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Why did you join this website? Not just what you are looking for. I want a deeper background and 'prologue' to your decision?

GinoG 4 Aug 4

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I joined this web site to interact with people who feel the same way I do about religion.


I enjoy having conversations with like-minded people, who share the same conscious decision to have broken away from the common religiosity of our communities -- or if they never were religious share the same experiences of being different from the norm.

It's good to have a place where we can discuss, in non-religious terms, solutions to problems we all face, share humor, and just know there are people in our same boat, as we go through life.

I have tried to create a secular meetup group, and secular facebook group for my small island, but had very few members, very little shared conversation and even less real life interaction. Having this larger group available to me, at any time of day, fills my need to be in a (virtual) space with others who share my secular stance. It's nice that it's organized into specialized groups for discussing more specific topics.

While my work clients are mostly all agnostic like me, when I meet with them we are usually focused on their event. (I'm a wedding officiant and secular celebrant for funerals, and don't interact personally beyond that, as they are usually visitors.)

Though it's unlikely that I will meet any members of this group in person, I like that there is that possibility, should someone be planning a vacation to my island. I find it easier to get to know people by their written word and thoughtful responses, not only to my comments but also to others. So, if I ever do meet any of the virtual acquaintances from here, I will already know their personality a bit, so they might feel like an old friend.

Not sure I have the capacity for a romance in my life, at this time, but I like that I can be open to that possibility if the right set of circumstances arises. I'm definitely not on the prowl and happy on my own. Here for the shared community.


I basically joined to interact with like minded people. I feel I have little in common with religious people (eyeroll & a lot of times disgust) and certainly have little in common with drumpfsters. Here is is the perfect (almost) site.


Sorry--it was the memes. Call me shallow.

Carin Level 8 Aug 4, 2018

I would love to see what you get out of it?


My husband clicked the facebook ad and liked it here. When he told me about it, I joined also. I love the conversations, the polls, the intelligent interaction about endless topics.


I had two Facebook friends. I felt I could at least get two friends here too... Now I have four friends. 😉

"How many friends does a guy need? I already have two."
--Sam Weir. from Freaks and Geeks


I joined last November for Dating and Friends. Have been very active with my Singles/Mingle/Chat Group, Cancer Group, Trump Pinata, and 20 other groups. I have made many friends and met my Dan here.


It was a whim there is no deeper meaning


I first saw the ad on Facebook in December, around the same time I was also getting bored with Facebook and frustrated with dating sites. So, coming on here was two-fold, to see if this would be an interesting place for either/or. At first I was intimidated and overwhelmed and it took me a while to get a feel for the site. As it is, I really love being here for the community, I've gotten a lot of support and I've learned so much about others and about myself. If I meet anyone here it's icing on the cake, but I realize something very important to me, in that being here is not only helping me feel better about myself in wanting to be in a potential relationship, also helping me to move forward in other areas of my life.


To be quite honest I saw the add on Facebook.. and decided to sign up straight away.. I rarely do anything that impulsively...but that's exactly what I did that day.

I am very glad I did..I got some friendly welcomes..met some really great people...the good ones.the badass ones..and the fruitcakes too....made some cyber friends along the way, that are just fine human beings...

My reason for joining was because I was frustrated at being the only Athiest that I knew. I felt like the last person on the planet..desperately seeking out other Athiests! ??

Anyway here I am..and having a whole lot of fun too.?


At work and my social circle all have the same beliefs and while I enjoy their company some days I want to talk to people who have the same beliefs and not have to avoid all topics of religion and politics. I don't need to be surrounded by people who don't believe but I often want to find someone who makes me feel like it isn't wrong to have no religion.


Saw the add on Facebook and as I'm into finding atheist stuff on Youtube thought it might be fun, which it is. My thoughts on the dating aspect are in my profile so just here to chat.


I was hoping to have more like minded people to interact with than FB. The God preaching, hate for biological differences depsit the evidence that it is just genetic, and the "well I believe's" get tiresome after a while.


Here we have a great opportunity to dig into people's mind. Looks are not relevant... A picture can be fake....the level of impressiveness of a bio is directly proportional to the level of BS, however is not an infalible rule. In any case, everyone can google stuff an try to make themselves appear savvy in a variety of topics or field, however not everyone can sustain a decent level of conversation long enough by adding their own thoughts and contribution to whatever is being discussed. There are plenty of interesting people here, they know who they are. That's why I am here and so far, I have gotten my time's worth, no doubt.


Facebook ad as a dating site. I'd been having absolutely no luck whatsoever on every other dating site/app I had tried so I thought why not?

I'm glad I did. No luck with any "dates" perse, but I'm enjoying the community, and I've had some interesting conversations to boot.?


I just thought it might be an interesting place to have intelligent conversations with like-minded people. I was a little apprehensive at first because I wasn't sure if it's supposed to be a dating site because I'm not looking for a relationship, other than friendship and community. Then I saw the non-dating option for those here only for community and I felt a little more relieved. I've been enjoying the ride so far. Nothing really deep in my intentions and reasons. Many times I come here to read posts and comments as entertainment in place of newpapers or TV.


I saw the ad on Facebook back in January. At the time I was probably getting annoyed because I had posted a question or comment in my cancer support group and a bunch of people responded with, “You’re in my thoughts and prayers,” or “God is great!” or some other annoying pointless unhelpful response! And, like always, I’m reading the comments thinking, “For f*cksake I just want to know if it’s safer for my kidneys to take Advil or Tylenol, WHY DO THEY KEEP TALKING ABOUT GOD!?” lol......

That sortmof talk is definitepy one of my pet hates. Anthony Jeselnik is a stand-up comedian who does a great skit on that.


Like others have said; I was on facebook, at one time there my profile had the FSM as my belief and I changed that to not show anything. Yet, while reading a nonbelief thing there I saw the advertisement for this site. I became a member out of curiosity and have stayed because of my like of many things.


I just took a notion.


To be honest, I saw the ad on FB. I felt lonely and isolated. I was thinking it would be nice to meet nice similar-age like-minded men for dating and conversation. Then, after some PM's, I realized I really am only ready for conversation and community right now. I'm just not able to devote either the time or energy to try to meet a bunch of guys. I'm back in school, and working, trying to build a real career at a late stage in life. I live in an area where I have nobody around me with anything much in common, tied to a disabled parent who is a responsibility for me, and I just have too much baggage that nobody would want. I like this site because I like reading threads and responding to those that interest me.


Saw an ad for on my Facebook page, posted by one of my university prof peers.

I had just quit two MK (missionary kids) websites because so many members seemed to be rabid alt-right crazies.


To be among we free thinkers that not inprisonsend by dogma. To have people happy for that I don't believe in god or religious bs. I'm a free spirit that doesn't like being told what do or say.


I joined because of the advert, to look for possible dates, to connect with likeminded individuals. Same as the majority of people.

Finding it difficult to meet people in a new country so here I am?

  • Thanks for the replies everybody!
GinoG Level 4 Aug 5, 2018

And our reward for doing this?

A general sense of honesty and inclusion in the community

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