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Ex girlfriend won't stop texting me and has a new boyfriend that won't have sex with her.
So I walked her thru our first romp text by text and before i could finish she texted "Well I think I need to take care of myself." Then "Goodnight" Is that wrong of me to do? That might be a little passive aggressive. Hmm lol

JohnINFP 7 July 2

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You are both just horny and frustrated ! Go get a room and leave us out of it !

Hear, Hear.

The truth will be told !

Ouch! The truth hurts! You are very wise!


I don't know what the rest of you are all going on about.......I just wanna know why the new bf won't have sex with her

Right? And why would she even tell her ex..

I had no issue with this when i was dating her. I liked her just the way she is. I hate to say this. She said, that he said, he won't have sex with her until she loses weight. I think he's a piece of shit for saying that.

@JustLynnie Lately I have. She would be happier.


Wait, what? Lol!



Cyber sex is still cheating. This is definitely the wrong way for both of you to handle it. You're both in the wrong.

Lighten up. : ) I was just funnin' lol

Relationships die when they wreck upon the shore of dishonesty. I know this from experience.

@JohnINFP no. It's not some joke. You want to destroy a relationship like some petty child do it, but don't post on here about it like it's something to brag about. Nothing is more unattractive than a man who doesn't understand boundaries or the effects of his actions. Grow up or don't get in relationships. Otherwise you're just an immature brat.

@LadyAlyxandrea You definitely have cut through, my lady, I like it.

@JustLynnie if that was your romantic partner sexting someone behind your back I bet you'd have a different reaction. That or you have zero respect for your partner

@LadyAlyxandrea well, actually I've never wanted to destroy anyone's relationship in my life. I've recommended they go to counseling and repair their relationship. I'm happy they found each other. I've never been a braggard. My self esteem has always been too low. Wow! Immature? maybe lol brat? Not really. : )


i agree with most everyone that you should let her go and leave us out of it lol. However, theres a sexual deviants group that might be a little more receptive to hearing the details if you don’t. Just sayin ?‍♂️ But still, don't string the lady along or encourage her unless you truly want her back in your life. she sounds like a psycho with the aunt thing. id warn your relatives not to answer and cut bait one more time if youre serious about wanting rid of her.

Wow! I'm a sexual deviant now? lmao I thought my post was pretty tame. I wouldn't intentionally string a woman along. Just kinda been her psychologist and a friend.

@JohnINFP not calling names with that; thats just what the group is called lol. im a member, no judgement here. thats just where i recommend posting sexual details that might cause our more sensitive members to clutch their precious pearls, if you have any interest in ruling those members out of the discussion. No sexual judgement here, i just think its probably not prudent to let her use you as an emotional tampon as your psychologist comment suggests. if you think youre both fine being friends and no one is taking advantage of the other or uncomfortable knock yourself out. Good luck if you want to move on though, hard to let go sometimes i know.

@Wurlitzer "emotional tampon" ROFLMAO!! That's the funniest thing I've read since I've been on here! Very funny! Made my day!

@Wurlitzer Thanks : ) Actually I might be a little sexually deviant if it's what I think it is. I never thought of myself that way. I'm pretty tame. Lol Maybe I'll check out that group sometime.


I thought gentlemen didn't kiss and tell?

Guess I'm not a gentleman lol


A gentleman never say nor discuss.

I guess I'm not a gentleman then lmao


what kind of idiot did you date and question yourself a little why are you entertaining her texts at all .... no new gf to take care of you either i suspect and why would you share

Well she is a little materialistic and ethically challenged. Yes, I shouldn't be texting with her. Right, no new girlfriend. Not like I haven't been trying. I'm on 2 singles sights. I shared because this is a singles sight where I thought it was ok to talk about love and relationships.

@JohnINFP call the waaaaaambulance

@whiskywoman haha


This is not healthy and you know it or you would not have posted! Just stop!

Do you mean we're not allowed to discuss our love and relationships on a singles site? I didn't know that. Thanks for clearing that up. lmao

@JohnINFP of course not....but sexting an ex? While she is a relationship of some kind? Which you Only have her word there is no sex??!!

@AnneWimsey well, there's a lot not to believe that she says, but this one I believe, because she's not a happy camper lol

@JohnINFP so why is she staying with him if sex is so important to her? And why is she using you like a a blow-up doll, or, i guess, warm- up dildo.

@AnneWimsey Well, he's kind of her sugar daddy. He has money and I didnt. She likes stability. My sexting post was just a one off thing so others might see the absurd humor in it. I've mostly been her friend a free therapist. I've gotta end communication with her at some point soon. : )

@JohnINFP women who have to get $$ $from a relationship (you did say she dumped you because of money) ...............what's the word I am trying to think of here? Whore, that's it!

@AnneWimsey gold digger perhaps lol


Not your problem. If she ain't getting any from the new boyfriend, then tell her she needs to dump his ass and go find a new one.

And tell her to stop bothering you with this kind of crap. You weren't her free of charge therapist when you were seeing her, and you sure as hell aren't now that you've both moved on to other people.

You're right. I've told her to move on. She says she can't support herself. You're absolutely right. I should stop being her free of charge therapist. I hadn't thought of it that way.


I have no time for other people's crap.

What? You have crap of your own to deal with?


You’re gonna have to treat her like a toxic ex, and go No Contact. Delete texts/emails unread. No Facebook/media stalking. No phone calls.
It’s the only thing that really works. (If she won’t let go, there’s -something- unhealthy going on).
It might seem funny now, but she’s baiting the hook and you’re biting. That’s going to devolve into ugly faster than you can believe. It feels good, to get a few licks in on an ex...but trust me when I say: it’s not worth it!

Great advice! I really have to try harder to end communication with her.


Is this the kind of relationship you want with an ex? Not something I would care to hear about.

Just funnin'. The point kinda was that I don't want her to text me anymore, but she won't stop.

@JohnINFP Well "bringing her close" via text message is going to have the opposite effect.

@JohnINFP she will if you stop replying

@JohnINFP sounds like maybe you really don't want her to stop

@smoyle you're right I've gotta stop

@hankster it hasn't worked before, but Ill try again

@hankster like I don't really want her to stop hmmm I think you're on to something. Must break free of ex.


Sounds like she wants you back as a FWB. Very "French"


@JohnINFP Friend with benefits. She gets to keep her sugar daddy and has sex with you when shes horny

@273kelvin haha fwb of course, man I'm an idiot sometimes. My sexting her was just a one off. We've always texted as plain ol' friends.


Yes. You are getting an ego boost that is causing her problems moving on in her relationship. If you stop responding to her texts, she will stop texting you sooner or later.

Do both of you a favor and just let it go.

Tried that. Changed my number..She had my aunt's number and called her and asked how I was doing. So I had to contact her to ask her to stop calling my aunt. She dumped me for being poor, so I thought I'd have a little fun and mess with her. A little passive aggressive I guess. But she got an O out of it. Lol

Haha my ego died decades ago. You're right, I should stop responding


Yes, it's wrong. They're clearly having a tough time in their relationship and you're not helping. It's also wrong of her to text you but you should tell her to talk to her boyfriend about their problems, not you.

I was just kidding when I asked if it's wrong. It was a little passive aggression on my part for the way she dumped me. I've actually always been very nice to her. I've always encouraged her to repair her relationship with her new boyfriend.


You don't recognize her "Dry begging?" She's sending out a feeder to see if you'll take her back and she's using sex to close the deal. Run. Walk forward, not backwards.

I think I might have been the best friend she had in a long time. I don't think she wants me to take her back or for sex. I've been more of a psychologist for her.

@JohnINFP I'm friends with all of my exes but I've learned to stay out of their lives. When we talk there's little said about our relationships. If you have a need to help people, do it for someone you aren't attached to.

@IAJO163 Great advice! Thanks!




Imagine you were the other guy and you found out about the texts. I know that would destroy me anyway. Don't get involved half heartedly or get involved whole heartedly!

Nardi Level 7 July 2, 2018

"Destroy me". That's a bit dramatic. Disappoint and hurt me perhaps, but just moving on usually suffices.

he's bragging he's not worried about the other guy if there is one she might be making it up

I've always been the one that has said it isn't right of her to text me, or me her, while she's in a relationship with someone. Guess I should try harder to stop the communication. I have tried different things. And if I find a new relationship of my own I definitely don't want to be communicating with her then.

@JohnINFP you keep justifying stop

@jlynn37 a tad dramatic i agree but the sentiment remains.

@whiskywoman yes ma'am lol


Well, what about you? Are you truly over her or does it make you feel as if you have something over her? If you are done with her then let it go and stop texting her back and being her audience. And block her number. If you aren't over her, well then I guess I'm feeling bad for you right now

I've never wanted to have anything over anyone. I guess it was a little dig for her dumping me and still wanting to communicate with me. Thanks, I like your good advice.

@JohnINFP Yeah, I'm old - it isn't my first rodeo. LOL


How do these types of scenarios EVER sound like a "good idea"?????
The odds of this ending well are minuscule.
But hey, go ahead, prove me wrong.

Just wanted to share a little

@JohnINFP And you have. Carry on.


If you want to be friends with benefits and you both agree and understand what you want, I say go for it.

So positive! Awesome!


No new boyfriend is not taking care of her needs so some cyber sex is harmless

It was just funnin' with her. And besides she got an O out of it. Lol


Was it wrong of her to text you in the first place about a new boyfriend? I'd say that she deserved it. Maybe she'll leave you alone now. Or maybe block her.

Humans are humans and humans will do what humans do.

@jlynn37 and idiots are idiots

@whiskywoman Your opinion is noted as is mine. Idiots are humans and humans are idiots.

Thank you : ) someone that gets it


Doesn't bother me any. She texted you. Won't stop. Not really funny, but truly sad. And I don't mean you John INFP!

twill Level 7 July 2, 2018

It is sad. Guess that's why I was making light of it.

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