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What is the craziest, most impulsive thing you've ever done?

Sara72712 6 July 11

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Fire my gun inside my house.


Quit my six figure job and moved to the beach to get my head straight. Best thing I ever did.

Wow!! That's brave!

@Sara72712 no, it was necessary...I would probably be dead now from the stress and my life would have been miserable...I loved the job, but I was a workaholic...I needed to learn not to do that...a year off helped me set priorities and I got an even better job with no weekends when I re-entered the work was meant to

But you arent at the beach....

@Bigwavedave I stayed a year then moved to PA to take care of aging parents...I will be back at the beach in 9 months..I will be in Wilmington, NC...your neighborhood...I am minutes away from Wrightsville, Kure, TopSail, etc. Come visit!


Moved from New York to Idaho lol

PaulD Level 5 July 12, 2018

Hi I don’t know


Had sex with a girl i met at a concert in a tim horton's bathroom we both never gived our names numbers so to this day i don't know nothing about her other that she was from montreal and i never saw her again


Forgot my suitcase on a trip to Maine and wore my mothers clothes for a week. 😮


Mar y Sol Festival... circa 1972. I walked around Naked. But other people in my life will tell you other things that top that.


Drove 65 miles through a blizzard warning to see my ex fiance, and her girlfriend (yes, that's right)... just to prove we were still friends. Then drove home again. On the way back, I was almost run off the road by an 18-wheeler merging onto the freeway, found myself in the grassy median strip, braked to a halt... and when the snow cleared I saw, 12 feet in front of me, the steel barricade for the underpass. I had stopped just short. About 3 seconds more and I would have been wrecked, injured or dead.

And what did you learn from all this?

@SukiSue Seriously?

That it's okay to be hurt when someone leaves you, and you don't have to go 130 miles out of your way (round trip, in a blizzard) to prove to yourself that you're "not really hurt". I wasn't doing it for her, I was doing it for an image I wanted of myself as emotionally invulnerable.

I learned that it's alright to be vulnerable.


The craziest, most impulsive thing I've ever done was to jump from one roof top of a three-story building to another roof top of another the same height.


Left on a rock and roll tour as a roadie with three days notice. Had to get someone to cover my gigs with my band, tell my mom, tell my job, and hoped for the best. It was amazing and I still love it only now I’m an artist too not just a roadie. Lol


I typed it but then deleted it because I don’t know you all that well. But I don’t regret it🙂

@goldenvalleyguy Brunette


I joined the Army after September 11th.

Thank you.

Thank You for your service and sacrifice.

Thank you for your service. My late husband was in the Army for 8 years, joined in 2005. It's quite a sacrifice. But we had some crazy adventures and made some lifelong friends.


Liked this post


In 2010 I packed my suitcase and moved to Thailand, leaving all my stuff with instructions to let my daughter take what she wanted and to donate the rest.


While training in Germany (where a number of my crazier "plans" were hatched), I printed off a stripped down map from Yahoo of the general vicinity, rented a car for the weekend, and hit a couple places that seemed like interesting destinations. Didn't really look at the map until I was in the car and discovered that it had almost no detail - couldn't tell what was a road, a highway, a border, or anything else. Just jumped in & drove off. Had an awesome dinner on Lake Lucerne, found a B&B for the night, then went on to Strassbourg before heading back. No planning, no (real/good) maps, and no good idea of what the hell I was doing, but had an amazing time.

On another trip to that training site, I woke up one Saturday, walked down to the train station, looked at the list of departures, and hopped on a train to Vienna. Found a B&B, and a serbian restaurant (the language I was studying at the time), went to see the Danube & a park dedicated to Freud, and just wandered around the city.

Travel was so easy in those days!

I discovered Vienna the other month. Loved the place. One night we ended up gatecrashing a birthday party full of the world's leading classical musicians!


Taking a job in Saudi Arabia on a whim.


Joined the Navy I had seen the world did my tour went to war Desert Storm. Some say that Navy stand Never Again Volunteer Yourself. I got out after my contract was up. Was a great experience, if my kids say they want to do it I would not discourage them. I just could not see for me making a career out of it.

azzow2 Level 9 July 11, 2018

Thank You for your service and sacrifice... from a "Lifer".


Got married

Me too!

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