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This twit was, I am sorry to say, from my town.

On Edit - There is a dash cam video floating around. Cop kept it running on the ride to jail.

Let's just say she had the right to remain silent, but she did not have the ability.


BufftonBeotch 8 Aug 9

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Too stupid to understand how stupid they sound/are!


Few people have the gall to actually demand white privileged out loud

She forgot she didn't have her "pretty" face paint on.
And hadn't washed her hair in maybe two weeks.

@BufftonBeotch oh, but she says she's pretty, so she's pretty! ?


Sad sign of the times.

Rich white girl ants a pass for ignoring "STOP" sign.


Daddykins will make it all better with an under the table bribe to a judge and she'll be able to go back to being good for nothing but giving frat boys blow jobs real soon.

Maybe married off, but I don't think she'll be in a real estate job anytime soon.

Not one will want that face next to their name on a card or yard sign.

Frat boys need blow jobs too, they can't be expected to give them to each other all the time.


Got knocked off her snob pedestal what a shame.

A small town cop working a night shift is probably not the one you want to play the "I'm a rich girl" card with.


Like all thoroughbreds she is fast and expensive.

But aren't nearly all thoroughbreds a chestnut brown?

@BufftonBeotch Miss Clairol Ash Blonde #10C?


Being Aussie, I prefer mongrels to thoroughbred any day. "Bitsa's". A bit of this, a bit of that.

Team Mutt.


A new word just for her - entoxitled.

JimG Level 8 Aug 9, 2018

She had the right to remain silent.

She did not have the ability.


Let's see what happens with this.

She's blonde, racist and stupid.

FOX news c--t at a glass table.


Pretty pathetic.

I don't know about pretty, but she sure is pathetic.?

@Condor5 Pretending you're still twenty for 12 years takes a toll on your face and soul.

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