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What are you grateful for? Name three things.
♥♥♥ ♥♥♥ ♥♥♥ ♥♥♥ ♥♥♥ ♥♥♥ ♥♥♥ ♥♥♥ ♥♥♥
Me? My Family. My Job. This site.
♥My daughters and grandson are in the photo.

CaroleKay 8 Sep 9

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A pastor who I used to debate once threw out something like "that moment, when an atheist feels really grateful and nobody to thank to" I thank you all for being here


1- Crushing my enemies.
2- Driving them before me.
3- Hearing the lamentations of their women.

Calm down god, you’ll have another stroke and accidentally flood the earth again!


My kids. My artistic proclivities. My open mindedness.


a good topic CK. A daily reflection on what we are grateful for is good for our mental health and it keeps us humble as we are reminded of the many suffering.


1...I can still play drums at a high level at my age.
2...My health. No prescription drugs.
3...My friends and family.
3A...That when l lost my hair, my head didn't have a funny shape.


My kids, I put a lot of thought and effort into them. The leatherman I have had for a very long time it is a material object however it has saved me many of times. My best friend even though we live far apart, I can call him any time for the good or the bad reasons he never judges and helps figure out a plan to attack how to have the best solution.

Raising kids who turn out to be amazing people, responsible adults, and contributors to society is the best thing ever. I look at my kids and I think "damn, I done good!" And my kids tell me the same thing.


That it is the beginning of autumn (my favorite month), that my body and brain work well, and I have a best friend.


Your two daughters look just like you Carole!

My life and experiences have been wonderful.

I have outstanding friends that have been with me for a very long time.

My Two children have far surpassed all of my expectations.

@minhmeister oops! I could actually list a lot more! ☺️


my beautiful surroundings just four ninutes from the sea and cliffs- my ever -patient partner who has to put up with my forgetfullnessing and for the garden, a constant source of playfullness


My curiosity, My therapist, My will to live.


The most important, that I was born. The odds for each and everyone of us were so incredibly tiny and here we are. Then for my parents who took care of me when I was defenseless and hopeless and then gave me everything I needed to jump headlong on every opportunity life has thrown at me. The rest has been up to me and my successes are their success as well and my shortcomings are only mine. Have I had enough? It never is, that's why life thrive and will keep on going because it's our nature, we will always want more. The day we stop having hopes for the next day then that's the day we die...… of course grateful for this site and people like you. Your kids look like a cool riot at the right measure, which I am sure you all have fun with day in day out. Nice !!!!


My wife, stepson, daughter, grandchildren, professional life, financial situation, the home and community we live in would be the main things I appreciate in my life. There's always the meta issue of health. Without that, my ability to enjoy or interact with all those people and situations would be restricted and muted. My health is generally pretty good, but shakier than I'd like it to be, so I'm working on that.

One thing I don't appreciate so much is how everything always seems to be under some form or other of threat. Aside from my own health issues, my wife and stepson and oldest grandson have challenges that are of concern, which is amplified for me by having lost my prior wife, my son, my oldest brother and mother to illness or accident already. I still tend to have the leftover mindset from my theist past that with hard work and good intention, eventually everything will "be okay" and it never is. I understand intellectually that life owes me absolutely nothing, but I still have to work on letting things be as they are and not stewing about things I don't control. I'm getting better at it. "Okay" has to be defined as totally present oriented, not like a fund of "okay-ness" that can be spent later. It is hard to sit with that when you were acculturated and conditioned to believe in a mythical Umbrella of Safety purchased with good behavior and/or "correct" belief.


so many things, so take family friends life as a given and I'll try to think outside the box.

  1. living in one of the loveliest/ safest places on the planet. ie sunny Queensland Australia
  2. An ability to find the humour in even the most darkest situation. And especially laugh at myself.
  3. chocolate, oysters and fine wine.

I like your style!

I have a quote from no one famous (my sister) -- In Australia there is always something waiting there bite you, sting you or kill you. I, however love the place. There is always some thing there hug me, smile at me and say "I love you Grandpa"

@Simmer51 You know I've never known anyone to die of the wildlife here except for Steve Irwin. I looked at the statistics and there are about ten deaths a yr to crocs, spiders, sharks, kangaroos. Roos mainly because ppl are out shooting them. Car crashes are worst with 1,225 fatalities last year. As for violent deaths (guns, knives, axes) there have been 162 so far this year. My mate wanted me to go with her to USA (mainly Alaska, she's obsessed with Alaska) but I'm terrified of being shot if I went there.

  1. The universe, for giving me a chance in life.
  2. Having my parents still alive.
  3. Having been born in the age of the Internet.

I am happy people are on this site that will share what they know allowing me to learn from them.


sex, pot and friends


My amazing DNA pods, who are tremendous humans despite my best efforts at times to fuck them up, the mad culinary skills my mum passed to me before she died, & coffee.


Sound like you have your priorities in the right order. Family should always come first.


I am grateful for my kids and grandkids. I am grateful I am alive! My mom died at 45, she never got to know her grandchildren. She would have been an amazing grandmother. I'm grateful that my ex made good career decisions. Because of those decisions I'm able to retire early.


My dogs, my friends, freedom from fear & want


Ha! nice pic!!
hard to keep it to only 3


Great photo!!
My son
My tenacity
The National Park system!!


Every morning and every night I am grateful for the gift of love and the gift of life and the breath that allows me enjoy those gifts.


My health
My abilities
My Chevy Volt
I kept getting gas driving other cars ?


Air, water, food and yo sweet ass.

Well, heelllooooo sailor! LOL!

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