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Having a discussion on another social site about the bible. The guy claims science has proven it right many times.

Any thoughts on how to respond? I have mentioned the movie Zeitgeist (sp) as more plausible explanation but he and his cohorts believe it debunked, as though the bible hasnt.

Deanervin 6 July 28

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The guy making the claims about science proving the bible "right", needs to prove his assertions.
Once he starts trying to do that, you've got him.
Use your tools.


Not worth trying to debate, you can't change their mind when they're in such a bubble.

godef Level 7 July 29, 2018

Ask him for proof.


You have to ask for citations. They never have them.

I did ask for citations on the debunking of the movie and all I got were a bunch of blog posts, opinions. One even suggested it was Satan's work. Laughable!


Well you can always quit beating your head against a brick wall and just let them think whatever they want

What else is social media for if not to discuss such things? It's all good.


Ask for examples of the items "proven true" in the Bible... the only significant ones are events, the existence of people/places isn't relevant.

Once you have the list, cross reference the items to a Biblical contradictions list.

Odds are, every item is one the Bible contradicts itself on...

camne Level 7 July 29, 2018

I don't attempt to school people who don't want to learn anything. It's okay to let them be as they are.

You can ask someone like this to provide specific examples where "science" has "proven" the Bible, and they will just spout apologist bullshit -- for example, where some technologist (not scientist) in an unrelated field like mechanical engineering had some theory about how the Flood could have come up with all that water. These people don't understand what science is and isn't and what it says and doesn't say and how it works to begin with.


Sometimes if you just slip out the back door they can learn to be ignorant without you🙂


Zeitgeist was a bit wooey for me . What has science proven ? Walking on water ? Unicorns? Being raised from teh dead ? Talking animals ? Giant donkey testicles ?

Simon1 Level 7 July 29, 2018

Zeitgeist was what originally started me on my journey away from Christianity. I couldn't believe what it said was true so I dived into research. Zeitgeist may not have all the facts straight but I will always be grateful that I watched it, because I am from all that religious crap now.

@Deinan think after the second viewing of it and watching zeitgesit two i started feeling it was a bit wooee first time i was really interested so know what you mean


Ask for examples. I can't think of one off the top of my head though 🙂

ipdg77 Level 8 July 29, 2018

If you could reason with religious people, there would be no religious people.



The Bible is history in the sense that events such as floods, wars, migrations and others probably happened in the general areas and times of the Middle East. Much of what can be found in the modern Bible are events described in tablets from Babylonian times, which were scribed from verbal legends passed down through generations of storytelling. Does that make the Bible a verbatim history of the world? Not by any stretch of the imagination, any more than Native American or Australian Aboriginal legends and wall drawings are accurate depictions of world history for anything more than the small area of territory in which they were told.


Well, it’s certainly not the picture I have. You could mention the age of the Earth, which is about 4 billion years, as scientifically proven fact. How does the bible agree with that? Which it doesn’t.

Denker Level 7 July 31, 2018

Yeah that's a good one!


The idea that science has proven any god is of course laughable but people make extreme false claims like that all the time. Our president will make both sides of the same claim even when both are wrong with such conviction it is mind boggling. It's not new to make wild unsubstantiated claims but the current times seem full of them.

The important part is that they need to list some specific science. All of the claims I have heard are based on bible claims. If parts of the bible are confirmed, like king Solomon, then that gives credence to the bible. Of course, that doesn't mean that there is a god only that there are historical followers. No one disputes that.

CK-One Level 6 July 29, 2018
1 , skeptics annotated bible, Aron Ra YouTube channel for science and evolution, Paulogia YouTube channel for evidence against creationism. Rationality Rules, Cosmic skeptic, Matt Dillahunty, Dan Dennett, Sam Harris "Waking up podcast" AntiCitizenX,for philosophy, Richard Dawkins, PZ Myers for Biology, Sean Carroll for physics.. I can go on.. Essence of thought for Secular humanist values, Godless Engineer, Godless Cranium, Viced Rhino for pretty much everything.. Historicity of the bible.. Bart D Ehrman, Robert Price, Sean Carroll.. and Street epistemology.. Anthony Magnabosco, Cordial Curiosity etc..
I agree with Matt Dillahunty's assessment of the movie Zeitgeist..

Wow! Wish I could agree with this. I find it difficult to believe different eras came up with similar dieties all by themself. Makes far more sense that ideas were stolen and rewritten for the time. People are inherently lazy and much easier to rehash the past than come up with something original. And very implausible to come up with so similar a story. It's almost like this guy is propping up Christianity. Wierd.


Is he providing specific, peer reviewed examples?

GwenC Level 7 July 29, 2018

Of course not. There are none as anyone should know.


Yeah right science does what it does and at the end there are papers or disappointment

weeman Level 7 July 29, 2018

And, um, rockets to the moon, smallpox wiped out, despite moronic anti-vaccers, the internet, etc etc etc etc etc.
WTH are you babbling about?

@AnneWimsey i didnt know i was my reply seemed succinct

@weeman you are disappointed we have rockets, and no smallpox? Photos from deep space do not delight & astonish you? Are you depressed, that you call science a "disappointment"? I don't get it!

@AnneWimsey i didnt calls science a disappointment i merely pointed out science either confirms something eg papers or dicredits it eg anti vaxxers anythng i think you are misinterpreting what i was trying to get across science is the only way to go

@weeman quote: "papers or disappointment"....?.?

@AnneWimsey oh ffs papers if it works disappointment if your research did not go as planned and im blocking you you are obv just some sort of low level troll


Best advice is don't. Once a bible thumper forever a bible thumper.

I disagree. There are a few former bible thumpers on here. Most of us on here were believers of some sort. People can change.


First, don't take his word for scientific proof. Its BS. Ask him for links, independent scientific proof, not religious backed studies. Then read what he sends you.

And that's when you'll say; "we'll agree to disagree."... Lol

PS, I haven't seen Zeitgeist, so I have no idea how that relates.. FWIW, more than likely you're wasting your time debating people like that. You could sic us on him.. kidding..


The Genesis story contrasts sharply with what science says about how the Earth, sun, and moon were formed. Likewise the origin of species. The science is summarised nicely in a film series titled "Origins." I believe Niel De Gras Tyson narrated it. Also there is the Tyson remake of Carl Sagan's "Cosmos." And of course there is the original, with Sagan himself. And there are innumerable books on the subject. Any good high school or college general biology textbook will have three or four chapters dedicated to Darwinian evolution, as well as numerous references to evolution sprinkled throughout the rest of the chapters. (Darwin's theory pops up so often because it essentially explains and unifies the whole science.) It should be fairly easy for you to refute the assertion that science "proves the Bible right."


Burden of proof is on him.


Yup, Burning Bushes in local museums for all to see. Dead bodies rising up left & right! All the animals on an Ark for 40 days, when the waters recede, no stench/disease from rotting whatsoever! ETC.


They have found ancient sites that confirm a lot of history , in the Bible . Think in terms of a fictional story written around events that actually took place

Or maybe they have found sites that date back to that time and decided to fit the story around the find ...a bit like I have this donkey bone that's 2000 years old that proves Jesus rode a donkey and it was this one.


I have exactly the opposite stance. Science has been able to give possible explanations of the 10 scourges or however those events were labeled. The deaths of the eldest sons were likely because of rats contaminating stored grains. The eldest son got double portions so he died first. The parting of the red sea has been shown to be a naturally occurring event due to cross winds exposing shallowly inundated land. The only PROOF of a god will come in the form of "God" showing up to tell everyone he exists and stop killing each other.


And I claim the Iron Throne...... same thing

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