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When I was traveling around Arkansas last week, we went into a local restaurant and the young lady that waited on us had this t-shirt on. I wish I would have asked to take her picture. What do you people think about this? The town where this restaurant (Searcy) is a Christian Community with a local college (Harding) that is known for discrimination against the LGBT student that for some reason go to school there.

ShermanK 6 June 25

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That’s hilarious. I want one.


"I really don't care. Do you?" - Melania Trump's jacket.


It's just a silly shirt. Best to ignore it.

Though you could have said to her, "Not today? But maybe tomorrow?" πŸ˜€


Just write down the saying and Google it.


I say this all the time, it's just a turn of phrase. I picked it up at work... I kind of want this tshirt now. It originally came from RuPaul's drag race... Sooo yeah I wouldn't take it too seriously


Who dat?


It's a current catch phrase.

Not sure where it started.

Very tongue in cheek.


I've seen ads for that with other t-shirts with humorous writing, I don't think it's religious, just a catchphrase. What I want to know is who decided this summer all young women are wearing their shirts partially tucked in?

It's the "French tuck" meant to be a casual way to look lean without looking like a "dad."


I've heard it used tongue in cheek and being rather playful. I wouldn't take it seriously...


Makes me proud my atheist daughters hadn’t the need to remind themselves or the world they belonged to no one..

Varn Level 8 June 25, 2018

I actually think its funny. Now, if would get one then my close friends (the ones who know me well enough) would laugh at the irony that I am sure they will pee their panties & pants


I've also seen this shirt in Arkansas. Walmart sells a small selection of Christian shirts and this is one of them. They sell them in a small rotating shelf right next to the Kiss, AC/DC, Hendrix and Floyd shirts.


Will she serve someone named Satan though? ?



The likely origin.


I think it's also a line from a movie or show. Maybe it's in reference to that?


Not today, Monday

Holli Level 6 June 25, 2018

:: Snicker::


It can be taken two ways depending on if or not you are atheist. That leaves it ambiguous enough that she may sneak under the T-shirt radar. I’m not bothered as long as the coffee is hot.


"Not today, Jesus."


It's not clever. I should make a T shirt:

"Not today theist".

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