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The class issues in the police killing of Tyre Nichols

The fatal beating of Nichols by five African-American police undercuts the racialist narrative of police violence advanced by the Democratic Party and its identity and racial politics allies. It shatters the claim that the answer to police brutality is to “diversify” police departments.

Police violence, like every other social evil under capitalism, is fundamentally a class question. There are more white people killed by police in the US than blacks or Hispanics, although people of color are killed in numbers disproportionate to their percentage of the population. Racism plays a part, but a part secondary to social class. The police are recruited from more backward layers of the population, and police departments are known to be riddled with fascistic and white supremacist elements, including many veterans of US imperialist wars around the world.

What the overwhelming majority of victims of police violence and murder have in common is that they are part of the working class. Racism is itself an ideological and political weapon long employed by the capitalist class to divide the working class, in accordance with the strategy of “divide and rule.”


That virtually mirrors a lot of my societal theory. As I have mentioned on occasion, it's hard for me to understand why any member of a minority group would allow them self to become assimilated into a system that has been oppressing their people for centuries. Why were these 5 officers arrested and charged so quickly? Because they're black. I'm not downing playing the horrendous nature of this action by any means! The obvious aberrant use of physical and language aggression right out of the gate is exactly what we're lead to believe in that certain law legislations were designed to protect us from. Sit on that for a moment. If you need a moment. You should be very frightened without a moment right now knowing this comes from law enforcement of every color and background. This is not the type of professional law enforcement I want to encounter! These 5 officers are now in a position to be falsely used to paint another managed perception of actions that have no intentions to address the real social issues we face. Even if they were to attempt to come clean about the nature of the conditions within the department they were serving in, it will be easily explained away as being disgruntled over their convictions.

{Roughly 56 percent of the police likewise identify as African-American, including female police chief Cerelyn Davis. Within four months of being sworn in as police chief on June 14, 2021, Davis created the Scorpion unit, which has become notorious for its brutal and repressive methods.}

I guess I should have added certain types of units developed also above along side of legislation. They're probably waiting on Cop City to be built to go hone their skills in there. With the current trajectory of social upheaval I imagine there will be more built nationwide. They've got us right where they want us. Further dividing ourselves.

{In the nearly three years since the police murder of Floyd, billions of dollars have been spent on police departments around the country, and the killing of workers and poor people of all races has continued unabated.}

And during all that time a managed perception has been falsely narrated as defunding the police. When the reality is that the intentions were calls to allocate some funding to add a means of experienced social workers to participate in policing. But the media and political arena were allowed to set that false context to the narrative. Even Dr. Phil had a show on this issue and allowed it to go without properly addressing this false perception. Another perception is that large numbers of police have been quitting due to this "defunding," So, which is it? How do you defund while funding?

{As Lenin explained in State and Revolution, paraphrasing Engels, the police are one of the “special bodies of armed men” of the capitalist state. They exist to repress the resistance of the working class, with whatever violence is needed, to defend the property and wealth of the ruling oligarchy.

In a society so catastrophically unequal as the United States, it is impossible to rule without the savagery of police violence, which will increasingly be turned against striking workers.}

Tyre Nichols: Memphis police release footage of deadly traffic stop – video

The video starts out with a written warning statement of disturbing images and language. None of that comes from the victim!

The officers are yelling {vulgar language} at the victim to turn around and get on the ground, while at least 2 of them are pushing and pulling on him? I lost count of the number of times fuck was used. Another video I seen also had to words to it but was a shorter video. They're still yelling at him to lay on the ground while laying on the ground. He can't fully lay on his stomach while an officer has a hold of his arm and pulling on him. His hands are behind him.

Basically they immediately begin to a tase him. He manages to get up and run. Next scene he's being pepper strayed repeatedly. He's basically incapable of protecting himself now while the officers wrestle with him. The dumb fuck using the pepper spray gets at least one of his comrades. It looks like another on the right had to walk off also.

The next scene the victim has clearly been beat for a while and is exhausted, unable at this point to defend himself at all. It basically looks like they've been going back and forth to take turns on beating him. Take to mind that not all the video recordings have been released. These are scattered periodic videos. There have been multiple moments now to have handcuffed the victim. Yet he's laying on the ground will virtually no strength or will power left and being kicked and punched. Then held up to beat with clubs. Then stood up, held, while taking turns to punch him. His hands are being held behind him as they do this as they yell, give me your hands. What the fuck!

These dumb fucks think they're white and going to get away with this. Obviously they have before. This time it was captured on video and someone made it around the organized crime lords to get it out to the public.

Someone shows up and apparently it's just another night of fun in the city. The arriving chatter/introduction is heartless, stone cold, nonchalant. 25 minutes goes by and finally an ambulance shows up.

Who's supervising these cops to allow all this to happen? The supervisor had to know there was issues with the arrest. They're suppose to be constantly watching over incidents especially to this nature. How does all this time go by during the beating that an ambulance doesn't arrive during the beating. How or why does an entire neighborhood go without interjecting themselves into such a brutality right there on their street corner. They're basically complicit to the crime. The sheriffs department should have been quickly called.


William_Mary 8 Jan 28
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Here's what white people think about racism. FoxNews is all over this. They're spewing Republican talking points, just as CNN and the likes, throwing "classism" into the mix. Tyre Nichols was from an upper-middle-class family. He lived with his up-middle-class parents.
How is it classism was the problem? (It's inconceivable to way too many white people, that Black people can be or are racist against other Black people.)

Liberals blame Tyre Nichols' death on racism


Who's supervising these cops??? These cops, these 5, were handpicked by the head racist. It's a "she" and she's Black. She built these men their own gang. It was her pet project. This was not by mistake. This was nothing more than a fancy "Stop And Frisk" unit. It was racist by it's design. These 40 people were ONLY on duty in low-income areas, and why is that? Black/Brown people. And maybe, some poor white people. But this story isn't about a poor white person being murdered.

It's systemic racism, it's pervasive, it's in every single law enforcement department in America. It encompasses from the top down and Security Guard to the head of the FBI/CIA/BPD/DEA/TSA/ and every other over funded/uneducated/ill-trained piece of this EPIC FAIL that is law enforcement in America.

The ONLY reason "class" is being thrown around in this story is the killers are Black, Memphis is 68% Black, and the truths around racism goes against most white people's ideas about race. It's simply too difficult for too many to understand: some Black people are racist against other Black people. Some Brown people are racist against other Brown people. Systemic racism in policing is in the DNA. Slave patrols. By design, policing in America is racist AF.

It doesn't sell or garner clicks to keep going on about racism, so MSM is gonna throw classism in. But only for this murder by cop.

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