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What is the nicest thing anyone has ever said to you?

TurnoverBubble 3 Aug 1

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You're way better in bed than your Dad or your brothers.


I'm not going to give the name, but some one here sent me a message.
"I would like you to know that I always think your responses are kind, well adjusted and well thought out".

That was very nice, and very special to me.


I would wife the shit out of you if I was straight.

I think we're done here, this one takes it.



That's a tie between "I love you" and "Take those clothes off and lay down, honey"...


Not sure if this counts but it was baby babble from my months old niece. Significant because she was literally terrified of all men. Would cry hysterically as soon as one walked in the door. Until that day, the only man she didnt fear was her father, my brother. That day she chose me too as I held her in my arms for the first time. It is one of my fondest memories


When a cop says “I’ll give you a warning”


I get "you're so calm, cool and patient. I don't know how you do it". A lot. It's nice to hear. I have 3 kids and a troop of 15 girls. Now I don't always feel all those things... But it's nice to know people notice.

I had someone recently tell me they admire my strength and determination. That was great to hear too.

@poolman8 lmao! 3 mine. 15 girls also (I'm a Girl Scout troop leader)


my ex told me she loved she was able to be herself round me as i was so non judgemental


That I'd inspired them to become a better parent


It was a long time ago my father was out of the game parenting wise and my mother was loony tunes and hardly remembered that she had a daughter - we were changing the beds together one day, I was about 13 y.o and she looked at me as if she hadnt seen me before and said you'll do. When you have really disinterested parents 'You'll do!' is gold dust- I am so glad I left to make my own way in life 2 years later but it still was the nicest think she ever said to me about me.


In my 30 + years of teaching at this University I have never had anyone touch the keys the way you do. You touch the keys as if they mean something to you.

I said, "they do." I was 20.

Etre Level 7 Aug 1, 2018

Well not quite said to me but my eldest son to his wife. She was trying to make out I was wrong on this or that and why would should I have any better idea than her, what did I know. He said, "Actually my Dad knows his stuff from all his researching and he's usually right on most things". The silence hit the floor like a brick. Cheshire cat time, 🙂 Thanks Son. I had been running an awareness project for years, LOL I love the what did
I know.


I can't think of anything specific at the moment (most poignant perhaps..). I just really, really like it very much when someone totally gets me (usually because we think a lot the same). That's a great feeling, especially in this big, lonely world!

I know exactly what you mean, 😉


My doctor once told me I have nice knees.


That I'm complex woman. There was two persons which said me that and one of them was an important person in my life and in society.


A former work colleague of mine once described me as "crispy on the outside with a warm, gooey center."

@Snickers77 Actually, this was a male and he said it in the context of how people who I worked with at the time may have perceived me as unapproachable or having a hard shell, but when they got to know me... =]


My daughter giving me a hug and saying 'Never letting go' 🙂


I love you Dad!


"Leave the money on the dresser and go."


"You have the skin of a white man but the heart of a Native."

This probably doesn't make sense without the long back story to this quotation.


Best Mom in the whole universe!


A bunch of people have told me that I’m a good man. They’ve phrased it in different ways such as that I have a “heart of gold” and so on.

Honestly, my favorite thing that anyone has ever said about me is that I’m a worthy dialectic opponent because I speak in logic and reason


I have been called a nice and helpful man before. I'd rather be called that than a butthead.

balou Level 8 Aug 1, 2018

3-5 marriage proposals/requests to bear my children resulting from a witty comment or playing music. 10 or 20 seriously touching compliments from ladies getting to know me, varying from intelligence to character n humor to looks, and being looked at with a primal hunger in a couple ladies eyes. Too bad no one was serious in the long term, but it feels nice to hear.


I was helping my sister with a pretty complicated tax problem while we were at our parents house, and once I figured it out our dad said "I no longer have any concerns about selling the business you, that was damn impressive". My Dad is my idol.

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