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How much does it bother you when a person on the internet corrects your spelling, grammar, or misuse of a word? Do you correct others for these things? Do you want to correct others but you refrain because it might spark drama?

JenBeberstein 8 Sep 2

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I usually think it's funny. Especially when people post things like, "Your such a moron!"

Oh, the irony!


Oh my God. It shames me. I have all these beautiful thoughts in my head that are free to roam around without threat of punctuation. They almost cry when they can't bring another thought along in fear of the run on sentence bully.


I think it's annoying when people correct stupid mistakes that are probably caused by autocorrect. Also, English is not everyone's first language and I think a lot of people need to take that into consideration before correcting others.

If you were learning a new language, wouldn't you want somebody to help you ensure that you were using words correctly?

@JenBeberstein Maybe if they did it kindly. That isn't the kind of correction I usually see.

@Paracosm I understand. Many of the corrections I see are condescending.


I would be happy if auto correct would not second guess me ?

Auto correct can go straight to he'll.


I don't correct electronically or on paper...but I do mentally correct as not to offend.


I edit for pay. If you don’t pay, I don’t care how you write. And don’t correct mine; errors are usually due to me trying to text without glasses on.

UUNJ Level 8 Sep 2, 2018

I never realized how much work editors did until spending 10 years on the editorial board of a newspaper.. My first signed editorial, I handed over to one of the editorial staff what I thought was a perfect piece, a week later it was ready for publication.

@glennlab LOL. I know i am a crappy proofreader. It’s a very different skill.


Depends on how they do the correcting. There is a reason the term Grammar Nazi stuck.

I respect your families loss, but it's just an expression and frankly that's a real big reach for something to get offended at.


It usually doesn't bother me when someone corrects me (or I see a mistype from someone else).

It does bother me when I see memes that have errors though. I just feel that if you're taking the time to do a meme, you should make sure it's correct.

It's not a meme without at least one error. (I keep telling myself that to keep from going apoplectic.)


I couldn't care less ! I have worked very hard to learn English . And was in USA less than 5 yrs when I got my degree w 4.0 gpa. Hey , that counts for something guys , right ?? ?♥️?I wish I knew all the words and how to spell and not just medical ! But I don't . 23 years here and still hard time spelling certain words , and be thankful u can't hear my accent ! Hahahahah ! I AM THANKFUL WHEN PEOPLE CORRECT MY errors ! It's the only way to learn . Who cares about ego or embarrassment ? Nobody feeds me or my dogs than me ????


I never correct anybody and I find it really annoying to be corrected on social media, it’s not like I’m writing a college paper. If emoji‘s are acceptable I’ll spell the word anyway I want, LOL


I could care less either way. If l get the gist of what they are saying, l am fine. If someone is more interested in my spelling, punctuation, and sentence structure than what l am saying FUCK'EM. As far as l am concerned their priorities are completely wrong.


As long as I can decipher the words and understand what they are trying to say, I don't let it bother me. I never send posts or comments until I check my spelling and grammar and if I miss something I will edit what I have written as soon as I see my error.


If I misuse or misspell please correct me. I promise I will not be offended. I may just learn something new ?


I don't correct them, but it does shape my opinion of them if it is consistently incorrect. That said, we all type so quickly that we will all have typos now and then. Lighten up a little people. If you are one of those folks who pores over their own writing to ensure their are NO mistakes, you are likely wasting your time. If you do it with other's writing, you are just kind of a prick.

Hope you noticed the mis-use of "their".


I welcome any corrections. I hate when people can't spell or follow simple sentence structure.


Communication consists of message->encoding->transmission->decoding->message. If any meaning at all survives, that's a passing grade.
If you have the ability to correct and refrain from correcting unless expressly asked, you're possessed of talent and grace. If you insert corrections unsolicited, you're missing the grace; arguably the more important of the two.


I personally appreciate it, given that it's done politely and with tact.

I don't say much about it myself anymore, unless a person is calling someone else stupid amidst a sea of misspellings and grammatical errors.


I have posted corrections when it is a journalist who has made an error because journalists should hold themselves to a high standard in their written work. Other than that I don’t bother, although I do cringe inside at some errors.


If they were my editor I would have to pay for them to correct my errors. This is a social setting not as if your going to be grade on your typing skills to pass to the next grade. I do hover appreciate when someone politely brings an error to my attention.


What bothers me is people who do not make the effort to make their posts correct with regard to basic spelling, grammar and punctuation. It is not that hard. For all intents and purposes, you are what you write. In most cases, I do not know you, so your sole representation of your intelligence, diligence and pride, is what you write. If you are a sloppy writer, then I perceive you as a sloppy person.

I agree with you.


I just judge them


Some people are hard to understand, because they don't use punctuation, or they use the wrong version of words like to, too or there, their, they're, or they don't break their rambling down into paragraphs.

Things like that bother me, and unless it's my daughter, I just scroll past. If it's my daughter, I know she knows better, and I feel a responsibility to call her out.
My sister in law will post some of the most horrendous sentences you ever saw on Facebook. I can't understand them half the time. I don't correct people if I didn't raise them.


I'm always open to spelling and grammar correction. I try not to do any correcting unless what they write is incoherent, because I'm sick of the inevitable 'stfu, we're not in school' replies.


Having thick thumbs and auto correct i bite my tongue when others make spelling mistakes but i get a little irritable when people use the wrong word ?

This post was inspired by me seeing a person mixing up the words ensure and insure - it was the third such mixup I had read on this site in the last week


I don't really care how other people speak or write our language. Language is too fluid to expect it to remain static. Words I used as slang as a child are now in the dictionary. However, I will tease a friend when they use an incorrect word by taking the meaning of the sentence in a completely different direction than they intended. Sometimes it takes them a few replies to figure it out.

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