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Living in a small town full of religious people is one of the most depressing forms of existence. Trying to relate to these people is paradoxical to say the least. Why can't these people step outside of themselves and see that we are all going to suffer the same mortal fates no matter what our beliefs. They think they're going to heaven while 98 percent of the world is not? Really?

Unrighteous 3 Aug 4

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Why do you stay? You're not a tree... People like their delusions. Thinking is challenging for them.

Because if I leave, I abandon my kid who lives with his mom here. I have one more year and I'm out though.

@Unrighteous Yeah, that is tough. I'm sorry.


I moved away from that existence at 18 years old. I still visit the hometown/family, and not much has changed. Don't wait for the town to become enlightened; they like their bubble.

Yeah I did too. Somehow, I ended up back. Bad decision for sure!

@Unrighteous I'm sorry. Hang in there until you can change your situation.


I just looked at your bio and seeing that you are from Show Low wow I can understand what you are saying I used to live in Snowflake Taylor.


Ever heard of relocation? Possible they are expecting you to leave and leave them alone but instead you...

Yeah sounds great. Know any good secular communities?

@Unrighteous Anywhere you wanted to be... your secular comnunity should be foremost inside of you, in your conscience. Unaffected by religion, god, church or faith. We are everywhere you look. Some hiding on plain sight others never to be seen or noted.

@GipsyOfNewSpain I'll keep my eye open in hopes of meeting some one


I ask myself this same question quite often. I believe there are many factors, but I believe the strongest factor is lifelong brainwashing/indoctrination.

Ya but why weren’t we indoctrinated?

@Claudette2018 I have as that question of my self...I just don't know why

@Claudette2018 We have the ability to see through cognitive dissonance.


This is family reunion weekend and the annual gathering of the tribe means lots of church talk and questions about where I attend... I haven't gone to the party for many years now because I just don't want to be a target. They will never change and nothing I say or do is going to make them open their eyes. I am just grateful for the friends I have who like living in the real world.


I can say I felt the very same way, when I lived back in Georgia, and I grew up there! It only got worse, as time passed! So I made my mind up and started figuring out a path to someplace that I could breathe and it has worked out! I miss my family and few friends, but it is much better for me here in the West!


The hardest part of life is realizing you can’t change someone else. While they believe there is something wrong with you because you can’t see the way they do. It’s taken me a long time, but, I’ve found when I just let people be people and not focus on the religion, we get along better. Now, if they try to force their beliefs on me, I just shake my head and let them know they are wasting their breath and we can agree to disagree.

My family say to me “ you’re so great; a good mom, a good wife, a good bla blah bla
If only you were good with god”

@Claudette2018 yeah, that’s hard. Itold my family that I believe in being a good person despite not believing in god and I hold myself accountable for my actions. I don’t use god’s forgiveness as an excuse to be a bad human. And if it turns out I’m wrong and there is a god, well, I’m sure my actions will be taken into account.


I told a Christian woman, I was a Christian for 3 months. Then she said , oh that is why your such a nice person.

Hitler was born and dead a Catholic, he must have been a really nice person.

@Castlepaloma funny how people equate religion with being a good person. The majority of religious people I know are the worst hypocrites ever. The atheists and agnostics tend to be nicer and just generally better people. I believe it is because we hold ourselves accountable for our own actions.


I've been living in Virginia Beach,VA since June 2009. It's pretty religious here. I've seen it both ways with the religious people in this area. Some are pretty spiritual and peaceful. Others who are hardcore bible thumpers that want to convert everyone and reject science such as evolution. Because of the prosperity preaching gospel churches in this area such as Wave church and Grace bible church, people get even more drunk off of it. That is primarily due to them believing that you can buy your way into an afterlife by becoming a major donor, due to the belief of if you spread the gospel, you will be rewarded for it. Hence why its difficult for a person who is very agnostic or atheist to find people who have a similar thought process that matches their own in this area.

Richard Dawkins has described religion as a virus. To be honest, he has a very valid point. Once a child is drowned in religion, especially from religious to a fault parents, that virus or a better analogy a computer virus latches to the child. Even the best anti-virus program cannot get rid of it. When one thinks about it, its pretty depressing.

The two most intellectually honest positions is agnosticism and atheism. Simply because no evidence has been produced to date that suggests a God or an afterlife exists. Its truly a shame that many very religious people are not fully honest with themselves. As the old saying goes, "If you believe a lie long enough, you will eventually believe the lie to be the truth."

Here's two youtube videos where Richard Dawkins describes how religion is a virus.

Richard Dawkins - Religion a Virus

Richard Dawkins | Religion a Computer Virus | Oxford Union

@AmelieMatisse Thank you <3


I'll be honest I'd move


Eventually you are going to hsve to make peace with it and accept they have made up their mind. It's about the same were I live. I just tell them what they want to hear and move on with my life. It's easier for everyone this way....

It’s so hard to tell them what they want to hear. I was having a conversation with my educated brother. He’s a civil engineer. The whole time he was saying “ we know the truth”
I couldn’t help think “ really”

@Claudette2018 I understand, I have sibilings like that too..... It's easier than engaging in endless arguments all the time.


They're everywhere really. Even in solidly "blue" urban communities.


This type of environment simply does not exist here in the UK, do people randomly start talking to you and trying to convert you? I’m genuinely curious, I have a few friends who are religious but they keep it to themselves and their church friends.

Not at all (anymore that is). I had a few old ladies come to my door wanting to convert me once. I answered the door in nothing but my underwear and they high tailed it out of there!

@Unrighteous Then why is it depressing? If the god-botherers aren't bothering you how do their religious convictions depress you?

@Cassiopeia I too feel Mr. Unrighteous’s pain living among many religious people. Its depressing for me to commutate with them. Seems there state of mind is were everything is refaced to god, gods will and they see nothing else. Should you unknowingly dispute them you are scorned, turned away in your face. You see you don’t know this untill speeking to them so I try to always avoid, and learn how to communtate without being scorned just to complete my social busniess, this is Very uncomfortable and for the most part unavoidable. They live to defend their god with hate in their bigotry/hypoceisy/greedy life.
I sure hope this helps your genuine curiousity.

@ColdFax thanks, it does to a degree, although I can’t really imagine it, I guess you have to be there. I get Mormons and jehovah’s witnesses knocking on the door very occasionally but they are alway very polite when I say ‘no thank you’.

We do have a very small, nasty far right element in society here but they don’t seem to be religious.

I had this Mormon business partner, we traveled in hotels rooms together for 3 years. He never would let me see his magic underwear. Must be a world record game of hide and seek to the catch the magic underwear.

@Cassiopeia imagine dating a believer and eventually fall in love. To you, they come first but to them you come second only to their imaginary friend. Pretty damn depressing.

@Unrighteous I wouldn’t give the relationship time enough to fall in love. Such strong religious convictions must surface pretty early and as soon as they did I’d be off.


I know what you mean. It’s very frustrating. I have that in my family. As I get older, it’s getting harder and harder for me to smile and nod. So I find myself arguing at the end of my visiting them or them visiting me.

Yes indeed. If only they could respect us like they expect the same respect from us.


I belong to a local humanist/secularist group that I found on meetup. That helps ... Just knowing that there are others around. Any chance there's something similar in your area?

I have joined a Skeptics group and they are my haven.


With Anything in life, wasting your time wishing things were different doesn't cut it.
Find things in common....kayaking, crotchet, whatever, and build on that and let religion fade to the background, , or move.


The most freakiest place ever, is this Creston BC, a rocky mountain border town I lived in for 3 years. I called Twin Peaks. Most churches/bars per capita anywhere. The bars are where they go to wash their sins away.

The cows live in difference time zones and the people too. Some People go out to restaurants in their pajamas. Also some polygamies Mormon families take their dozen kids out to these places. That really turns me off -group sex. Mormon's came knocking on our door about every 3 weeks.

I dated a black woman, only one in town, luckily the KKK smokes pot, so they wouldn't kill us, just talk a lot of shit about us.

My best friend is a Seventh Adventist. We would watch the Sons of God films together, that reminded of the movie 300. Many films were about the end of world.

Had three Christians girlfriends in a row,they all dumped me because I could not be saved. I would be dragged into church to listen to some special guy talk about loving your enemies. I don't have any enemies, so I can't join this church. It's funny, I can accept religious people, but they can't accept me for who I am, non religious and free thinking.

My ex in-laws are catholic. I’ve always told them I respect their belief, but it’s not something I can share. They’ve been against me since the day I came out as atheist.

They know God’s law by memory, but always forget tolerance and forgiveness. How convenient.

Hypocrites. They almost all are.

Those types of very religious people especially Christians talk the talk. Sadly they do not walk the talk. If they actually walked the talk and followed Jesus examples, they would not be so judgmental and more accepting of others. In the new testament, Jesus was pretty open and accepting of others who disagreed with him.


Because religious people like soldiers, ask no questions .


Ignorance and bigotry are sad, but don’t allow them to drag YOU down. People are free to hold on to their delusions. It’s sad because their are the majority and they are holding all mankind back. Europe is very different in that almost in every country there is either a very high percentage of atheists or religion doesn’t try to deny scientific truth.

Despite all that most new ideas and trends still come from the US. America, thanks to its diversity and openness to new ideas leads innovation. I too dream of a world free of fake doctrines, but humans are kind of designed to accept absurd ideas that make them comfortable.

I’m done suffering for others’ delusions


It was this teaching by the catholics that made me see the light and become an atheist in third grade.


Been there. Feel your pain.


Wear different hats.

Jacar Level 8 Aug 5, 2018

If they are of the same religious belief and if there is only one church or place of Worship within the City Limits you have to improvise like they do.


Move. Whatever it costs, it will pay you back. I live in an artsey, wealthy little Beach Resort town that is very sophisticated and open minded. Even when I run into the occasional Witness or Mormon it's possible to have a conversation. The freedom to speak my mind without fear of reprisal is priceless. I refuse to converse with Baptists, those peeps are nuts.


Find common ground or you will create misery for yourself. Connect with people as best you can and help them find their humanity and their rationality. Concern yourself with that and your oppressive loneliness can subside.

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