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my first post in this group..... not sure where to start, buuuuuuuuut......................

here's my take, which my FB Dem friends hate.....

here's a couple of points to "set the stage"......

I'm for Bernie.... he supports and promotes policies I would like to see implemented. one of the biggest such policies is M4A, about the highest on my wish list

I don't think Joe is gonna give us M4A or anything even close.... I think Joe has too much big pharma and medical industry $ in his pockets.... I think Joe has only mouthed words sympathetic to M4A, and only since Bernie bowed out, in an effort to draw in as many Bernie voters as he can.... in other words, he just wants the votes and doesn't REALLY have any plan to implement M4A or equivelent..... (don't know how/why this text is highlighted!.... sorry)

ok, so, assuming it's going to be Biden vs. Trump......

if Biden wins, he will give the old "I have a mandate from the voters" speech, inferring those that voted for him support his policy positions.... that ain't me, babe. I won't be a part of his supposed "mandate" if he won't champion the big changes needed like M4A.

if Trump wins, well.... we've survived him so far.... and I truly believe more and more people's eyes are being opened, among the more moderate Republican voters.... I think if Trump is re-elected, there is enough resistance covertly from within the WH and cabinet to keep Trump in check.... the longer he is in office, the deeper the hole he digs, the worse he looks to some of his supporters/voters thus invoking greater backlash....

so, if Biden loses, the DNC will yet again flounder around and wonder "how could this have happened?!".... they should've learned that lesson with HRC but apparently not.... in essence, my not voting for Joe is an effort to get the DNC to wake up and get on the progressive wagon. the general political trend(among politicians anyway) has shifted so far to the right, that today's DNC platform would've been the moderate Republican platform 45 years ago! f--k that s--t! the DNC needs to get back on a truly progressive track and focus on what will help those less fortunate AND bolster the plight of middle-class families. if the DNC wants MY vote, they are going to have to adopt a platform that I want to see implemented. my vote is the ONLY thing with which I can hold the DNCs toes to the fire with. you want my vote, DNC?... gimme M4A!

I know there's other policies that need to be implemented for the well-being of the overall populace, but if we can't get EVERYthing right off the bat, M4A is a good start(possibly the most needed?)......

other than for President(if no big changes in candidate positions), I'll vote for Dems and Independents.....

aintmisbehaven 7 May 23
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When I post these sentiments on Facebook I get hate-filled comments from Democrats who say I am diving the Democratic Party and will cause Biden to lose—as if my opinion is so powerful as to have a far-reaching impact of weakening support for Biden among the electorate and cost him votes. But like you, I don’t trash Biden, I encourage him and his supporters to adopt a M4All platform, at the very least, not only because it’s the right thing to do, but because it will energize voters and maybe propel him to victory in November. But he won’t and instead of his supporters seeing the need for M4All, they spew their hate at me for having the temerity to stand for a most moral and necessary and humane policy.

Bobbyzen Level 8 May 23, 2020

I'm with ya. Lets vote our convictions and force the politicians to come to us. We have been moving right by voting the lesser evil for decades. It's time for that to stop.

RoboGraham Level 8 May 23, 2020

For me it's not that I don't want to get rid of tRump or that Biden isn't better than tRump, he is. I am finished though with voting for candidates that don't represent my views. Biden doesn't share with me very many positions on policy. If Biden supported Medicare for All, a green new deal, and a foreign policy to end war in the many countries we are fighting in I would support him. He does not and these are life and death issues. I've decided to write in Bernie or vote for a third party this November.

Theresa_N Level 8 May 23, 2020

Glad to hear it.

I'd recommend voting for a third party because if another party gets enough support, the media will be forced to actually pay attention to them and maybe even let them on the debate stage. If people are exposed to other parties and see them as possibly viable, the two party system will lose some support.

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