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Hahaha... loves these cartoons...

Captain_Feelgood 8 July 11
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I don't want to engage in your argumentative dialogue. But I do have a 'valid' point to make. Does the teacher not have a responsibility to the students to engage and encourage the? With a good teacher, there is no reason why most if not all the students would not receive an 'A'.

You're assuming that kids don't have emotional stuff going on that prevents them from responding to the teacher.

Astral, have you never observed the student that just doesn't try, study, doesn't care if they do well or not... There are a bunch out there.. Should the teacher give them an A for showing up?

@Captain_Feelgood That wasn't my point. There wasn't an active teacher in your video. Since humans are born with little to no instincts, we must learn everything. We need to be taught throughout our lives that other people are important, not just us. When we 'learn' that instead of 'me', which is the method now, to look out for the common good, then we will be able to be a more 'just' country. The US is considered a democracy, although it isn't really. We need to make it more democratic, not less.

@AstralSmoke Aaaand you're obviously missing the point of the video.. HOW the teacher taught is irrelevant, it's how the teacher graded the class is what's important. AND WTF.'' humans are born with little to no instincts''... my friend,, please google stuff like that before posting,,, it makes me kinda sad.. And no, the US is considered a Republic, though some feel it has morphed into a democratic Republic.. Again, google that stuff if you're not sure.. Ignorance is excusable, willful ignorance is just sad..

@Captain_Feelgood You're very argumentative, which is why this is my last comment to your post. This is from Wikipedia, which I know is not a good reference site, but it's a good place to begin.

In psychology
The term "instinct" in psychology was first used in the 1870s by Wilhelm Wundt. By the close of the 19th century, most repeated behavior was considered instinctual. In a survey of the literature at that time, one researcher chronicled 4,000 human "instincts," having applied this label to any behavior that was repetitive.[citation needed] As research became more rigorous and terms better defined, instinct as an explanation for human behavior became less common. In a conference in 1960, chaired by Frank Beach, a pioneer in comparative psychology, and attended by luminaries in the field, the term was restricted in its application.[citation needed] During the 1960s and 1970s, textbooks still contained some discussion of instincts in reference to human behavior. By the year 2000, a survey of the 12 best selling textbooks in Introductory Psychology revealed only one reference to instincts, and that was in regard to Sigmund Freud's referral to the "id" instincts.[citation needed]. In this sense, instincts appeared to have become regarded as increasingly superfluous in trying to understand human psychological behavior.

Psychologist Abraham Maslow argued that humans no longer have instincts because we have the ability to override them in certain situations. He felt that what is called instinct is often imprecisely defined, and really amounts to strong drives. For Maslow, an instinct is something which cannot be overridden, and therefore while the term may have applied to humans in the past, it no longer does.[3]

The book Instinct (1961) established a number of criteria which distinguish instinctual from other kinds of behavior. To be considered instinctual, a behavior must: a) be automatic, b) be irresistible, c) occur at some point in development, d) be triggered by some event in the environment, e) occur in every member of the species, f) be unmodifiable, and g) govern behavior for which the organism needs no training (although the organism may profit from experience and to that degree the behavior is modifiable).[4]

@AstralSmoke Ahhh.. so me discussing something with you, you consider an argument if l'm not agreeing with you entirely.. l get it.. And if you don't think it's a good reference site, then don't use it... it's probably crap. Trust your instincts.. lmao


are you promoting this ignorant tripe?

JeffMesser Level 7 July 11, 2018

Perhaps instead of the ad hominems, you could just make a well thought out argument against the points it makes... Do you think you could manage that kauva?

@Captain_Feelgood I will assume that's your way of saying yes. I will also continue to call a spade a spade and stick to labeling this as tripe.

@Captain_Feelgood He did not attack you.

@kauva Your comment is derogatory towards pig intestinals!

@Captain_Feelgood Why don't you start by elucidating a supposedly valid point in these cartoons?

@Krish55 Better yet, l'll elucidate you on tripe. It's not from a pig's intestines, it's from the stomach. And usually from a cow, though some cultures do use a pig's from time to time. Now that our little anatomy class is over, back to the video. Seriously, krish55, did you even watch it? It plainly explains Socialism in a nutshell by way of the ''test grade'' analogy.. Was it just too deep for you to grasp? I really did think it being a cartoon would perhaps help you pay attention and understand the message... l guess not.. Oh well, l tried.. I'm done here.. Unless someone has a legit question about what the video was explaining that is.. l'm always up to help my fellow man on these matters.. 😀 Tootles.

@Captain_Feelgood Why do you believe this analogy to be appropriate?

@Krish55 Ummmm... it .. is ... about. . Socialism..... And this group is for... talking about... Socialism.... You see.. l can tell by the title of the group.. ''Progressives and Socialists''.. See how that works?

@Krish55 Oh wait... l get it now.. you folks don't want to see anything that may question your ideologies... much less show any errors with it... l see... just go along blindly believing no matter what is brought before you that has a different take on the subject.. and Odin forbid anyone ask you for an educated response... So sad..

@Captain_Feelgood If you cannot, after repeated requests, put forward a specific point about the video that you feel to be valid, then you are merely emotionally moved by it - the same way Muslims feel when the read the Koran. You are doing exactly what religious fanatics do - they cannot explain for themselves but merely mumble blindly, "Go Read the Holy Text!" I will engage when you yourself make a specific point about the video.

@Captain_Feelgood Did you choose your profile name because right-wing ideas simply make you "Feel Good?" Can you actually explain - and defend - the ones in the video....?

@Krish55 yet another conservative who thinks "socialism" is some boogie man word with eerie powers. the whole lot of you should be required to go to school before opening your pieholes in public on the matter again. you have to strike a balance between social programs and capitalism. YOU benefit from socialism daily in our infrastructure. Thats "socialism" too. Ideally you try to take advantage of purchasing en mass for pricing benefits to help your entire public while also allowing for enough private enterprise to spur technology and growth. Relying on ideology hit pieces does nothing but make it harder to achieve the DIPLOMACY we need to strike the balance. You don't want these wild, dramatic shifts every 8 years because the inconsistency wears on operations overall. Trust me, I've approached it from the public government aspect. These wild swings play hell with training, admin, education, and a litany of other concrete problems. LEARN something instead of going around citing crap like this.

@Krish55 Holy crap, are you telling me you don't get the analogy?? REALLY?? Okay, here it is;

School = Economy

some students study really hard and learn it all (some people work really hard) and some students don't study much and learn little (some people don't work very hard and goof off a lot)

[follow me so far?]

Socialism = teacher says all grades will be averaged out so everyone gets the same grade no matter who studied more and got better grades = Gov. says everybody gets the same amount of pay no matter who worked harder and got more done..

[starting to see the problem yet krish55]

The students that studied hard then say '' what the hell am l busting my ass for,, the teacher gives the same grade to the students that didn't study as hard as l did, so l'll just half ass it next time and get the same grade they do anyway'' = The worker says ''why am l busting my ass working harder than they are and they get paid as much as l do, from now on l'll goof off and get paid the same as they do anyway''.

At this point the education level declines = At this point the productivity of the work force declines...

Seriously krish55... are your REALLY not getting the jest if this by now? Socialism is redistribution, and it leaves nobody with the incentive to work hard, improve productivity, think of ways to better our lives, discover better methods, come up with better ideas,, etc... there's no motivation to better ourselves in general..

Getting compensated for working harder is a good thing.. That's the message.. It really is that simple, and if you paid attention to the cute little cartoon, you should have gotten that.. Most people with a junior high education have no problem with it. So either you didn't really watch it and pay attention, or you're incapable of understanding really basic cause and affect realities.

Let me know if you need more help with this.. but l'm going to bed now, l'll check back tomorrow.

@Captain_Feelgood I wanted to hear it from you yourself! You realize that no Democratic Socialist is advocating this? What you are describing is an extremely isolated part of history - a Chinese commune during Mao's Cultural Revolution. You are thus engaging in the Straw Man fallacy. This Involves creating a weak and absurd Opposition argument, then beating up on It, and then Smugly proclaiming you've won the argument.

@Krish55 Okay, you explain to me how ''democratic'' socialism is different. And please... don't tell me everyone voted for it... l assure you, l didn't, nor did any other free market capitalist l know for that matter.. Socialism is socialism.. period. That analogy is just that, an analogy, therefor not a Straw Man at all. l keep hearing the idiotic comparison of gov. programs like social security, etc, being accepted forms of socialism, but it's obviously not sense you put your money into it throughout your years of working so you can get it back later. Unfortunately it got corrupted (like most everything the gov. touches) and now they're nothing more than a ponzi scheme.. Face it, the gov. can't be trusted to oversee anything because the people in charge will become corrupt and ruin it for everybody. lf it's run by a private system, at least the people can press charges and make the admin accountable for their investments. Gov officials have made it so they are immune to prosecution for their wrong doings.. To hell with that shit..

@Captain_Feelgood When you say, "Socialism is Socialism, Period." you are displaying extremely simplistic thinking which ignores both history and current differentiation around the world. The problem with ideology is that it ignores reality.

@Krish55 believing "socialism is socialism, period" is just ignorance. when you've been shown and told your knowledge is lacking and you still keep believing the same way and saying it as fact ... it's called being "delusional". It's a mental deficiency.


  1. You cannot legislate the poor into prosperity by legislating the wealthy out of prosperity.

  2. What one person receives without working for, another person must work for without receiving.

  3. The government cannot give to anybody anything that the government does not first take from somebody else.

  4. You cannot multiply wealth by dividing it.

  5. When half of the people get the idea that they do not have to work because the other half is going to take care of them, and when the other half gets the idea that it does no good to work because somebody else is going to get what they work for, that is the beginning of the end of any nation.

I’ll make one final point. There are five morals to the story, but there are dozens of nations giving us real-world examples every day.

@Captain_Feelgood if my gun is bigger than yours then what prevents me from walking into your home and taking everything you have ... including your home?

@kauva The fact that l also have a gun, and l actually know how to shoot. I don't care if you have 444 mag. , one of my little 22s in your cranium will end your little home invasion toot sweet.. But l digress.. l suppose l should be trying to figure out why you would even ask that,, what does that have to do with the gov. stealing from us? Are you making an analogy with you being the gov.? If so, are you suggesting that you breaking in and stealing from me is a good thing?

@Captain_Feelgood do you think you, alone, are protecting your family and your/their property rights? Who do you think provides the market and infrastructure you use to survive? Do you seriously think you are the sole means of support for yourself and your family??

@kauva oohh jeez.. here we go again with the public servant shit again... Why is it you can't get that we're okay with paying for the police, fire dept, paved roads, etc.... the difference is that l agree on my own accord to pay for that. l also happen to think it would be better run by the private sector, by that's a different discussion. l know we have to pay for our judicial system,, no problem here... That's a LOOOOONG way from having the gov. in charge of everything that is apart of my everyday life... And for the record, l have lived far enough out in the boonies that l WAS the one protecting my property rights.. hell, l protect them now living in the suburbs. lf l call the cops because someone is breaking into my car in my driveway,, l assure you, by the time the sheriff gets here, the perp will be long gone.. Their average 10 -15 minute response time does me no damn good.. That being said, your point is moot..

@Captain_Feelgood so you acknowledge that you benefit from socialism ... it's just the type you agree with huh?

My point is moot? Dude you have a serious dunning-kruger problem.

@kauva It's not socialism if gov. comes to me and asks me to pay into the pot for something l want and l agree to it... but when the gov. tells me l HAVE to pay for something l DON'T WANT, then puts a gun to my head and says pay up or go to jail.... that's socialism that l don't agree to.. James Otis got it right back in 1761 when he coined the phrase 'taxation without representation' .. that's just tyranny, and has no place in our country..

@Captain_Feelgood so you think the government is supposed to ask you where they spend every dime? you are in serious need of a better education.