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I firmly believe there are three main reasons why trump got in.
His voters had:

  1. The basic mind-set of the religious… (believe anything)
  2. He’s been on TV… (they know him)
  3. The H. Clinton haters had no other choice…

It may be too simplistic but it is
just my opinion, it could be way off?

RichieO 8 Nov 17
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Sounds accurate as far as it goes. But an important fourth, supplemental reason was the extensive disinformation campaign, both smearing his primary opponents and HRC and also burying legitimate critical stories against Trump.
But I agree, that element only had as big an impact as it did because a big portion of the electorate was already primed to believe the worst about Hillary and to be dazzled by a brash tv personality. The Televangelist effect, perhaps. Trump intentionally gave them spectacle to con them. When one is eager to believe vast Satanic forces are all around, in the form of socio-political opponents, the ol' powers of critical thinking are not exactly healthy.

Thanks for the reply, do you know many who actually know what critical thinking is?

@RichieO only us "educated elites."
Most think it is being negative, hyper-critical.

Critical thinking definitely lacking. Skripal case is a classic. You do a crime to gain a perceived benefit. Still waiting for someone to explain to me what benefit Russia gained by attempting to kill an old MI6 mole in public using a nasty nerve agent which on first glance implicates Russia, just before a showcase event being held?
The only excuse I've heard is to warn future traitors. Well an untraceable "robbery gone wrong" would do that, a car "accident" etc.
Putin may be many things, stupid is not one of them. The reaction was swift and harsh, almost planned. The subsequent reaction to the Saudi adventure in Turkey a seems very unplanned "see what develops". When the two incidents are compared, something smells.


Lots of the American public were sick of the same old thing in politics. Well, they got something different. I thought they might have concluded that this was a lot more different than they expected and shown this in a blue wave. But I was wrong.

brentan Level 8 Nov 17, 2018

The blue Tsunami didn't happen, But, a blue tide has occurred, the Dems took control of the house by 35 seats...the next issue is will they pick Pelosi or not..I'm hoping Not..


I think you need to distinguish between the so-called Trump working class base -- which you are referring to in your post, who got a Trump religion, are TV trained, and loathed Clinton -- and other true-believer conservative Republicans who knew that Trump was a phoney, a fraud, a crook, a liar, and a moral cretin, but once he took the nomination supported him. The first group are delusional and have a faith based belief, like a religion. The latter are not delusional, but frankly would vote for the Devil, if he were Republican.

David1955 Level 8 Nov 17, 2018

It is also the result of a failing capitalist system.. where the promises of a better lives for everyone was reinforced by a CON AND CORRUPTED man with lies and verbal attacs toward the media . IT IS NOT GOING TO END UP WELL

Eldovis Level 7 Nov 17, 2018

I feel you nailed it, unfortunately for all decent folk, it will not end well...


I think much of the appeal was that he was not a politician, this seemed to go q long way with people I talked to. They did not seem to realize that business at his level is all politics.

@dan325 He did manage to dig himself out of debt several times. He can learn. What he does with that knowledge is the concern or delight.


Another reason: The “Trickle Down” tax cuts, plus austerity policies, plus no significant wage increases for workers over 40 years have decimated the middle class and working people. They are scared, and their fears exploited. Divisive and demonizing speech blaming immigrants, Mexicans, Muslims, etc has diverted their understanding that their issues are Policy driven — the same policies the people (Republicans) they voted for have put in place.

CAVU Level 3 Nov 18, 2018
  1. He represented change from the status quo.(so did Sanders,together the 2 most popular candidates)
    #3 is the main reason. Why oh why did the DNC put forward such a terrible, divisive candidate? One who couldn't even beat Trump?
powder Level 8 Nov 18, 2018

What I find most interesting is the continued support Trump has of his followers, mostly Christian-conservatives. He has maintains his 35 to 40 percent approval rating regardless of his lies, cheating and claims of self-importance. He has violated every moral rule in the book, with the possible exception of murder, and the Christians still flock to his cause. One must question the collective wisdom of the religious-right who believe that Trump was ordained by their God.

SageDave Level 7 Nov 21, 2018
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