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I keep running across this, and I would love your thoughts. Someone says, either in word or song, "I got her pregnant." Maybe I grew up in a different era or on a different planet, but don't people take precautions anymore? I grew up in the 60s and 70s and the first thing I did upon turning 18 and going to college was go on birth control. What has changed? How does someone NOT think about consequences? Important note: This topic does not include non-consensual sex!

poetdi56 7 June 14

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Unintended pregnancy has actually fallen. Especially teen pregnancy is more rare.

I think people are probably more open about it more. People are actually better about using birth control than ever before (still not good enough but at least the right direction)


Myah Level 6 June 14, 2018

Yes a very positive outcome. If we fight off the religious fascists maybe it can keep improving. ?


Not sure if this is on topic but I find it very ironic that so many heavy duty antiabortion people are also anti birth control.


The current statistics show that teens are actually more likely to use protection than in the past. Unfortunately, however, almost every method fails some of the time -- sometimes from misuse (only taking a pill when they go on a date), sometimes from failure (the condom breaking" and sometimes the strangest misconceptions (pun intended). When I counseled college women I heard, "I can't be pregnant because was our first time. ...we were standing up.....i douched with Coke after. There is still a staggering amount of ignorance about bodies and sex out there.


So, yeah, I think the words of Dr Ian Malcolm would be well placed here "life finds a way." Not every unintended pregnancy is the result of irresponsibly throwing caution to the wind.


Just because information is available , does not mean people chose to avail themselves of it . Some simply close their eyes , and lie to themselves .


Apparently we have ignorance in this subject matter these days.

still alot of ignorance. Religion tops them all! They say using birth control is a sin. Giving birth out of wedlock and we are born in sin. I say bullshit. The only sin is when you hurt someone.

@benhmiller My opinion is that there is no such thing as an illegitimate child. There are plenty of illegitimate parent, though. That child did not ask to be born and should bear no discrimination for what s/he cannot control.


We were taught early in life about sex being both on a small farm & having Swiss parents. It was just open conversation and the lessons were healthy. This is what happens & it is fun but you are responsible in the end. There were no unwanted children in my family of origin or any of my 40+ cousins. I had 3 boys & we spoke early, by the age of 14. They were told that sex is normal & that there are condoms in the candy bowl.


I took charge of my reproductive options as soon as I could. There was no way in hell I'd have ever had that conversation with my dad and step witch, that would have been a disaster I'd have never recovered from. I joined the Army, and as soon as I was past Basic Training I went to the doctor and got on the pill. I was 19. After I got married I went off the pill and found out how ridiculously fertile I was, but I was also pretty regular and could tell when I ovulated. When I thought it was time for a baby, I got pregnant. I made sure my girls knew how babies were made and how to avoid surprises. There are no illegitimate babies, but lots of unprepared parents.


I'm sure there's a lot of psychology behind it. we live in a very pronatal culture. Very few people choose not to be breeders. Parent still react negatively to the thought of their 14 and 15 year olds engaging in sexual activity. Teenagers still consider sex to be something to be secretive about. I made a post before about a friend that puts her young teenage daughters on birth control sexually active or not. I had tons of parents, mostly women ,who were talking about how horrible that was and how she should never do that.


Birth rates are lower now than they ever have been. Maybe you were on birth control but your generation wasn't compared to today: []


I've heard too many documented stories of women who gave birth without even knowing they were pregnant ! And plenty who think things like the rhythm method, or withdrawal work ! Then there's guys who try to impregnate as many females as possible to score "points" among their male peers.
And on and on. While I think there's always been some highly misguided sexual stuff going on, I also have noticed an increased absence of responsibility and common sense. Bad combination.


It's parental responsibility to help daughters know/understand options, risks and consequences. I have two, adults now. Both went to one of the most liberal college in the country. They had to be ready, sure enough they were. Information is the answer.....


Birth control and condoms be aware also the morning after pill. Wish they had one for men to kill their sperm


Quite agree on your concern ... and I'm a mere male.


'But it was just one night....'

Ya,"Quickies" and "Nooner's" it takes but one of a Man's "Swimmers" to find her egg,and life begins,At conception or when a heartbeat is found, is always debatable for the beginning of life. Unprotected morning sex has probably created more children than we know.


According to former Governor Rick Perry, abstinence work. Though there was an outbreak of Chlamydia, abstinence works. I remember my sex ed teach in junior high said that abstinence works, the reality he says is, there will always be STD, so we learned about safe sex. As for today's kids? I know that there are states that don't teach sex ed, but push abstinence.


Teenage pregnancy is declining after reaching epidemic proportions. If current songs are using this adage it is reflecting current interest, messaging, or narratives.


Not impressed with today's generation. Following a politician because remind them of their grandfather!



With Hepatitis C and E out there, those alone should give caution let alone all the STDs and genital warts. Think Typhoid marry was bad from the past now its typhoid Harry Mary and Pat (Pat being the androgynous one). Seems that is what a lot do is get stoned and screw then pass on the spew.

azzow2 Level 9 June 14, 2018

Herepes scared me enough

hepatitis c is as much of a sexual transmitted decease as is common cold or a toothache.

@GipsyOfNewSpain Hep C is an needle share disease then an STD there is a cure for it now but is it affordable?

@azzow2 Sorry but in my case needle and penis are not a similar item, instrument or tool. You want to explain me the colussion of needle sharing and act of sex? Never met a junkie that was a nymphomaniac.

@GipsyOfNewSpain I was always amazed I managed not to get it from my ex.

@GipsyOfNewSpain My youngest sister is Hep C + and she is a heroin addict. In college my one prof was very educated on Hep C he would often say if you guys use drugs do not share needled. Hep C is a blood born pathogen so the only way to get it is through a needled and unprotected sex.

@FrayedBear I had dated a girl with it too with hep C and. I like you were very lucky not to contract it.

@azzow2 I was married for 8 years but I'm not sure now if she had had B or C. I think my bigger worry was always herpes however.

@FrayedBear I had never had run into that issue was hyped in the 1080`s When I was in the service they play this movie that displays just about nasty STD out there. Makes you think about protection. I have heard of the treatment for one of the rather nasty STD where they have to take this barbed rod and stick it in the penis to break up the scabs. That is a thought that makes me cringe.

@FrayedBear know this couple married for 20 years, he was hep-c positive.... never was she hep c positive. And they were not condom users. About being sexually transmitted is the way science cover its ass when science screw up. In the 80's hep c was misdiagnosed by hospitals and the exposure to the virus was rampant on hospitals. But it is convenient to blame sex than to blame an infected transfusion.

@GipsyOfNewSpain I would have to agree with you on it not being pass on by sex. It seems that hep C is mostly a blood born pathogen. This article should help []

@azzow2 good article.


I hear this all the time also. I married first time due to pregnancy . Never even thinking about it, I told my friends we got pregnant. No way was it a one way street and it would be kind of stupid to see it other wise.
On the other hand though , what if she was chatting with god on one his frisky days? Maybe a little god virgin sex and this would be a valid excuse.

EMC2 Level 8 June 14, 2018

I don't know what people do anymore. Neither of my sons has gotten anyone pregnant, so I know they've been careful, and my daughter is gay, so she's not gonna get pregnant. None of their friends have gotten pregnant, so somebody's being careful. I think it's just the same stupidity that's always been around.


Says alot about the youth it today.

Coldo Level 8 June 14, 2018

Some people still want to have children. Becoming pregnant can be a very happy event for both a woman and her man.

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