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My family has often commented how I should become a "cougar"... as I look pretty good at my age and have a younger mindset than some of my peers, I guess this is there rationale? I think they also like the vicarious concept of this possibility for bragging rights? LOL.

I don't think in terms of age. I know what I want when I encounter the person; nothing can beat eye to eye contact yet reading what someone writes on a site such as this, is an excellent start in my view, being someone who puts a lot of credence in literacy and self expression.

My (good ~), husband was considerably older than I, I adored him as he had a young mindset but unfortunately he health failed him, miserably; he died too young- no I did not kill him with a smile on his face, I wish that were the case more than his inability to quite freaking smoking, UGH... My second "husband" not legally but... died of the same reason, complications from smoking. I am done with that...

Plus, am not into false modesty as I have a lot to offer the "right"(?)! person who will help bring out the best in me and me in them... That's what it's all about for me... 💋

LetzGetReal 8 June 5
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I think there is far too much emphasis on that the man should be helped to get it all. In my book it sounds far too much like women should be second fiddle.

Jolanta Level 9 July 10, 2020

Being a cougar shortens the scope, but you can search for a man will make the relationship best for each other, no matter the age.

Merseyman1 Level 9 June 7, 2020

IMHO a young woman might well take on a project man to help him “get it all”. My first wife did and I still love her for it. A more mature woman doesn’t have the time and an older man is not as able to grow as a young man. At some point you just have to look over the field and decide if one is close enough right now. And, in my experience or opinion, most of the good ones (both men and women) are off the market for various reasons. It gets tough later in life. But we all know that old age is not for the weak.

Detritus Level 7 June 7, 2020

Nah. Find a man who is not a "project!"
However, it is good to be somewhat equal both physically and in mind-set no matter the age.

SukiSue Level 8 June 7, 2020

I am stuck on the part of "help her man get it all" How is that helping me? And if he does get it all, where is it going to be stored. I don't want it "all". That is just too much. I want enough, and I want us both to have enough. I want someone to share with and spend time with. I got enough stuff, I don't want stuff. I want the intangibles.

I thought that was a peculiar thing to say as well. As far as I can see we're "all bozos on this bus." While I suppose people do make contracts where one partner is supporter towards the realization of the other partner's goals, it is by no means anything like love.


Hey, if you can snare a partner who makes you feel good DO IT. Sex (I'm told) is a perfectly normal thing for humans. We're wired for it. Those of you who have the gift should definitely make use of it.

BitFlipper Level 8 June 5, 2020
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