed last night
I woke in fright
At a fearsome burst of song.
'Twas a caterwaul,
A mating call;
The cry of a love-lorn tom.

I raised the blind,
Looked out to find
Just where 'twas coming from.
This accolade
Of serenade
With cry of a love-lorn tom.

I took a shoe
Which I then threw
To express my rage complete.
'Twas no avail.
The diresome wail
Continued in the street.

Tom was in must,
(A frenzied lust),
He'd craved a pussy too long.
When one he saw
He arched and swore
The cry of a love-lorn tom.

My other shoe
I took and threw
My boots to boot, ... and more
'Til slippers went
By when I'd spent
My ammunition store

So out the door
I rushed, and swore,
With just my night shirt on.
Goaded by
That screeching cry;
The cry of a love-lorn tom.

The door behind,
(As was designed)
Swung shut and latched again.
Sore distressed,
And barely dressed,
I was barefoot in the lane.

When Tom saw me
He scampered free
And now he is long gone.
While shiver I,
Benighted by
The cry of that love-lorn tom.

Dear friends. Beware!
Don't interfere
Pray heed this "tail" so long
And don't assail
That feline male
When he cries he's a love-lorn tom.

Β©Petter Finne.

Petter 9 Aug 20
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Very good! I've thrown potatoes at love-lorn toms before now, but with more success that you with your shoes. I didn't have to leave the house!

Coffeo Level 8 Aug 23, 2020

how much did you really have on when you got locked out?! Asking for a friend.πŸ˜‚. Wonderful poem. You should get it published. There are a few more cat lovers out in the world who would love to read it.

I had put on a pair of men's knickers only. I lived in the tropics.
Feel free to post the poem elsewhere. Just retain my copyright text.

@Petter Great! I have a couple cat lover friends. I will advise them the same.

@EyesThatSmile I've just posted a very different sort of poem in the sexual deviants group!


You lost me at "pussy."

Here's why: Puns are fun, and there are more, more discreet ones, in there. But the formal overall tone made "pussy" seem like an audience callout while Prof. von Scott is being serious in Rocky Horror. I love Rocky Horror, and I like this poem. But I think the poem would be stronger, both evocative and more internally consistent, with subtlety. "Pussy" is too cutesy, too distracting.

Note to self: I did post this morning that atheists need more of a sense of humor.

josh_karpf Level 7 Aug 20, 2020

Agreed. You need more humour.


Very funny

Moravian Level 8 Aug 20, 2020

I love writing either light hearted poetry, such as this one, or "deep" poetry.

@Petter Your story reminded me of an incident many years ago. After a mates stag party I stayed overnight in a country hotel. I was in the annex and it was in the days before en suite bathrooms. In the middle of the night i got up to go to the bathroom and as it was a warm night I was sleeping au natural. I found the bathroom ok but got lost and couldn't find my room. I opened one door to hear this deep male voice say "hello". That one was hurriedly closed.
I don't know how long I wandered the corridors of that hotel but with great relief I eventually found my room. Fortunately unlike you I had left the door unlocked,
Have you ever had any published ?

@Moravian I was a publisher, but rarely published my own work. I have had a few short stories and poems published,. One day I intend to complete my autobiography, but I'm a lazy sod!


Nicely written, but I'd look into a compressed air potato cannon. Potatoes are cheaper than shoes and biodegradable. πŸ˜‰

oldFloyd Level 8 Aug 20, 2020

That'll teach him to throw shoes at a love-lorn Tom. LOL

Spudgun Level 7 Aug 20, 2020

"Him" is actually a slightly embellished "me", in my mid twenties. The poem is indeed based on an actual incident.

@Petter Well done, Petter... You've a great talent. πŸ˜ŽπŸ‘ I have to ask, was that last word not meant to be "Song" instead of "Tom"?

@Captain_Feelgood No. Definitely he is "a love-lorn Tom".

@Petter Oops,, I misread it,,, I thought it said "When he cries his love-lorn tom." And I thought,, oh never mind.. 😏 Well done.


Great poem . Very descriptive !

Cast1es Level 9 Aug 20, 2020

Catch & neuter that Tom lest he suffer & cry lorn of love.

Mooolah Level 8 Aug 20, 2020

Maybe. But put your door latch on "hold" first. This poem reflects an incident in my "mid-twenties" life, but with a bit of "poetic licence".

@Petter of course & I loved it. Que bueno. Muy talento. Mucho amo por los gatos sans testicales. =0}

@Mooolah Pero tienes que lo cohen primarimente.


I thought they'd all be sacrificed by now to the great C19 virus.

FrayedBear Level 9 Aug 20, 2020

I note, according to the media most despised by you, that N.Korea is demanding all pet dogs be surrendered so they can be eaten.
They'd be better reverting to cannibalism.

@FrayedBear Ooooon is eating all of the food. Evidenced by his gout. Importing caviar & champagne tho.

@FrayedBear Looks like an extremist "news" site. But .....

@Petter it was linked out of RT

@FrayedBear, @Petter RT = RUSSIA TODAY

@Mooolah WE both know RT, thank you. A station that toes the Putin line. Just as France24 is French state TV. I personally attach more weight to AlJazeera.

@Petter You are imo becoming very curmudgeonly. Isn't "her indoors" well/ not doing the washing up/ vacuuming? πŸ˜€

@Petter throwing things at poor tom cats! Just because you are dissatisfied! πŸ˜²πŸ˜±πŸ˜‰


Haha! Good job!

Hathacat Level 9 Aug 20, 2020
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