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LINK DeSantis signs Bill into Law making students and faculty profess their religious and political views

Unbelievable. It's now law in Florida that college educators and students are required to register their religious and political affiliations, yearly.

SeaGreenEyez 9 July 5
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Unbelievable is exactly the right word. I have a hard time believing that will stand for long. Surely it will be contested.

skado Level 9 July 5, 2022

@skado Given SCOTUS every move like this is now a checkmate and pushing back in the courts ultimately becomes an own-goal. We are fucked.

Maybe. We’ll see. But if the courts prove to be fully rogue like that, I expect “extra-legal” action will occur.


Well, this is bound to enrage a close friend of mine who is a retired university president living in Florida. They're going to end up with no professors or colleges, which is probably what he wants. A state with no education is one that will blindly follow him. Won't someone quickly challenge that in court? Oh, but will end up at the Supreme/Kangaroo Court eventually.

Organist1 Level 8 July 5, 2022

Yup, he is wanting to join Alabama and Mississippi, to see which state can have the most ignorant, uninformed residents, the easier for corrupt, lying pols to control and manipulate them.

@TomMcGiverin yes, that's exactly what he wants. He will get, too, by gerrymandering and other GQP tricks. I think it's time for Democrats to be as harsh and aggressive as Republicans. I'm tired of seeing them be so nice. It's not working.

@Organist1 I've been saying this for decades... This is not the 60s anymore. Asking nicely and appealing to conscience doesn't work anymore. Winning against the Repubs requires playing hardball and playing dirty sometimes, because winning really is everything now and people no longer respect someone who does not fight hard. They only respect warriors who get results, which is why Reagan was popular with the working class, even tho his policies weren't, because he was a warrior in how he did politics. Americans do not get nuance. They only get who appears to actually be fighting for them and who isn't. That is why Bernie Sanders and Trump were the most two popular pols in America in recent years. One was a total liar about fighting for the working class and the other wasn't. But what does that tell you about how people think when it comes to supporting pols? That what matters, even more than results, is who appears to be a fighter for their policies and who isn't.

@TomMcGiverin So true. Most Amercans only respect combative people. That's why they love WWF, guns, John Wayne, mud wrestling, etc. They don't respect art, music, or literature. It's an entire culture which rewards being brutish and ignorant. However, a very strong progressive government, I think, could turn things around politically. I will vote for Biden if he runs, but prefer someone else. Both he and Obama were too afraid of offending someone. As far as I'm concerned, if they offend republicans, well, good. The GOP would have a lot to fear from a strong progressive who applies the rule of law.

@Organist1 I am reading Biden's book "Promise Me, Dad" about the time his son Beau was diagnosed with cancer up to his decision not to run in the 2016 presidential election. I blame him, after reading this book, for Trump winning the presidency and starting this landslide into political hell! He would not have been my first choice in the primary, (I was a Bernie supporter). But I would not have had to hold my nose when I voted for Hillary either if he had won the nomination, which I am sure he would have. He had not only the experience and recognition as VP going for him, but he would have had the sympathy for having lost his son so recently. If Trump had gone after Biden on his family, the sane Republicans and Independents would have turned on Trump. He would have stood up to Trump better and had far less baggage going in than Hillary did. Putting a woman against a blow hard like Trump was just a bad idea. As I am finishing the book, I really am pissed that he didn't see that dynamic and go for it. Instead he inherited the scorched earth Trump left behind and a country that is in much deeper trouble than it was in 2016.

This is going to be interesting. How does Desantis get rid of universities without getting rid of college football, the true religion of the South?


Gonna cost the State lotsa $$$$ in court.

AnneWimsey Level 9 July 5, 2022

They don't care and now that they have the Fascist stacked court, they are feeling pretty confident that they will win. Second Amendment untouchable, First Amendment dead in the water under Republican government.


No wonder Florida is shaped like a nutless, placid dick.

Sticks48 Level 9 July 5, 2022

That one is priceless, Larry!



Great. That means that I can now profess Satanism!

DeSantis is clearly being DeSatanic.

anglophone Level 8 July 5, 2022

This is the America that the Republicans are trying to force on the entire country. It is not going to go well.


This is scary. Religious affiliation should be nobody's business. It shouldn't matter. Somebody needs to challenge this law in court. Next thing you know, they'll be requiring a DNA test to determine your racial "purity." DeSantis is a fucking Nazi.


Also, how terrifying is it that if Trump isn't the repugnantan candidate in '24, DeSantis will be?

Either those two or Cruz...

Perish the thought. 🤮

The nullifidian here has a good idea.

Trust a majority to be sane; we need only to persuade them to vote.

Indeed. And Joe Rogan endured him.

Not much interested in Rogan, but he was full on Bernie in 2019. Like it or not, he's an "influencer. '. 😕


That seems obviously unconstitutional, as well as immoral.

racocn8 Level 8 July 5, 2022

@racocn8 Anything like this that goes before our corrupted SCOTUS is sure to get the rubber stamp.


Divide and conquer is the name of the game. Shameful!

Betty Level 8 July 5, 2022

Just another step toward fascism.

Deathsantis has plans to run for president. Despite what he's saying now.

KKGator Level 9 July 5, 2022

I'd just have to fill that form out with 100% nonsensical bullshit.

I'm not sure which of these I would go with:

7-Day-Adventure for Latter Day Sinners

Temple of Your Mama's Big Hiny

666th Congregation of Dawg

Eat My Sacred Shorts DeSantis You Sanctimonious Prick

@Flyingsaucesir DEF the last one!!!!


I think gathering such lists are more for purposes of future persecution. The Nazis made a lot of lists as they came into power in Germany in the 1930's.

DeSantis, like Trump is a fascist. However, DeSantis isn't Incompetent. And, with the current supreme court, if he becomes president, we can expect a lot of draconian measures being implemented.

snytiger6 Level 9 July 6, 2022

No one expects "The Florida Inquisition"

I can see it now, just like the Monty Python sketch, " We have three.... four chief weapons: Surprise.... and a fanatical devotion to De Santis and Trump!"..... I want the comfy chair, when they come for me....


Fascism at it's best (or worse, depending on the way you see it).

Certainly fascism is at it's best or at it's worst for the vast majority of the people.

I don't care what the Government or super rich do. Almost always they stand down to me when confronted hard. Then when they try to twist my arm and try to make me say uncle, like with the unvaxxed me, it won't work because they are in the constitutional wrong. Once one knows what they are up to, the true winners are the ones who won't ever give up to their unethical practices.

I was recently told I'm causing anarchy. "TOTAL CHAOS!!!!" actually. 🤣🤣🤣🤣 My crime? I said to do away with the DEA and ICE.

I guess I need an ANTIFA CARD.



The photo of DeSantis in the linked story is 100% smug prick. Does he wear a padded hulk jacket or is he on HGH and steroids?

Scott321 Level 7 July 5, 2022

I’m becoming a self-hating Floridian:


Scott321 Level 7 July 5, 2022

My state, Iowa, is not far behind in this shit. Our guv, Covid Kim Reynolds, is pushing all kinds of bills to send public money to private religious schools, undermine teachers, ban books, end tenure, restrict what can be taught, etc. She is doing her best to make us more than just the nickname, North Mississippi, as soon as possible. It seems to be her desired legacy after she leaves office...

This cunt gubnor Reynolds is a criminal theocrat worse than Branflakes who elevated this female traitor to secular from her nothingness LtGovernor ticket


As, Mel Brooks sang in his movie, History Of The World, Part I, " The Inquisition, what a show!"
Yeah, these assholes want to take us back to the Middle Ages and The Spanish Inquisition, etc. Where anybody with a viewpoint they don't like can be put on trial and or persecuted. They are the modern Spanish Inquisitors, only without the humorous aspect of those characters in the Monty Python sketch of that name, The Spanish Inquisition.... Say goodbye to tenure and academic freedom....

I agree with the cat, WTF?

Torquemada....ya can't talk 'im outta nada.

Know thy enemy ....good job Tom .... ALITO cited witch burner HALE 8 times EIGHT English Common Law 5 centuries of patriarchal theocracy to shroud 6 vatican gangsters naked papal control of all fertile women, ensuring rapist visitation rights in MORE states than b4 last June 24th .... a forked tongue of "precedent" against uterus protection of women from PARASITIC sperm & placentae AND FAUX precedent for deadly weapons proliferation GLOBAL PROFITS.... this is the crusade III 3rd of zionism genocide illegal wars in 160 countries since 1946 and mega THEFT of 29 trillion dollars since ReaGUN 1982.... Jimmah Carter was the last peace prez to keep all his budgets under the 988 billion mark


DeSantis will first make Florida as fascist as he can before he moves on to running for president so he can make the country as fascist as he can.

Sgt_Spanky Level 8 July 7, 2022

I have to hand it to DeSantis, he understands that the base wants a bully. Policy is unimportant, throwing your weight around to make the liberals squirm is exactly the point.

zeuser Level 9 July 6, 2022

Just when you thought it could not get any worse. They know that you might be changing religious and political views yearly so this is why you have to register your views yearly.

DenoPenno Level 9 July 6, 2022

Politics and religion both suck, no matter what side. Always in conflict. THANK doG !!!(reverse)
I'm anarchist and non religious. Shove those covid normal and law papers, up your arse.


Geezus H.

Jeeezus H. Christ on a stick, or a cracker, as you prefer.....

@TomMcGiverin Christ on crutches!


Talk about some so unconstitutional! He will get sued over that one!

misstuffy Level 7 July 9, 2022

I read that the first ACLU suit was lost (Trump appointed Judge.) I assume they'll be appeals and I'm sending thoughts and prayers this doesn't get to SCOTUS. That be as worthless as thoughts and prayers.) 🙄

@SeaGreenEyez Unfortunately, our country is headed the wrong way. Glad you pointed out it was lost to a Trump Judge.

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