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Yes, I agree that the reverse is also true.

KateOahu 8 May 29
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Disagree. I get confused sometimes. This still feel I have something to offer others. Labels hurt.

Not that kind of confused.


It goes both ways

Daniel2021 Level 2 June 2, 2021

I said that.


Try being a counselor sometime. Most clients are confused. Most of them are hurt. And most of them are angry. Our parents and our education don't prepare us for living with a spouse. Or long-term living together relationship.

mischl Level 8 May 30, 2021

The absence of education about relationships, and our responsibilities in them, is the problem. We really do not equip people for adult relationships. We fill their heads with fake love stories and porn, neither of which approach reality.

@MsKathleen You are SO right, Ms. K. Gee whiz, just a one-semester course in high school might possibly cut the divorce rate in HALF.

@mischl But the religious right would blow the roof off any school that attempted it. I tried to educate my two kids myself in these matters.

@MsKathleen Which is ONE of the reasons why my teaching career was VERY short. But, the chief reason was the ridiculous remuneration. I could make more money mowing grass. However, I did work with a huge bunch of teenagers over time (not inside the school system), and I found them to be very receptive to learning about getting along with girlfriends, boyfriends, sexual partners, etc.

@mischl Remember the Oscar Wilde quote, "everything i as bout sex-except sex. Sex is about power." Western society has made everything about sex, it's only one aspect of a relationship. Perhaps if we searched for a partner that shared the same ethics and non-sexual interests the divorce rate would become lower.


Cuts both ways

bobwjr Level 10 May 29, 2021

I said that.


This may be true. I'M CONFUSED that so many women prefer men who treat them like shit.

BitFlipper Level 8 May 29, 2021

@Happycanuck Low self esteem is learned behavior. There is always someone who wants to make one feel “less than”, regardless of one’s sex.

@MsKathleen Some people can smell low self esteem and exploit it.


(i'm staying out of this one)

TheDoubter Level 9 May 29, 2021

You’re a better man than I, Gunga Din.


Yes, that is not gender specific. I know some confused women that I wouldn't wish on any man.

I did say that.

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