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So, I wasn't sure, yet again, where this would be most appropriate. But seems I've a lot more folks I'm comfortable with here as opposed to the "Food Glorious Food" thread. And this involves fresh vegetables from ours and friends gardens so......

We're within 60 days of departing for New Zealand.
I hear "G○D D☆MN!!!" from upstairs. Linda is trying on swimsuits. She stomps down into the kitchen.... I'm subjected to; 'THE LOOK'. Dog whimpers and heads for the lower level. Cats do the "low crawl" off to their favorite closet.
I know what's coming and brace myself <psychologically>.....

Cue up the theme from "The Hunt For Red October"

L: "It's time."
Me: "Yes sweetheart,"
L: "Past time."
Me: "We'll make Da Soup tomorrow"

It begins.... The CABBAGE SOUP DIET.
The entire house will smell like the inside of a Russian Submarine..... for an entire week.

Anyone else been subjected to this kickstart diet?
Any suggestions on modifications to the recipe?


bigpawbullets 9 Aug 12
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Best to suffer in silence.


Whatever floats your effluvia @bigpawbullets. I think that your post is well suited to "Food Glorious Food". Returning to the soup - why cabbage, from memory celery has far less calories than cabbage and eaten raw is bulkier.
However you, and she in need of fitting into swim suit, do realise that the temperature in New Zealand in October is mainly less than 15°C? Further north in Australia I decline swimming in anything less than 30°C.

FrayedBear Level 9 Aug 13, 2018

Yep. We're aware of the season down your way. We'll be on the Great Barrier Reef "up" in Australia for part of the time.

@bigpawbullets Up there, about 2000 klms from me, it should be warm by then. ?




This post definitely belongs here

Donto101 Level 7 Aug 12, 2018

I did that diet quite a few years ago. Tried it again about 7 years ago. Last time I said never again.


If I've overindulged then put on a few pounds, simply cutting down on or out carbs does the trick. And very quickly too! 3 oz of meat twice a day - chicken, turkey, lean beef, sea bass, or cod. ( I use nuts and seeds.) green beans broccoli cauliflower lettuce cucumbers Tomatoes radishes, asparagus or onions. Two cups of vegetables twice a day. Two whole pieces of fruit, apples oranges or a plum or one cup of berries, strawberries blueberries raspberries twice a day. Green tea to drink, only stevia as a sweetener. And pink Himalayan salt a half a teaspoon a day. Drink half your weight in ounces of water everyday. Spread it out so you're not hungry. Works like a charm!

SukiSue Level 8 Aug 12, 2018

Honest! I'm going to be 58 next month, I don't work really hard at maintaining a good weight. I'm just consistent. I wouldn't tell anyone to do what I don't practice myself.

Sounds like our "second week and onward" diet.
Cabbage soup diet is expressly for one week only. It's like a shock to your system to get you unaddicted to carbs. It works for us.

@bigpawbullets lol... I don't think I could eat it for a week!

It's not the only thing you eat. You eat one or two servings a day. Then, each day, for 7 days, has a different food group. BTW, you look astonishingly fit in that picture. Must have been taken last year, when you were 29.

@bigpawbullets it's all about what you eat! Nope that's a new one! It really is possible to eat right.

@SukiSue Looking good.


Are we in time to mount a rescue operation?

RavenCT Level 9 Aug 12, 2018

Too late. The BIG POT has been positioned on the stove. Ingredients being gathered. Low growling & snarling heard downstairs (and it's scaring the dog).....

@bigpawbullets LOL

@bigpawbullets Hide the matches! rofl


Our whole family was on that diet for about a month when I was a kid, not sure if it was for our health or just that we were temporarily broke and couldn't afford anything but cabbage. Survived it but wouldn't choose to do it again.

Surfpirate Level 8 Aug 12, 2018

Was watching Midsomer Murders , and an episode was built around the, cabbage soup diet .

Cast1es Level 8 Aug 12, 2018

It can definitely be murderous.


I'm concerned about the hole in the ozone layer? It's going to grow!

RavenCT Level 9 Aug 12, 2018



Sorry, I've never tried it.

Donna_I Level 7 Aug 12, 2018
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