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Why is it that some people here are only capable of leaving derogatory comments on your posts instead of saying something positive? Is it because stirring shit gets you more points?

CaroleKay 8 Aug 25

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People that have a need to put the negative narrative on a pleasant post have a predetermined concept and can not accept that other people have much different perspectives of many different concepts.

You have a way with words. ♥ Well stated.


Not believing in a god, doesn't guarantee the presence of courtesy or class...


I have twice been told that I should not be on this site because I chose to label myself as 'spiritual'. It bugged me at first, and maybe still does a little. But, I have bigger fish to fry and it does me no good to get bent about it. I'd only be cranking up my blood pressure. What other folks think about me, truly, is none of my business. I'm a pretty cool chick. You are too. Screw those that think otherwise.

I consider my self a Spiritual Anti-Theist. Nobody can tell you who you are. Thank you, and IDGAF about them.

@indelible I ain't one who thinks you're not cool.... No, nanais, nimaiz, nel pastel, jamas de los jamases...etc (As you may have noticed, this is not Spanish 101 ?). Cheers my friend !!!!


I wish this image was a bumper sticker. I had one that said "One nuclear bomb can ruin your day"!

I can make that happen. Tee shirts and coffee mugs too. 😀


When you see a mean, derogatory comment, click on the three horizontal bars under the comment and then "Report." You can select:

  1. I think it violates community guidelines; or
  2. I think it is illegal.

Yes, we have control!


I'm trying to think of a nasty comment, just to be difficult. All I can come up with is, Doesn't Bob have a big head?


I sometimes wonder if the points are a good idea. But even without them some people are just nasty.


My two cents... Sarcasm is welcome and encouraged. Now, personal and/or offensive attacks in any way shape or form, that's a no no. No one is under any obligation to live in Trolland. When appropriate, block and move on. On the other hand, positive contribution is always nice and expected but, there will be times when not all planets are properly aligned. It can happen to anyone any given day. If it becomes a trend then....


My grandmother told me over and over "If you do not have anything nice to say, don't say anything". Words to live by. Personally I just like nice people. The world could use more, especially in the atmosphere we live in today.


Yes, I believe in large part it is because being an asshole gets more responses and reactions as well as the points that come with them. Fortunately for a lot of people here, I don't give a rat's ass about levels, because I am very good at being an asshole when I want.

Just read over the responses of the bottom feeders and forget about them. Don't respond or react to give them points unless you absolutely cannot let it go.

JimG Level 8 Aug 25, 2018

Projecting negativity onto others is a way of their trying to raise their own status by trying to knock others down. Unfortuately, it does also get them a lot of responses and thus more points on the site too.

Well Said.


If you cannot say something good say something funny. No wait that is not right, I do not go for humor because I cannot think up something good. Perhaps i take what I say to seriously as I can say things that get taken not in the manner I mean.m Oh well getting into trouble this was is what I do.


I'd put a lot of it down to toxic sperm build up for some and a lack of batteries for others, makes people cranky.

Batteries?!??..! Plug-in, turn on, be happy


The point system is mostly about quantity, not quality. You get points just for posting. You get points just for replying. Personally I'd prefer to get no points for either and a lot more points for people replying TO me, which would be at least a rough proxy for quality since on balance hopefully engagement = response to quality.

So no, there's no bonus in being an asshat.

Always assuming of course that the posts you're talking about are truly "derogatory". Simply not agreeing with you is not derogatory or mean or rude.

Yes, I agree, the points max out for people commenting/replying on your posts. I think it should be the other way around. It would encourage more engaging, positive, conversation. I don't offend easily and I am not sensitive. I think I have been described as aloof, and not giving a shit. lol. I am direct and will call people out on their douchebaggery, sometimes block, or sometimes just scroll and roll.


Easy-peasy..go to the trolls' profiles and block them. Problem solved.

Right? lol. That's your go-to reply but can't argue when you're right. ♥

@CaroleKay I used to waste time reasoning and arguing with trolls, but now I don't wait a second..anyone rude, crude, or lewd gets blocked. Even if I see them doing it to someone else. It removes them for the consideration pool and I don't have to encounter them again.

@JustLynnie Even better. I used to do that, but after a while I forgot to do it.


Maybe it's just varying opinions on stuff. If you are only making positive comments are you truly being honest about how you truly feel about the world and life? If you are only showing a positive side I can understand the logic in it but if you are here for community I see nothing wrong with debating some subjects. I prefer people know who I am, and I can offensive at times because I reject some social norms. You can debate subjects without being nasty to each other. I personally think we need more of that practice since we are so good at hiding behind masks to make people think we are something other than what we are. I have seen some remarks that seem like people are going out of their way to be an ass. Overwhemingly people are nice to each other. I think there are several reasons for that but no matter why it's much nicer than fb. It's impossible to say what is going on in the mind of others but there is usually a reason. I was getting a little aggressive for a few days after they put me on steroids this week so I stayed off until I was stoned really good.haha


Where is this thread Carole. Imma go get 'em!

No, I was mostly reading posts in groups and noticed a trend. There are absolute snobs in some of the groups. Be it Movies, Music, Photography, The food groups, Politics. Snobs and know it alls who diss other people posts.


Misery loves company?


That meme is fucking brilliant.

Thank you for noticing. I love this meme. ♥ Lol!


How could anyone knowing Bob (‘and god bless’ ) Ross do anything more than laugh hard, twice, at that 😀 ...Some just have bad attitudes ..perhaps the reason they’re alone. It’s like they blew their opportunity to become an attorney, thus are doomed to go through life giving constant rebuttals to ..anything & everything. Nobody likes them 🙂

Varn Level 8 Aug 25, 2018

Being just a partime asshole, I don't know the answer to that. Maybe they are just very unhappy people and want to share their misery.


I don’t understand, unless they figure snarky, derogatory statements get them points just as much as thoughtful dissertations on why they disagree or support their position, if they actually have one.

Of course, Nobody on here ever does both, and certainly not in the same reply...........


I'm a realist and, I think, a logical person. I try to be nice to others but it's impossible for that to always happen. Some people simply misunderstand you and what you have said. Others want to stir up shit. I firmly believe that everyone is talking and saying things today (even in your work place) but none of it has anything to do with what is really going on. Politics and media play that game and everything is clickbait, so how could it all be real? Donald Stump knows this and he desperately wants you to allow him to be your source news. Poor fellow. He's more deluded than the rest of us and twice as wrong!


Egotism reigns supreme with them.

^^^This. ♥


It's probably the same percentage of people in real life who only have negative things to say about every little thing, until you just have to tune them out. My only hope is that by putting out all that negativity, they are able to clear some space for happiness in their lives. I probably do this in some way to create balance in my life, but hopefully not too much here. I just ignore the negative posters.

Hopefully they will recognize this bad habit and make some small changes, like by maybe saying nothing if they don't have something constructive to say. The negative comments might prevent serious helpers from chiming in with something useful to the original poster, for fear they will get blasted. It takes all kinds - and opposing viewpoints is often helpful - but some comments are not helpful when designed to be mean or derogatory.

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