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What is favorite self care activity?

1 hour nap yesterday, 12 hour night shift last night and only able to sleep 4 hours today. In need of some shift work self care …

By BeccaVa7
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In order:

Nice and simple, well played sir. ??


Napping is the best way to re-invigorate the body.

RobbieT Level 4 Sep 3, 2018

read a book

Marz Level 7 Sep 3, 2018

I do 12hr shifts, i know your pain. When my mind races, preventing sleep, i play my Uke ?



I really enjoy app games like Luminosity and other Brain games. Plus I'm an avid reader. But if really want to treat myself, music, a little privacy and some loud terrible singing, for sure!



My favorite self care activity is a 60 minute massage with hot stones and facial. However it's expensive so I rarely get to.


Early evening stroll (not a power walk; leisurely meander soaking in sunsets) and a low-level red light therapy facial. I'm a bit prissy...


I love naps, long hot bubble baths, hard uphill hikes and a craft beer now and then. While reading a wonderful book.

skye724 Level 7 Sep 3, 2018

Sounds great!

@BeccaVa For me, self care is doing what I love first. smile001.gif


Massages are a must. But since that can't be a daily self care, I will put in a good movie, and work on a needle project.

linxminx Level 7 Sep 3, 2018

Dark chocolate. Easier to get than weed. Less expensive, too.

KKGator Level 9 Sep 3, 2018

Okay now your response makes my response harder cuz I was going to say weed and video games LOL


I get deep tissue/myofascial release massages as often as possible. Initially, they don't feel as relaxing as Swedish massage, but I find the long-term benefits outweigh that.

I might have to look into that!

@BeccaVa, Myofascial release massages will run you about $65/hour, but it's well worth it. It's the one thing I do for my physical and mental health! (Some places have discount packages if you buy several "sessions." )


Removing negativity from my life has always been my best self care tactic


Early morning walk.


Take a long bubble bath with a glass of wine. It's soo relaxing


Tell myself that I am awesome.


Writing, time in nature, eating right, and sleeping. Those are the absolute best things for me.

I can't say that one is the most important, but time in nature is likely my "favorite".


Nap, walk, bike ride

Umbral Level 8 Sep 3, 2018

Sleep is elusive for me way too often. After Friday I will be unemployed and plan to catch up on my sleep. I will also go back to taking Yoga classes. I plan to knock down stuff on my to do list, and READ. If I don't take care of me, who will?


It's not easy to try and fool your internal clock. In my experience, you have to commit to the schedule and not try to switch back and forth until your diurnal rhythms adjust, kind of like getting over jet lag.

zeuser Level 8 Sep 3, 2018

Definitely taking a nap when possible. Amazingly refreshing.


I thought alcohol was going to keep me young forever.....oh well, I was wrong

@Akfishlady it's a joke ???


Milk Chocolate bar, milk and some netflicks!


Music and fakitol


Naps for rest when I can get them, walks for relaxation when my body isn't rebelling against me, Netflix for entertainment when I'm in the mood, volunteerism to focus outside myself.

resserts Level 8 Sep 3, 2018

Also 12h night worker. There's not much i can do to makeup for the terrible shift. On top of that I've got school on my days off. The best thing i can do is have a beer and nap.

TimD Level 3 Sep 3, 2018
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