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Name one thing you want to try in the bedroom.

By HippieChick589
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I think a swing would be fun.


sleeping. i'm no good at it, but i'd like to practice.


genessa Level 8 Sep 11, 2018

I thought retirement would help my sleep issues. well not so much, yet. The helpful part is I now have time to take naps

@HippieChick58 it's funny, because "retire" is a word we sometimes use to mean "go to bed." it should work! why doesn't it work?



you mean new or already done and want more?




Restrained with orgasm delay both on partner and partner on me.

Kinky!! I like that!


Clean and declutter!!

dkp93 Level 7 June 17, 2018

Sleeping 8 hours without a cat screaming that it's starving to death. I know..... But I'm beyond anything new in the area you're really asking about.





I was thinking about training my dog not to follow me into the bathroom, But I don't know.

kenriley Level 8 June 13, 2018

I read that wrong, I see now it's the bedroom. LOL Well Thor he's ok in the bedroom.

@kenriley ahahahahhah


Since I can't get a man...Houseplants. smile002.gif

CaroleKay Level 8 June 13, 2018

AWWW... There could be someone just waiting to meet you. it happens all the time. Don't give up, wait for the next station~

I used to have houseplants, and then I got kittens. Before the kittens I had a senior kitty that was blind and didn't bother the plants. I had lots of plants. I love my kittens but I miss my house plants.

and why can't you get a man?seems odd

...coming from @lookinhard, lol! smile049.gif

I have to keep house plants in a cat proof terrarium.

@Byrdsfan My cats don’t bother my plants and I have a few, houseplants that is.

@CaroleKay You're lucky, Carole. I keep a few in the guest bedroom, it keeps them from getting cat hair all over the guest bed, and from eating the plants. If I leave the door open for any reason, it's a matter of seconds before two of them get in and eat the plants down to nubs. Then of course, there's the obligatory green gak that shows up in a couple of hours. naturally, on carpet!


Ah, want to get back to the wonderful concept of courage... I want a man in my bedroom who is comfortable enough with himself plus very direct with me to be able to say EXACTLY--> what he wants me to do to him, for him and with him ~


That’s never been a problem I check with women regarding cunniligus only because I’ve meet 1-2 gals that weren’t comfortable and that was cool but most women seem to enjoy it


Nuclear fusion. not enough room for the equipment so the bed must go or glow, one or the other

EMC2 Level 8 June 13, 2018

A new man. smile009.gif Or maybe a new vanity table.....that would probably last longer....every pun intended! smile009.gif

AzVixen52 Level 7 June 11, 2018

Mirroring is fun!


Before I started current job I had some time off between jobs, so I did some painting. I had always wanted to try an ombre wall, and I wanted a bedroom strictly in my taste, my fantasy, my sanctuary. I love the ombre wall, and I made the quilt as well. My bedroom makes me happy. I haven't had any visitors since the painting was done.

You are our next Mary Cassatt

WOW, that IS lovely!

I did something similar. I call it "the box".


Standing 69 looks interesting, but maybe impractical, with the blood rushing to the head effect.

CallMeDave Level 8 June 11, 2018

No comment.

@LetzGetReal Pretty sure you can't escape that easily.

@CallMeDave HEHEEHEHE Was thinking about other things to do standing up which are less or more? headbanging. OKAY? smile009.gif

There was a young lady of Norway,
Who hung by her heels from the doorway.
She said to her man
Get off that Divan
I think I've discovered one more way.


Sleeping a good solid 8 hours.

NormCastle Level 7 June 11, 2018

I can relate, though am pretty good with 6 or 7 a lot of the time, I have to be...


declutter. When 6 additional people moved in my house to help pay bills I gave up my bedroom and moved into my office. Its crowded in there with 6 bureaus.

bureaus or bureaux? I've never bothered to look it up, I just spell it in French.




Marine Level 8 June 11, 2018


Marine Level 8 June 11, 2018


Marine Level 8 June 11, 2018

I THINK WE GET IT, did you mean S L E E P ? ? ?


A comfortable bed.

My mattress molded in storage, and I couldn't afford another one. So, a friend loaned me a twin mattress. Comfortable, but it molded too. I think one of her dogs had an accident on it before they brought it over, and none of us caught that.

YIKES, that can truly make one sick.

IF you can seal up your house and leave for at least 36 hrs. one can chemical bomb it with bleach and vinegar solution, a cup of each in a pail on the floor; be sure to GET OUT and to cover all tech equipment with a plastic tarp.

I used to do this in W.Va, had issues with the roof in a 200 + yr. old school house.

Better yet, BUY A NEW ONE??

@LetzGetReal Heh! Thanks for the advice, but this is a rental and has a sump pump in the basement. Vermont, in general, is a mold factory. A dear friend who is allergic to just about everything installed central AC to help with the problem. I've tried convincing my ex, as well as various housemates that cleaning is a good idea, but... Once I get my own place, they can all mold in peace.

Added later: I have a bunkbed I bought used that is in various bits... as soon as I clear some room in my room, I'll assemble it. If I could afford a new mattress, I'd have bought one long ago.

Here in Spain one can buy pretty cheap aerosols of anti-mould spray for walls, etc, that allow one to re-enter the room after a couple of hours.
Surely a land as advanced as the USA would have an equivalent.

@Petter PLS send us an URL... I have NOT heard of it and have lived all over this bloody country, but then you are more of a scientist!

@Petter Yes, please... a url or brand names would be much appreciated.

@LetzGetReal I don't have a URL. I just go into a hardware shop and buy some if I want it. I thought it would be universal.

@Petter There are some which are minimally effective.

The best solution is an equal part of chlorine and vinegar which releases a gas which will drive the snakes out of Ireland~ ONE HAS TO LEAVE or it will kill them as well.

@LetzGetReal I know Zinc Sulphate is effective against many fungi. (It is the active ingredient in many foot powders, for example). Perhaps this would work? either as a fine powder sprinkled on to a mattress, etc, or as a solution dissolved into pretty hot water then sprayed onto walls.


A wall mounted, voice controlled computer connected to this site. But it's a double bed and the other occupant would object!

Petter Level 8 June 11, 2018

Habitual? smile001.gif

@LetzGetReal Can't get rid of her. Over 50 years ago I made her a proposition and she took it to mean a proposal. smile009.gifsmile009.gif

@Petter Awww! That made me smile smile001.gif

@Jnei It was meant to. I love the humour that can be achieved with words. Glad you enjoyed it. smile001.gif

@Petter LUCKY YOU?

@LetzGetReal ... and unlucky she !


I've been considering red curtains.

Jnei Level 8 June 11, 2018

HOT CHA CHA! Go for it.~


Have company

lol ! smile009.gif


I have NOT had a man IN this bed ever in this house... Have lived here for 11 yrs. Not to say I have not been in a few of theirs but that is ANOTHER story~

Let's do it in the kitchen, too... Heheheheheh


Getting it finally cleaned up.

bleurowz Level 8 June 11, 2018

Am in process, plus some decorating... But that is kind of ongoing for me.

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