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Here's a man in a wet t-shirt! Woohoo! How do you like that?! 😋😊
demifeministgal comments on Jul 31, 2019:
His eyes are creeping me out... WTF is wrong with them?! :o
Totally agree with this. And I'll further state <probably to my regret> that a young boy does best ...
demifeministgal comments on Jul 29, 2019:
So then, in your opinion boys raised by lesbian couples and girls raised by gay couples are being raised at a deficit? Would it be better if they were in the foster system or raised by abusive/neglectful hetero parents? Just something for you to ponder
This seems about right.
demifeministgal comments on Jul 29, 2019:
Thank goodness I live in an urban city area and not the country, bug infested ass areas of Canada.... yikes!
Cute doggos
demifeministgal comments on Jul 29, 2019:
daww doggy buddies :D
Sooo many people text... and text.. and text about intimacy but do not PRACTICE it by reaching out ...
demifeministgal comments on Jul 29, 2019:
Why should people engage in what you call "exploratory hookups" if they are not attracted to the person or do not engage in hookups? Why must everyone conform to your wants and adapt themselves to your demands to be deemed worthy of intimacy?? Rather limited and narrow-minded views you have here man.
Dat ass....
demifeministgal comments on Jul 29, 2019:
looks malformed and badly photoshopped... just my 2 cents
What’s the deal when women post a kissy poochy face photo? Is that media driven? It instantly ...
demifeministgal comments on Jul 29, 2019:
LOL welcome to the duck face selfis generation/timeline... enjoy your stay ;) aka GET USED TO IT FOR NOW
So here's a question... What do you do or say when your partner says, just five more minutes, after ...
demifeministgal comments on Jul 29, 2019:
hmm not sure this has happened beyond a guy asking for extended foreplay... for sex I am the one that controls how long and guy I am with usually knows as much. What would I do? well if I am in pain or tired tell him so and then tell him we gotta go back to just foreplay with him jerking off or a hand job because I cannot anymore. If I could still keep going and there was no issues just keep going I guess. It's all contextual
Dogs should be banned from stores except for certified, seeing-eye dogs.
demifeministgal comments on Jul 29, 2019:
Nope you are wrong. There are people with dogs that need them to alert someone if they are having a stroke or heart attack or having a seizure. If anyone thinks having a health condition makes one weak, they are a privileged healthy c*nt *and seriously need to check their privilege. If you have never experienced something traumatic in your life or have not been negatively impacted by something traumatic, it is not your place to speak of weaknesses. Again, speaking from a place of ignorance and of privilege. As for doggies in general, I would say allow doggies in if you carry them in a carrier or put a muzzle on them and ensure they go potty outside before entering the store. Leaving dogs in hot cars can kill them and tying badly behaved dogs outside stores will have its own set of problems. Were that dog to be tied outside, it would still lunge at you.
Question: Does the size of a penis really matter? How small in your experience is to small? How big ...
demifeministgal comments on Jul 28, 2019:
I don't think there would ever be an issue with too small... but for many women too big is a problem as it will be too painful or impossible to do anything xD
Would you allow your child to attend a catholic college on a full scholarship with no concerns? ...
demifeministgal comments on Jul 27, 2019:
Once they are 18, can you really stop your adult child from doing what he/she wants, within the law? I mean if they are living with you while they study at most you can kick them out or demand rent, but the choice where they study is entirely theirs. You can voice your opinions and concerns of course though.
Do you think it is dysfunctional when 50 YO kids and their parent(s) spend nearly all their free ...
demifeministgal comments on Jul 27, 2019:
I would not say dysfunctional per se. I would wonder do the parents or kids not have any friends or spouses to occupy their time with? Are the parents dying or in poor health so the adult kid(s) have decided to spend as much time as they can with them before they die? Or are the adult kid(s) the care givers of their sick parent(s)? I would wonder why myself tbh.
Woman charged after stealing someone elses dentures, wearing them to her probation meeting
demifeministgal comments on Jul 27, 2019:
ewww. you don't know where that mouth has been or what it has been doing... as fckng gross as using a strangers toothbrush. :/
Tibetan Mastiff. The world's largest dog. (According to the picture)
demifeministgal comments on Jul 26, 2019:
He's such a big guy... how does one control such a dog if it chooses to bolt or sprint away somewhere? :s
Did anyone else lose their virginity to a fellow virgin?
demifeministgal comments on Jul 26, 2019:
Yes I did. And he was my first love too. :D
Another one for my book... Today a man matched with me and within 5 back and forth sentences ...
demifeministgal comments on Jul 26, 2019:
Perhaps he had a foot fetish and wanted to get your toe nails done and put into a shoe he likes for his satisfaction? That's my guess heh
I REALLY need to ask this question. This has been on my mind since the first time I heard about it....
demifeministgal comments on Jul 26, 2019:
soo there is a fckd up power dynamic at play here: not only can minors not consent to sex with an adult (statutory rape) but the position of power and authority the teacher has over them makes consent very problematic too. I would say today's boys are FINALLY being taught about consent and their rights and just as young girls that done the line realize they were groomed or manipulated into sex as a minor AND IT WAS WRONG on the predator's part, so too are boys realizing this. Except, clearly, the stigma for speaking out for boy rape victims is still higher than it is for girl rape victims.
I just got laid off from my job. I'm reeling.
demifeministgal comments on Jul 26, 2019:
Hopefully you can use one of your bosses or coworkers as reference. Did they say why you were being laid off?
This is a post in response to another thread where someone was accused of being an ableist for ...
demifeministgal comments on Jul 25, 2019:
I get butthurt white bros (because the logical ones don't care and move on) telling me or whining at me that I MUST hate myself or hate my race or, the fckd up one, be a race traitor (haa!) because I don't date white guys. Like move the fck on man. Would you truly want me to fake date you and treat you like a friend because there was no attraction there? Lead you on like that? Have some goddam self-respect.
Pretty depressed. Anxiety is sky high. My boyfriends ex-girlfriend of over a year ago has been ...
demifeministgal comments on Jul 25, 2019:
I think you should document what she is doing as evidence if you have to file a police report. Take pictures or videos, especially if you can capture her doing said things. These are criminal offenses and one should NOT just ignore criminal stalkers. You may need to one day file a restraining order against her. Start collecting evidence is what I say.
Sometimes when your going through old hard drives (10 megs total size) you find things it was ...
demifeministgal comments on Jul 25, 2019:
real men like all body types, both big and small and everything in between.
My relatives, when they find out I'm an atheist:. "Do you worship the devil?" I'm like 😈...."Nah...
demifeministgal comments on Jul 24, 2019:
LMAO you call your relatives corn-fed?? ahh if I had the courage to call my fam members hicks.... maybe on their death beds XD
Has anybody's lack of self-care throughout the years caught up to them in a bad way? And I don't ...
demifeministgal comments on Jul 24, 2019:
I don't think I ever liked excercising. Which was okay for a long time because I had virtually no appetite (I would force myself to eat) and a high metabolism rate. Since I have been on meds, my metabolism slowed down and I am hungry all the damn time, it feels like! So what wasn't an issue before, is an issue now and I have experienced weight gain. I will have to learn to either eat healthier or be more active now. blah :/
How do you motivate yourself to exercise?
demifeministgal comments on Jul 24, 2019:
I don't because I don't. XD I think I would need an external motivator like someone being on my case to join them for a class/session we signed up for or a health condition that was killing me. My internal motivations come for intellectual or humanistic pursuits, not so much physical excercise. :$
Question: For women - guys cumming in you is old hat. So, when your guy is cumming, tell how and ...
demifeministgal comments on Jul 24, 2019:
does on himself or towards himself count? haha
What do y'all think?
demifeministgal comments on Jul 24, 2019:
I'm not gay/a man, but if I were either, I'd prefer natural. Sure she'd be nice to look at but not as nice to touch XD
Question: When you start love making, do you prefer to start slowly, clothed? Or, do you get down, ...
demifeministgal comments on Jul 24, 2019:
It's all about building that anticipation and that spark... jumping straight to things is for the impatient or too thirsty folks... they need to slow it down and delay gratification to see how sweet that can be ;) Just my 2 cents
Question: When you are really down, hot, dirty and fucking each others brains out, and your partner ...
demifeministgal comments on Jul 23, 2019:
never had it happen intentionally but if it did my thoughts would be ouch! that's my hair! And i'd tell the guy ow! don't pull my hair it hurts! I am pain avoidant! :D :$
UPDATE: Apparently, my friend and I had a massive misunderstanding. We are friends again - yay! ...
demifeministgal comments on Jul 23, 2019:
LOL he also sounds entitled. You did not owe him sex. Sadly it worked out better online than it did in person. I have been on the receiving and giving end of that-- especially if a person posts a super photoshopped pic that looks nothing like them!
So, by accident I stumbled upon a movie called The Dead Lands last night, a New Zealand action movie...
demifeministgal comments on Jul 22, 2019:
I would not have known he was maori if you had not said so. He could easily pass as a latino... I like his look :)
Polish Catholic Church expects 'wave' of child sex abuse reports after release of film on ...
demifeministgal comments on Jul 21, 2019:
As a former catholic pole I am surprised that the archbishop actually issued an apology and secondly I think the believers will consider this false news or think they were setup to lie to beesmirch the integrity of the church. I have heard the tales of too many dumbass alex jones sounding polish catholics to think they'd side with the victims rather than deny it or victim blame.
Question: Do you like your butt cheeks played with? Clothed, not
demifeministgal comments on Jul 21, 2019:
mmhmm. Either through clothes or not clothed... whichever helps him get a better grip ;)
Rare $0.05 cent Canadian bill found in U.K.
demifeministgal comments on Jul 20, 2019:
LMFAO omg they are so cute.... it literally says canadian tire could nobody google that to see it was a store?! silly humans
How many of you feel as if your lack of any sort of religious or spiritual belief system has ...
demifeministgal comments on Jul 20, 2019:
Well, I have found it truly difficult to find men I am attracted to that are not religious. In my experience, minority men tend to be more religious than white guys... so the struggle to find a non-believer is harder than it should be. But I persist... ;)
Sorry,but I'm thinking there's too much hate here. .
demifeministgal comments on Jul 20, 2019:
Where? On general and hellos? On Some other group you meant to post this under? :s
In Kanesetake, in the north eastern suburb of Montreal, an angry Mohawk threatens and forces a TV ...
demifeministgal comments on Jul 19, 2019:
okaaay... why was he angry? was the reporter trying to get involved in or film a "sacred" ceremony? Were they asked to leave countless times and didn't get the hint? Reporters cannot take a clue and will get offended for some goddam reason if you don't want to be filmed -_- This needs more context imo
Ex wife has been with two different people in two weeks, a month after the divorce was finalized. I ...
demifeministgal comments on Jul 18, 2019:
Out of curiosity, how do you know she's been with said people? Has she told you? Or have you been following her or having her followed? :s
I wonder what would happen if Twitter banned Trump from posting tweets. Imagine not starting your ...
demifeministgal comments on Jul 17, 2019:
I actually do not watch news in the mornings and my local news does not follow trump's every tweet anyways... win for me :D No imagination necessary on my part.
Anybody ever end a relationship and feel both good and bad about doing it? seems like doing the ...
demifeministgal comments on Jul 17, 2019:
Thus far I have ended all of my relationships and I have only felt somewhat bad about the long term one. Though it had to be done and was a looong time coming, it still made us both cry as I did it. :(
Below is what came with the picture. I have heard very different (temperment) stories about this ...
demifeministgal comments on Jul 17, 2019:
oh my! that dog weighs more than me! :o If he decided to bolt or run he'd literally drag me along :o
My apologies if this has come up before. Is there such a person as a soulmate?
demifeministgal comments on Jul 17, 2019:
I don't think so. I think there are handfuls of people one may be perfectly compatible with and their values perfectly alligned, but that does not mean they are "the one". That just means you have a very good compatibility with this person, in all respects intellectually, emotionally, sexually, physically, psychologically (ie temperaments, conflict resolution styles), etc.
This is a rant ... please take it as a possibly helpful expulsion of emotion. Hey! Men! Success ...
demifeministgal comments on Jul 17, 2019:
TOO many men, especially middle aged and young adult males, need to read and heed your advice. That way I'd have less dumbass christian men contacting me when I literally state it won't work and I am not interested in my profile.
Growing up in a secular family, I was not indoctrinated into any religious or theistic beliefs. ...
demifeministgal comments on Jul 17, 2019:
umm you found a way to make a positive thing into a woe is me thing. Being shunned by one's family or loved ones or even community is not as fun and exhilarating as you may think. But why take it from someone that was indoctrinated into that fckery and constantly has to deal with family members trying to convert me back? This is truly the life! wheee *heavy sarcasm* -_-
I've had a nice little break and I'm back. I missed a few of you.
demifeministgal comments on Jul 16, 2019:
Only a few huh? :(
What are some of the early signs that someone is being abused..? Either mentally or emotionally? ...
demifeministgal comments on Jul 16, 2019:
manipulation (saying or doing certain things to get one's way think crying to get one's way or threatening suicide), belittling, undermining one's self esteem or confidence, alienating or isolating a person from their healthy friends and/or family members, and gaslighting about doing all of the above.
Question: After you have been on on a one night stand, and your balls aren't blue anymore or your ...
demifeministgal comments on Jul 16, 2019:
*shrugs* Cannot say. Have never had a one night stand.
I have yet to experience this 😞
demifeministgal comments on Jul 16, 2019:
I have found this in a friend from America and I also thought i would never find it with the piss poor quality of friends I had in the past. Once you find it, treasure and cherish it and don't fck it up, is my advice ;)
Lily starting hanging out under my desk during the July 4th fireworks. She has now decided it is ...
demifeministgal comments on Jul 16, 2019:
Kirby lies under the computer desk when his hooman is working from home as well. Can't trust these shifty humans not to get the sudden urge to leave him home alone again, after all.
Question: How overtly sexual have you been in a public place. A mall as example. How far did you go?...
demifeministgal comments on Jul 16, 2019:
public usually involved night time or dark place (ie movie theater, stairwell in middle of the night or a secluded area in a park in middle of the night). farthest has been foreplay and manual sex. Though two guys wanted to do oral and would have if I had allowed it. heh :$
Question for women: Have you ever experienced a spontaneous orgasm when not having sex? Just going ...
demifeministgal comments on Jul 16, 2019:
LMAO that is a thing? Must be very rare indeed.
What if... There is no perfect match. But people want to be told sincerely and treated like ...
demifeministgal comments on Jul 16, 2019:
I disagree. You can have both people deluded, neither one deluded, or your version of a relationship. Relationships come in a variety of forms across a broad spectrum. Yours or the ones you have personally witnessed the most are but one form along that spectrum.
If someone is recovery from surgery and is high on pain killers and they tell you they love you, how...
demifeministgal comments on Jul 15, 2019:
Not much at all especially if those drugs have that effect on patients and they are telling everyone around em they love em.
After crying myself to sleep, the last thing I really wanna do is get out of bed and go to work.
demifeministgal comments on Jul 13, 2019:
Perhaps take a sick day, if you can?
What am I do? I have been with a woman several years, she is amazing and wonderful in every way ...
demifeministgal comments on Jul 13, 2019:
I had a ex that was okay with the same routine and did not want to spice things up. I communicated with him about it, open and honestly, on several occassions and told him what I wanted to try. Now, he did not try everything but he made minor changes. On the other hand, initially he did not want to try at all. That is the worst imo if you communicate your needs and your partner is like meh, fck it. Good luck with those needs. :/ Hopefully your partner is more willing to satisfy your needs once it is discussed and pondered about on her end.
Question: What kind of porn is your biggest turn on?
demifeministgal comments on Jul 13, 2019:
cartoon porn... then anything I watch, even if fckd up, I am okay with cuz it is just drawings or animations and no people involved/harmed :)
I’m SO proud of myself! I was driving on the freeway to Portland, Or to volunteer at a MommyCon...
demifeministgal comments on Jul 2, 2019:
Does driving give you panic attacks? :S
Meet Hugo Ateo, merman of the tv series Siren. All I can say is "mmmmmmmm"...... Happy Tuesday.
demifeministgal comments on Jul 2, 2019:
a latino hunk! looove it! niiiice :D <3
But would you date a person who uses a wheelchair? Able-ism?
demifeministgal comments on Jul 2, 2019:
I have only had one opportunity to do this. And I would have dated him were it not for his parents enforcing teenage like rules on him to be home by dark, making dating with a night owl university student me at the time, in winter, near impossible.
without being direct/confrontational, i would like to ask each of my siblings (two older & two ...
demifeministgal comments on Jul 2, 2019:
Since I suck at subtlety (so much so i was told i am as subtle as a heart attack aka not at all) I would be direct. Even if I tried to word things gently and in a roundabout way my facial expressions would give away what I was thinking anyways. I can never play poker dammit! >: o :(
I often feel resentful and bitter that bullies often get by with incredible abusive behavior. I try...
demifeministgal comments on Jul 2, 2019:
Makes sense. I am like this walking the streets and with family. Hypervigilance and it is a pain in the ass. always being on guard and waiting for the worst due to one's upbringing or experiences in life/childhood. I think it must be emotionally taxing on us on some capacity, but idk for sure.
Informal poll about ghosting:
demifeministgal comments on Jul 2, 2019:
I don't think it is a sign of narcissism. Narcissists feed off of attention and drama and such. You are more likely to be love-bombed or tied into a pointless drama or stuck feeding a narcs ego than you are to be ghosted by them. At least in my crappy experiences. :/
Proposed new term: emosexual. If asexual is on the left of the curve, and demisexual is in the ...
demifeministgal comments on Jul 2, 2019:
I can see how that would be problematic, bonding after sex AND being overtly and proactively sexual. I suppose that's a benefit of being demisexual, less emotionally messy.
How do you stop anxiety attacks and some phobias?
demifeministgal comments on Jul 2, 2019:
I cannot stop them. Once I am triggered it is too late. I suppose try to determine your triggers and avoid them for now until you do some exposure therapy. As for phobias, desensitization is a method used for that but again with the help of a trained professional.
Has anybody dealt with a passive aggressive partner? Is there any hope for that type of ...
demifeministgal comments on Jul 2, 2019:
Yes. Was blood annoying. I am direct and confrontational. So we could never adequately resolve issues because he was avoidant and defensive towards confrontation. Maybe it can work for you though, depending on both of your communication styles and temperaments.
Can an atheist and a devout religious person have a real love connection, and intimacy without one ...
demifeministgal comments on Jun 22, 2019:
The men I am attracted to tend to be religious too. :/ It is difficult finding Latino/black guys that are not religious, especially if they are immigrants or kids of immigrants. grrr
What is the most fun you've ever had on a date?
demifeministgal comments on Jun 22, 2019:
Speaking of a first date: Talking and vibing and laughing for hours and then finishing the night off dancing and holding each other. Mind you we had been talking online for some time prior and he was my rebound. But there was a connection online and offline. :)
I laid back on the bed. My cock, hard, tall, erect. She sat next to me... (You finish)
demifeministgal comments on Jun 22, 2019:
and said: goodnight. I'm going to sleep. I have a headache. XD
Oddly enough, I've been in a relatively 'good' mood. I've been more energetic and such, especially ...
demifeministgal comments on Jun 20, 2019:
Please consider informing your doctor or any healthcare worker that oversees your health that you have stopped the medication. That way, if any psychological withdrawal symptoms arise, they will know why.
Over the years I have realised that my motivations are more philanthropic than for material ...
demifeministgal comments on Jun 20, 2019:
Yes I can relate. When I am volunteering towards a common societal good or involved in something that will help disadvantaged populations I feel good and energized. When I am doing things purely concerned with making money, it is not fulfilling. I will do it to the best of my ability as the perfectionist I am, but I am much more likely to quit or leave it or have no energy or desire to go back to it day in and day out.
MattBetts46 A new face popped up on my daily feed. Isn't he cute? What personality! You're ...
demifeministgal comments on Jun 20, 2019:
Does he have dimples? dawww ^_^ :D
Today I'm wearing a necklace whose charm is the chemical structure of Oxytocin. Maybe since it's ...
demifeministgal comments on Jun 20, 2019:
I start texting to people or messaging people on facebook or engaging in conversations and debates in my friend's science debate group where I get along with many of the regulars there.
SORRY, long post coming up! I have a secret; or at least I hope to keep it low-key for a while; but...
demifeministgal comments on Jun 20, 2019:
I don't mean to rain on your parade, but this worried me: "he wrote and read me a poem about what our relationship will be like five years from now; huh?" That is the kinda shit my ex-narc said, talking about long term relationship for us even before our first official date. It turned out to be a manipulative tactic and he didn't even care about me. -_- I just thought I would give you a heads up, since I never got a heads up from anyone. :/
So true too.
demifeministgal comments on Jun 19, 2019:
LOL the cheater often was in another relationship while in the current one! So why would a breakup stop him?! xD
I have a dilemma: 1. Part of me wants to be alone as right now I am just sick of men and want a ...
demifeministgal comments on Jun 19, 2019:
What about a FWBs? And you have communication as an adult with said friend and explain to him that you BOTH need to get off for this arrangement to work. Heck sometime even spelling it out to a guy exactly what turns you on has to be done. Now whether they are willing to take the tips you give them is another issue altogether. XD That would be my advice. OR purchase a good toy that will do all the leg work of masturbation for you! ;)
I have a date. Yay and scared at the same time. I’m so anxious. I want to meet up with him...
demifeministgal comments on Jun 19, 2019:
Yay. Enjoy yourself. Even if nothing comes out of it, try to have fun and enjoy yourself :D
Political Correctness IS bigotry: intolerance screamed at other's ideas. Demanding such be made law ...
demifeministgal comments on Jun 18, 2019:
Fun fact about your foolish outraged PC post:
Happiness is a 75-pound lap dog.
demifeministgal comments on Jun 17, 2019:
awww he's snuggler! how precious! I wish kirby was a cuddly type but he's too proud for that. humph
"Yes, I absolutely fit on this pillow - so why are you laughing at me?"
demifeministgal comments on Jun 17, 2019:
Maybe he is snuggling it and it is his snuggle pillow?
What are your thoughts on EFT - Emotional Freedom Techniques? I am reading the book EFT for ...
demifeministgal comments on Jun 17, 2019:
That is not just why people procrastinate. We procrastinate because we dread doing or experiencing something. For example, I would procrastinate when having to write essays or research reports in university because during those times my anxiety and inner critic would go into overdrive. And I would avoid that inner criticism/abuse for as long as I could. :$
How you like this sexy young papi?
demifeministgal comments on Jun 17, 2019:
niiice! :D <3 I do :D
My favourite new TV show is Hudson & Rex. Great Canadian show starring two cuties, John Reardon and ...
demifeministgal comments on Jun 17, 2019:
The doggy is cute. That is all :)
So what kind of music (if any) do you enjoy during sex? I personally love AC DC and Lynyrd Skynyrd. ...
demifeministgal comments on Jun 17, 2019:
Me and the FWBs have completely different tastes in music. So our compromise has been listening to classical music aka mozart or beethoven. Not that I like it per se, but it is doable. heh
Someone posted in the Passions group about his dissatisfaction with flabby vaginas. Basically saying...
demifeministgal comments on Jun 17, 2019:
WTF?! How exactly does this sexist douche quantify a flabby vagina anyways? One that does not feel "tight enough" for his tiny penis? That's seems more like a him problem and not a vagina problem. >.>
Do you have to be a rationalist to be agnostic/ atheist? Is there space for magical thinking?
demifeministgal comments on Jun 17, 2019:
Unfortunately, there definitely is space for magic thinking... any agnostic/atheist that subscribes to New Age thinking or buys into things like zodiacs or other superstitious pseudoscience is already doing it. Not to mention all of the spiritual non-believers out there. :/
A hypothetical moral dilemma: Dan melody are dating, Dan ask Melody" are you on birth control?"...
demifeministgal comments on Jun 14, 2019:
They both are terrible at communication. Dan should have probed further and asked her what does that mean exactly? And gotten the ball rolling. Eventually her plans may have come out and he could have told her yeaaa not gonna happen! Had a vasectomy. This sounds like a messed up chick that is trying to trap a guy into a relationship or force a child-free person to have a kid with her. Yikes! RUN DAN RUN!
What does everybody here think about the importance of chemistry to a relationship ? Recently I had ...
demifeministgal comments on Jun 14, 2019:
For myself this would not be an issue I encounter since I never feel the urge to jump straight into bed with anyone. I need to develop a bond or connection and feel trust or at least safe first. So, for me it is more about the person's attractiveness/handsomeness. After making an exception for a guy I didn't even find attractive in person (his professional pics made him look waaay better) and him turning out to be a narc, I don't even think I will give an ugly guy a chance anymore. :(
Truth. Sometimes.
demifeministgal comments on Jun 14, 2019:
I wish I was that kind of busy. I have yet to properly learn how to be this busy since I was taught about grounding exercises. :$
My sweet puppies graduating from puppy training class. 6 months old, Maisie and Sophie.
demifeministgal comments on Jun 12, 2019:
ahhh the skruffy one on the left reminds me of kirby. He is also a type of terrier :)
I got stood up for a coffee date today. No skin off my back. It was nice to sit and eat my muffin ...
demifeministgal comments on Jun 11, 2019:
Good of you to try and teach him some manners. I hope he didn't show up and walk out though. But him making dates and not showing up at all, for some personal kicks, seems even worse.
I'm really depressed. I have had a pain in the left side of my head about a year. The VA is so ...
demifeministgal comments on Jun 11, 2019:
Can you take an uber or a taxi to the VA office? Or can you ask a friend or family member to drive you? Like those neighbours that keep checking in on you?
It’s the remaining 30% that’s the fun part.
demifeministgal comments on Jun 8, 2019:
pffft. smells like BS. where's your peer reviewed article for this claim mr science man? XD
Ok..a little background....I didn't date AT ALL for over 20 years...not one single date. I think I ...
demifeministgal comments on Jun 8, 2019:
Sometimes I wonder if there is a bit of unconscious self-sabatoge in people who date. I mean just because weight is lost or traits one dislikes about oneself improves, does not mean the underlying insecurity or self-esteem issues magically fix themselves or evaporate too. If a person has a tendency to pursue or chase after bad boys or men who will never commit, and hence, sets themselves up for failure from the start, might there be an underlying fear of rejection due to never- dealt-with insecurity issues? So, seeking out ones doomed to fail to protect oneself from ever truly being hurt and getting vulnerable with someone. I may just be talking out of my rear and completely wrong here, mind you. But I am just overthinking things as per usual. XD heh
Why is it that most men have absolutely no problem considering dating a woman ten, or even twenty, ...
demifeministgal comments on Jun 8, 2019:
I wonder if that is a senior male thing. Cuz men in my age bracket would be pedophiles or literal crib robbers if they tried dating 10-20 years younger. :o
This is how women SUPPORT other women: . . . To all the lovely ladies from 40 years and up... ...
demifeministgal comments on Jun 8, 2019:
Good post. I must fit into the 40+ category better than the under 40 :p since I've experienced most of that myself, including the grey hairs and weight gain (health problems) :( But yes, I hope to accrue more wisdom and patience as I grow old(er). :)
CONFESSION TIME: SOFT LIMITS What’s something that’s generally a “no” for you sexually but ...
demifeministgal comments on Jun 8, 2019:
I've never tried voyeurism or watching others have sex, but with the right person in a sex club, where the sex does not get too wild or kinky, I could watch. I might also be willing to do public stuff with very little chance of getting caught, such as in a car or in a secluded area where nobody goes or at a time at night where nobody would be around. The circumstances would not be any booze, but the very unlikely chance of getting caught.
Today was the release of the Murdered and Missing Indigneous Women report. Canada needs an ...
demifeministgal comments on Jun 8, 2019:
As in have police outside of Canada investigate the Highway of tears?? Why would they do that? As in, why would they care to do that? What would they gain from it? :s
This is something that triggers me. It might seem like nothing to other people. So I wanted to ...
demifeministgal comments on Jun 8, 2019:
I would say your first comment was okay, though your second comment was taking things too personally. I viewed her post as being a self-deprecating joke against herself, and you somehow took it personally. I mean, unless you meant that self-deprecating humour triggers you? :s I think we are allowed to make self-deprecating jokes and others don't get to police those kinds of jokes. That is just my opinion.
Andrew Scheer will win in the next federal election... Trudeau has messed Canada up to bad.
demifeministgal comments on Jun 8, 2019:
ughh I fckng hope not. Cons always fck things up and bring about so much cuts that fck over many people, except the wealthy and rich. I wish people would vote NDP more already. I mean they make one goddam mistake in history and are written off forever?! blegh
I'm just venting here. I just got off the phone with a real pain in the butt, after she talked for ...
demifeministgal comments on Jun 7, 2019:
How does everybody keep their pet cool during the summer months walks?
demifeministgal comments on Jun 7, 2019:
My sister got Kirby a water bottle he can drink from. You fill the giant lid with water and he drinks from it like if it were a bowl of water. Also, he gets a summer cut really short.


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