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LINK Charlottesville ignited a terrifying new era of white nationalism in America

This is actually an interesting article. I noticed yesterday that media seems to be taking advantage of recent developments as an excuse to revisit those horrifying first two or so years of Trumpism (2015-2018/19.)

White supremacy built the United States. It’s been present in the United States since its founding, and it has shaped the country for centuries. But for many Americans, the existence of an active white supremacist movement remained largely in the dark.

The Unite the Right rally was perhaps the most public display of white supremacist ideology in the United States in decades.

“These groups don’t usually work together,” explains Heidi Beirich, co-founder of the Global Project Against Hate and Extremism. “In fact, they in-fight constantly.” But they put differences aside to organize in 2017 — a feat made possible thanks to the internet and social media. At a time when platforms like Facebook were focusing moderation efforts on limiting the spread of content from international terrorist organizations like Al-Qaeda and the Islamic State, white nationalists and fringe militia groups were growing their presence and communicating with each other.

What got them talking was Trump. Typically, says Beirich, white nationalists and extremist groups avoid actual politics. “They obviously hated Democrats,” she explains, “but they also considered the Republican Party the ‘Stupid Party,’ because they didn’t want to engage on racial issues.” Trump changed that by being unafraid to lean into these areas, something he made clear from the very start of his campaign when he called Mexican immigrants “rapists” who are “bringing drugs, bringing crime.” This was more than a dog whistle to white supremacists — it was a dinner bell ringing, and those groups were as hungry as they’d been in some time.

SeaGreenEyez 9 Aug 11
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I saw this coming when we elected Obama for a 2nd term. I was thrilled he was elected but I knew it was gonna crank up the racists in this country big time. My partner for 15 years was a black man, I saw first hand some of the crazy shit white folk think they have a right to say or act towards people of color. Or me for being with a black man. And white racism is so regional too! If there aren't a lot of black folk they'll go after the Native Peoples, the Brown Peoples (Haitian, Mexican, Cuban, Puerto Rican, South American, yeah they're all Brown People to the whites) or the Asian Peoples. It's fuckin' insane and so very very sad.


Yes it did..and MSM pushed the narrative that Nazis were Chanting "You will not defeat Us", when in fact they were chanting "The JEWs will not defeat Us" much for fair and balanced reporting. As for Truth, MSM tossed that out when they were bought by corporations...

Charlene Level 9 Aug 11, 2022

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