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Why wasn't there a landslide: []

Theresa_N 8 Nov 6
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The DNC, the corporate media, and establishment Dem pols keep saying that a progressive candidate for prez can't win, but that's a shit-eating lie and they all know it. The facts are that they were scared shitless of Bernie and knew that if they didn't stop him from the nomination he would have won last time and this time in landslides. They know that Biden only won, barely, because a majority of voters were just sick enough of Trump to tolerate Biden. When they say Bernie couldn't have won, I shoot back " Then maybe we should finally just prove it by allowing a progressive to get the nomination and participate in the debates for the general election". How can any of the centrists know that when the Dems have not had a progressive candidate since McGovern in 1972? I would bet my life on it that if allowed to participate in those debates and wipe the floor with the neoliberal policies of any Repub, the voters would respond and we'd have turnout of 80% or more of eligible voters. But my guess is that if a progressive did get the nomination by some miracle, the corporate media would ignore them as much as possible except for smears and the debate commission, run by the heads of both parties, would collude with the Repub candidate to boycott the debates.


His continuous convincing lies rubbed off on the gullible who believed it to be the truth. Those religious subservient women who do not question their husband.


Not really a surprise, just a disappointment.

Caucasin women increased their numbers for Trump by over 2 million. Are white people so afraid of losing their place at the dinner table?


It's disappointing to find out how many stupid MFers call themselves Americans.
They think Trump did a good job with Covid because he said he did a good job with Covid.
We have 4.25% of the worlds population with 25% of all the deaths, yet Trump did a good job, because he said he did a good job.
He's should be charged with a quarter million negligent homicide deaths at the minimum.
He declared biological warfare on America, since this is an unreasonable thing to do, who had enough of a reason for this to make Trumps choices reasonable to Trump?
We have candidates for sure... yes we do.


I feel Most voted to oust trump, not to support Biden. Nation is fed up with neoliberalism, which gave rise to trump, which is even worse. It’s amazing how the DNC is stuck in that mode.

Canndue Level 7 Nov 6, 2020

maybe that sweet corporate money. I hear it’s addictive

The DNC and establishment Dem pols do not want to offer something better than Trump to working class voters on the economic issues that really matter to those voters. Why? Because it would anger their corporate and fat cat rich donors. The donors matter, working class voters don't. The Dems can only con and ignore those working class voters and win when they have an exceptionally skilled liar with a convincing working class identity with those voters, like Obama and Slick Willie did. But they can't count on those types coming along every cycle, because they don't.

We will never progress until we get a govt of/by/for the people instead of/by/for the corporations.
Tat doesn’t mean corporations can’t profit and thrive, it just means the health, safety and welfare of the citizens comes first.

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