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Argued with someone about the Bermuda Triangle last night... He seemed to be a nice enough bloke, we've chatted on and off for quite some time, having met in a group for travelers.

He expressed concern about a boat trip I'll be taking soon, saying that he was scared for me, that I'm sure to perish as do most people who dare to go in the triangle. At first I laughed, and even made the mistake of inquiring further.

Turns out he's of the opinion that the entire 'death triangle' has been closed off to ships and air, to avoid their inevitable unexplained loss. I (at least at first) laughingly explained that the area is heavily traveled, both by sea and by air. That the area doesn't have any more losses than you'd otherwise expect for a large overwater area with constant tropical weather patterns. Up to this point, I had believed the gentleman to just be silly, perhaps a bit ignorant - but not stupid. After awhile, though, I admitted to myself that while he seems nice enough, he's just intent on believing things that are patently untrue.

I've taken a bit of joy in continuing to send him screnshots of the flight radar maps, showing him all the activity in the supposedly forbidden area. No response, of course, because the facts contradict something he is determined to believe.

synergy 6 July 11

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We ALL know those radar images are part of the cover up .


I'm much more afraid of Bermuda shorts and some of the people who wear them. ?


I fish in it all the time. πŸ™‚

@jioo087 oops. Well I guess I am possessed then. Hmmm that will be handy around Halloween. ?

@jioo087 no worries man. I will.


Having spent a goodly amount of time sailing in the area known as the Devil's Triangle and in the exceptionally boring (aside from occasional dense collections of Sargassum and flotsam) Sargasso Sea, I can tell you that I never saw anything mysterious. However, I did once sail inadvertently into a forbidden area. Late one night two faint lights arose out of the darkness and I was admonished loudly to remove myself from the area forthwith. Seems they don't like sailboats puttering about in their submarine operating zones. Pfft!

Did this happen just East of Andros Island by any chance?

@Bryan -- Approximately 50 nm southeast of Congo Town right on the edge of the southern banks.


Mom lived in Bermuda for the last fifty or so years of her life . Needless to say , I've made multiple round trips to visit . It's BEAUTIFUL ! The planes do not take a direct route . I lived in Maryland and for the most part . the planes would fly north to New York then due south , to Bermuda . From Texas , the planes most often go by way of Georgia . Though at least some of this has to do with hub airports , it does seem as well , that there are certain areas they avoid .

There are some restricted regions because of military activity. That's all.


Don't waste any more energy on guys like this. You cannot fix stupid, that has to be up to each of us for ourselves.

zeuser Level 9 July 11, 2018

They haven’t closed that area off? What are they thinking??? A couple of planes went missing in that area in the 1940s. Close it off now before more go missing!


One cannot reason with conspiracy theorists, myth believers, religious true believers, and extreme political ideologues. They all suffer from the same malady.

@Fanburger Good joke!


Maybe people who disappear in the Bermuda Triangle don't even notice and it's like they entered a dimension that is maybe just a tiny tick off from ours and they can't tell. Maybe only the people in this dimension notice that they're gone O_o


yes superstitions die hard. I don't know why. I agree with Richard Dawkins that it is an evolutionary holdover. Superstitions would have helped us survive when we had no knowledge of science.

"Don't walk across the swamp because their are evil spirits in it." would have protected people against snake bits and other unfortunate swamp incidents...

I notice in my own psychology when I am hiking in the daylight verses at night. At night my thoughts turn towards fear but rationally I'm walking on the same totally safe trail that I was carefreely walking just a few hours earlier. The only real threat is that I can't see as well.


Being fair to humans, we actually do have pretty good eyesight. We don't see that well in the dark but other than that our vision is pretty keen compared with most of the animal kingdom.

@icolan I suspect that is due to a move to industrialisation. For the agrarian cultures the night/day rhythm was the cycle for the working day. Someone may no better but it seems rational to me. Currently we use artificial lighting so this will not help an evolutionary leap forward toward improved night vision.


Classic case of needing to be right rather than needing the right answer, hence closed mind. And be careful: while this type of thinking correlates with lesser intellect, it is by no means restricted to those on the left side of the scale.


Classic Backfire Effect


And he will never accept the facts and continue believing what he wants to believe. That is how the CT brain works as well as the religious brain (to be honest, probably most brains. Confirmation bias is strong stuff). It is a total waste of time to enter into a discussion with someone with this mentality, unless you are just curious of how they think and what they believe. Just listen and make no comments or responses.


He's delusionally happy.


Aircraft and ships avoid certain places in in that area due to frequent microbursts and other unpredictable weather patterns. There are dangers to be found in that part of the ocean, but they have nothing to do with aliens, or satan or what ever.


Sounds like fun. Have a great trip and be sure to tell the aliens I said, "Hi!". They read minds; they'll who you're talking about. ?


You're doomed.


The same peopl believe Obama was a muslim.


Just thought I'd throw this in here.....


You can't fix stupid


I really like all the Bermuda Triangle, Ancient Aliens, Bigfoot ate my Begonias, etc. stories. Not that I really believe them--I just find them entertaining.

I also find it amusing that people are so willing to believe one fairy tale but not another.


Probably a christian also

Hindu, I believe. Not actually sure, until then we'd only chatted about travel plans.

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