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*Eric C. Jacobson: Nazism in Ukriane - Then and Now😘

It is a matter of record that Nazis residing in the former USSR “came out of the woodwork” quite visibly in Ukraine when it gained independence in 1992-1993. Fanatically anti-Communist western-Ukrainian nationalists had evidently absorbed Nazi ideology and revisionist history through family and regional lore (and their proverbial “mother’s milk&rdquo😉 throughout the period of Soviet control.

When freed from Soviet autocracy in the early 1990s, these western-Ukrainian nationalists began methodically sanitizing the sordid history of Ukrainians’ perpetration of mass pogroms both individually and in collaboration with Nazi Germany’s military’s operations in World War 2 which targeted Ukraine’s Jewish population for genocidal slaughter, first manually at places such as Babi Yar and then industrially.
See generally “The Holocaust in Ukraine: New Sources and Perspectives.

In wartime, where often “truth is the first casualty” it is useful to advert to unassailable historical accounts such as that compiled by scholar Delphine Bechtel in her monograph in the above collection titled “1941 Pogroms as Represented in Western Ukrainian Historiography and Memorial Culture.”

Bechtel writes at p. 2: “Following the German invasion of the Soviet Union in June 1941, pogroms took place in virtually every Galician town or village, from the capital Lemberg/Lwów/L’viv to provincial towns such as Zloczew/Zolochiv, Tarnopol/Ternopil, Zólkiew/Zhovkva, Drohobych/Drohobycz, Boryslaw/Boryslav, Brzezany/Berezhany, Sambor/Sambir, Stryj, Kolomyja, Obertyn, and others, as well as in dozens of villages and hamlets in which the Jewish population was simply wiped away by its peasant neighbors.”

Bechtel then fairly recounts the manner in which some semi-mainstream Ukrainians in the 1990s had “awkwardly” engaged in semi-honest historiography about the Ukrainians’ mass participation in the Holocaust and their collaboration with the Third Reich. Writing in 2013, before the Feb. 2014 Nazi-led Maidan coup against the democratically elected Yanukovych government (an overthrow deplorably and bizarrely supported by the Obama-Biden Administration), Bechtel recounts how hardline Ukrainian Nazis had already overbore the vestiges of such honest historiography:

“[L]ocal authorities and historians in Western Ukraine have taken a more radical stance and have begun even to rehabilitate local nationalists and Nazi collaborators, transforming them into national heroes. [footnote omitted] This process was followed by many municipal museums, starting with the well-known L’viv History Museum located in the “Black House” on the Old Market square.

“The rooms that once celebrated Soviet partisans have gradually been turned into a display of extremist nationalists and sometime war criminals. Among those individuals and groups featured are the theoretician Dmytro Dontsov, the OUN leaders Stepan Bandera and Roman Shukhevych, and collaborationist units including Bataillon Nachtigall and the expeditionary groups (pokhidni grupy) that entered Galicia in June 1941 with the Wehrmacht; the Ukrainian Insurrectional Army (UPA), which was responsible for ethnic ‘cleansing’ actions against Poles and Jews in Volhynia and Galicia; and the Division SS-Galizien, formed of Ukrainian volunteers under Nazi command.” (Emphasis added.)


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I tend to agree with the core point you are making, although I don’t see it as fully applicable to what’s happening today in Ukraine. What you raise, and what in fact may have been overlooked throughout the years regarding the participation by Ukrainians in the holocaust, is not unique in Europe. The Poles, Hungarians, Austrians, Italians, French, Croats and others all have their own history of collaboration with the Nazis, and there’s clearly blood on the hands of those who did.

But are you saying that the Revolution of Dignity was engineered by Nazis? Are you insinuating that those who camped in the square in Kiev to protest against the Russian puppet, oligarch, and criminal embezzler, Viktor Yanukovych were all a bunch of fascists?

Let those of us who are inclined to believe that the Ukraine is rife with Nazism never forget that the Ukrainian president, Volodymyr Zelenskyy, is a Jew. A Jew who had family members who perished in the holocaust.

Good points!
The Nazis are influential and their battalion commited atrocities against Russian speakers. []

Putin's talking point on Nazis in Ukraine is simply bizarre. The Soviet Union and Russia have an utterly shitty record in respecting or not disrespecting Jews. Putin has so many parallels to Hitler, it makes no sense at all to go there. They are both about totalitarian fascism, which is nearly opposite to the Democracy in Ukraine. It seems more likely that these claims are simply disinformation propaganda intended to confuse and distract.

@racocn8 Hitler's Nazism wasn't only about being anti-Jewish. That's a simplistic view of Nazism. Hitler was anti communist and anti-Russian.

Ukranian Nazis are more focused on being anti-Russian. If a Jewish prez helps with that, they will tolerate him as useful. And way, before , Zelensky repressed Russian speakers. I have posted those: jailing the opposition and shutting down three TV stations. Way before the war!

@Krish55 Anti Russian? Don’t you mean anticommunist? Can you please provide some supporting references to what you’re saying?

If someone is anti-Putin and despises Russian foreign policy, does that make them a Nazi? What is Nazism? If one fights against mobsters and mob rule and despises evil people like Putin does that make them Nazis? What the hell is this accusation of being a Nazi if it only refers to an anti-Russia, anti Putin posture?

I meant anti-Russian. Hitler hated Russians because he saw them as semi-Asian, contaminated by Asiatic invasions.

I posted a video by Time Magazine about Nazis in Ukraine and its military. Also an article by a Canadian newspaper about a Nazi unit in Ukraine.

@Krish55 OK, even if I were to accept that the Ukraine has more Nazis in their ranks than we do in the United States. Would that require a Russian invasion to take care of the issue?

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