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How would u respond if someone put this statement to u. "Because of God, Atheists exist.
Without God, atheism would no longer exist."

By Greenheart7
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IMO...Atheism has always just never required a 'label' to define it until god & religion were created to upset the balance.


Circular thinking and a not-very-bright person.


You are assuming that a god does exist, and you have yet to prove this god's existence, so until you do, this argument is null and void. Although, in a way, you are correct, if we knew for a fact that there was no god, there would no longer be a need for atheism...and there would also no loner be a need for theism.


A-theists do not exist because of god. A-theist exists because of a belief in god. Theism is a BELIEF in god, A-theism is a NON-BELIEF in god. There is no evidence, facts or data to support god(s) exist.

jlynn37 Level 8 June 5, 2018

I would say that is a self-serving and circular argument. It predisposes that Atheism is some kind of “faith” or “religion”. It is nether. It is the absents of “faith”, “religion” or a “god”. It would exist if the fanciful belief in an imaginary friend existed or not. It just wouldn't be called Atheism it would just be called “normal”.


Prove it.


Mission accomplished!


I would probably just blow them off and say" yeah, whatever". There is no discussion about it. If someone is so arrogant and closed minded to say something like this, they are not discussing, they are pronouncing.




I'd rephrase it as "Because of the concept of gods, atheists exist. Without the concept of gods, atheism would no longer exist." That's a more accurate statement and it explains to the person making the statement the flaw in their logic. I assume they'd need help with that because anyone making that kind of statement probably has no idea why it's nonsensical.


Because of unicorns we have candyfloss. Without uniforms we wouldn't have candyfloss.

Logically Level 3 June 6, 2018

You must be delusional, I exist without god.

EdEarl Level 8 June 6, 2018

Before you make your statement,you will first have to porove the existence of a God.


Belief does not equal existence. It's not the existence of god that created atheists, but the belief in god by some. Religious people are atheists about all others gods than the one they hold as "true". As others have said, it's best not to engage these folks. You are not going to change a deeply held belief with a smart reply.

wdrcczar Level 3 June 6, 2018

Good answer, you beat me too it. Belief in gods exists, gods do not.


This is why I have a problem with the term atheism. Without god or religion we would be just people. No labels just folks living our lives.

273kelvin Level 8 June 6, 2018

Can you spell idiot?

oldFloyd Level 7 June 6, 2018

Without believers god would cease to exist. ?


I would respond...lets try the latter for a while and watch the world progress

Hutch Level 7 June 5, 2018

Which god?

Mikeb56 Level 7 June 5, 2018

I'd say
Because of man, gods were invented/speculated.
If a god would definitively show it's self, then atheism would be decimated... (Except I'd have to put it simpler or go step by step through a bunch of arguments with them)


I wouldn't respond because who ever would make such a statement would be someone of such low intelligence that it would be a lesson in futility in responding.

Good answer. Because if you want to talk about religion with the atheists and antitheists I know, you better eat your Wheaties and wear a helmet.


The word maynot exist (we will have found another way to subdivide ourselves into groups) but I will still exist and so will science.

Donna_I Level 7 June 5, 2018

Etymologically, they are absolutely correct.
Ontologically, that is an unproven statement.


Because of God, theists exist.
Without God, atheists exist.


Because of God, atheists and theists exist.
Without God, atheists and theists still exist.


I would tell them "Because of GOD, YOU exist. Because of ME, I exist."

ezwryder Level 7 June 6, 2018

Without these pesky "gawds", atheism would be the norm!

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