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Dickie shoes

Rudy1962 9 Jan 29
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Is that what you call a penile implant? LMAO

Livinlife Level 9 Jan 29, 2019


DangerDave Level 8 Jan 29, 2019

When you thought you have seen everything...


Definitely the 1st time I seen any of those.



Xanadutoo Level 7 Jan 29, 2019

Do you like it because it uses the British spelling of "ass", or do you just like dick pics? ROFLMAO ????

o@dartagnan6666 You are almost correct lol. Arse is buttocks ass is a donkey in English .In the states you use the same spelling for both so how do you differentiate?

@Xanadutoo Context.

Sometimes we invite Jack along, and I don't mean Daniels.

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