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I strike up a conversation with a gentleman here right? We eventually exchange Facebook info...... I am checking out his profile and it has all these religious Jesus loves you posts. WTH???😳 is he a spy for the church ? Has this happened to anybody? No big deal....people are different BUT really?😆

annedoneal 6 July 7

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Did he post them, or others?


It sounds that the man is new to you. So maybe his FB religious postings could be others harassing him,..
he's finding a slow and passive way at starting to proselytize you.
If it's the Second...can you say "FB Block"?


I think that he might be hiding his non belief status from family or friends cause they'll judge or eliminate him...
Just like me ?


Every time I notice someone with religious affiliations on their profile I just block them.


Curious what his profile says about his beliefs.

@annedoneal I thought everyone answered the basic questions for the site - do you believe in gods, etc. sometimes people come here because they are doubting their faith. Others just to troll.


I think I would ask him about it


The Christians are afraid we will influence people to leave the church so they send spies.


They get it in their head that we need converting and that they will go to heaven if they get us to believe, I believe earth would be heaven if they'd just shut up lol


Is no place sacred...

Varn Level 8 July 7, 2018

You didn't know this happens? All the time....

If they troll they are removed. If they're open to dating or friendship - they get to stay.

Granted I'd never join a church for those purposes? I find it less sinister when it's going the other way. Sometimes they actually want to see our version of the light, They may not mention it - but they may be searching.

The Jesus Loves you on the profile though? I'd report that one. That's just confused. lol


You could publish his F/B screen name there are a few hundred non believers that could help you embarrass the crap out of him.

@SilverDollarJedi If the situation was reversed the exact converse from what the scenario you described would be. They would do anything they could do to embarrass and harass into their way of thinking.

@SilverDollarJedi So if this is a spy situation with intent to acquire information it should not be nipped in the bud from what you are suggesting? I do agree with you and had run the very thought that you had presented also thought that it could show ball in reverse.

@SilverDollarJedi We can be certain there are religious nuts monitoring us and in their convoluted ideas looking for an edge to disrupt our exchange of ideas.

@SilverDollarJedi Do not feel as if any of the religious nonsense would ever sway any of my ideas I have been a lifelong nonbeliever. Just as with any situation a good defense can prevent corruption of an infrastructure.

@JustKip Maybe he's looking for recipes to eat babies and figures we'd have them?


Ugh! Why?!!


BLOCK HIM! He'll be praying over you tomorrow!


Oh no....

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