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UK Threatening to Tear Up its Defense Alliance with US

Because of President Trump’s destabilizing order to assassinate Iranian Maj. Gen. Qassem Soleimani, UK Defense Secretary Ben Wallace is threatening to tear up its defense alliance with the US, adding that the UK will instead be seeking to forge stronger alliances with other international partners who share the UK’s priorities.

Trump Administration officials counter, calling the UK’s move unfair - and pointing out Trump’s never really had any real friends, so how the hell is he supposed understand alliances? In the meantime, an outraged Donald Trump took to Twitter, urging all Americans to quit buying English muffins.


johnnyrobish 7 Jan 14
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Everyone wants to

bobwjr Level 9 Jan 14, 2020

We can't blame them for wanting to distance themselves. How can any world leaders trust the USA when our president pulls out of agreements, breaks treaties, and assassinates the generals of sovereign nations openly?

RoboGraham Level 7 Jan 14, 2020

Unfortunately it’s not true. Our new PM is Donald’s best mate

@OwlInASack Yeah they seem like two peas out the same pod. Still it's got to make relations a bit strained.

@RoboGraham Britain is in crisis - like the US - with the left so divided they are unable to oppose or control the narrative.

@OwlInASack It's terrible what the neoliberals have done to our countries. However, it seems that the left may be coalescing being Sanders here in the states.

Do you reckon that, after all of the Brexit stuff is sorted, the left in the UK will have a chance again?

@RoboGraham I think the left has no chance anywhere until they gone up with an effective way of countering the rights control of the message

In the UK independent analyses found that the Tory social media advertising had over 80% with a straight up lie. Labour had zero.

As they control the media and have no scruples it’s hard to think of how they can be effectively opposed.

Chat about better policy and connecting with the people is wishful thinking: until the lies are challenged effectively then it doesn’t matter what anyone else says or believes

@OwlInASack Yes it is an uphill battle. The solution I think is education. Teach people to think critically and they will see through the bull shit. But with them in charge education funding gets cut while military spending explodes.

@RoboGraham yes: I believe that in the US fucking public education is a matter of policy now. It’s not far off in the UK

@OwlInASack If they have their way, education will be privatized and become something reserved only for the privileged again.

@RoboGraham I think my point is that essentially this has already happened


"most trusted source for fake news" lol. We know you're American when you have to be explicit about your satire. 😛 Love it.