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Solving the Pronoun Problem

"I propose that simple solution, a small change in language that will save print, be totally non-sexist, allow gender-free descriptions, and finally, as a bonus, express our solidarity with our technology and other things we love. Let’s just throw away he and she, and replace them with it. That’s right. It."

Aralt 7 June 7

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I like Hey You, better


I'm not terribly attached to pronouns, I'm perfectly fine with "it."


Oh looky a handy way to "other" all human beings at once! I think we're dehumanized enough already, thanks.


People don't really know what someone's birth gender is anyway..someone dressed as a female could have been born male, and someone in androgynous clothing could be either gender, or even nonbinary.

I resemble a normal female but am nonbinary, as is my daughter. Before I started taking derris scandens, which takes away dysphoria and blends my gender modes, for some reason, someone using a female pronoun for me incited blind rage..I wanted to punch them. I had to constantly suppress it, not understanding why it was happening.

I didn't know I was a partial transmale until 2014, but the feeling of outrage happened anyway.


I agree.


I don't see pronouns as a problem, people have names. Use those.


That would make clubbing a little confusing.

legna Level 4 June 8, 2018

I am going to say this with love.... This is the dumbest idea. I am trying to be polite here, just cannot find any other way to call it


I don't like that idea. It would be worse in America where people are referred to as he or she when they are right there beside you. Everybody would just be a thing.


Hmmm. I'm not convinced. Who wants to be an 'it'.

Is this borne of the anti trans movement?


"It puts the lotion in the basket..."

Just no.

They/their/them may offend those who get uptight about singular and plural, but it makes far more sense as a gender neutral catch-all.

@NotAndrew I'm not familiar with that. The closest I know is the 'royal we'.


I always wanted to be an ‘it’ girl!


It’s a great solution.

Ha! ??

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