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A forum for women and men to exchange thoughts about intimacy and relationships. Frank and explicit discussions about real life topics.

A forum for women and men to exchange thoughts about intimacy and relationships. Frank and explicit discussions about real life topics.

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Real Intimacy
Apr 6, 2020Apr 2020

Posted by MindfulLove
For those who cherish intimacy, human “touch is a . . . nuanced, sophisticated, and precise way to communicate emotions . . ..” I ask, was it long before the current pandemic arrived that true intimacy had departed? Masked, dwelling in a ...
Real Intimacy
Mar 27, 2020Mar 2020

Posted by TwelveToneTech
Hi everyone, I hope you guys are all safe with what the planet Earth is experiencing right now. I’ve been separated from my wife due to work. We made it clear it was ok to see other people if we get lonely. It’s been four month now... I ...
Real Intimacy
Sep 30, 2019Sep 2019

Posted by Listener59
Was just listening to the soundtrack to this movie and it got me thinking. It doesn't have much to do with intimacy, but I thought it stirred some interesting thoughts regardless. The movie is called "Begin Again" and it's about several individuals ...
Real Intimacy
Jul 13, 2019Jul 2019

Posted by CuriosityExtant
POLLThe Meeting Bubble This is useful for many situations, say for instance, meeting new "friends" from the web in person for the first time can be pretty weird – everyone is different in person. Look at it this way: If you have spent some time, ...
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Real Intimacy
Mar 3, 2019Mar 2019

Posted by Freespirit64
I joined this group because after a horrible 20 year marriage, it's hard to trust my judgement picking men and I have a deeply embedded fear of being used/hurt again. I've wanted a relationship...but can't seem to lower my walls enough to really ...
Real Intimacy
Dec 21, 2018Dec 2018

Posted by Nukdookum
Saw this and felt it needed to be shared: If you thirst for a love that will drown all of the doubts growing in your soul and the fear vacationing in your mind, you must never settle for someone who lacks passion in their eyes when they stare at ...
Real Intimacy
Nov 19, 2018Nov 2018

Posted by Kojaksmom
My fear of being jaded and hurt when it comes to love and relationships is that I will lose that vulnerability, openness and trust that's required to really love someone else.
Shared from Love & Relationships
Oct 27, 2018Oct 2018

Posted by DoDapper
"What Is Love?" "We live under a massive cultural delusion about the nature of real love … inundated with the belief that love is a feeling and that when you find 'the one' you'll sense it in your gut and be overcome by an undeniable sense of ...
Real Intimacy
Jul 28, 2018Jul 2018

Posted by Dan1947
I have felt for awhile that since the vast majority of us have “arrested emotional development”, few can really be open to deep and profound empathy of putting their respective partner first and reasoning deep needs out. Therefore, the majority ...
Real Intimacy
Jun 29, 2018Jun 2018

Posted by Nardi
I feel ridiculous at times, through jealousy, when my partner tells me how well she gets on with men at work. I don't dare say anything for the fear of coming across as possessive and jealous and I certainly do not want to be the controlling type. So...
Real Intimacy
Jun 4, 2018Jun 2018

Posted by Buttercup
This is a little scattered but it all ties together for me and I think it will for others but in different ways. I believe in safe sex and good hygiene generally but I have never worn a condom when oral sex was performed on me and was never asked ...

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Posted by UnitySomeday my princess will appear before me. ❤️

Posted by AtheistPeace666Hello I'm a single Canuck looking for my special lady Canuck.

Posted by KhaCRYou ever feel like you found the perfect sexual partner then he turns out to be a complete 💩bag and you can’t find the satisfaction in other encounters?

Posted by EntheogenFanI have a story to tell.

Posted by EntheogenFanI have a story to tell.

Posted by KateOahuYes, I agree that the reverse is also true.

Posted by JolantaThis is what women have to put up with and then they want to be intimate while we are still angry because they will not do their share of housework.

Posted by JolantaDucky, Snookums....

Posted by SorchaThis is a guy I was talking to from okcupid. He is totally new to online dating and it shows.

Posted by JolantaThat’s Amore. Some women are just far too shallow.

Posted by JolantaSomething for real intimacy perhaps.

Posted by Green_Soldier71Has anyone here had any experience with (or known someone who has/had) a SEXLESS MARRIAGE/RELATIONSHIP or a FRIGID PARTNER?

Posted by EyesThatSmileNakedness.

Posted by LetzGetRealMy family has often commented how I should become a "cougar"... as I look pretty good at my age and have a younger mindset than some of my peers, I guess this is there rationale?

Posted by Ann-1980The 4 types of Intimacy to feel sufficient, satisfied & healing in a love relationship.

Posted by Philip21over the top thinking? []

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