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I never realized how much strife there is between the religious and the non-believers until I joined this site. Was anybody else as ignorant about this as I was?

JWDiaz 6 Jan 22

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I don't think there is much strife on this site between the religious and the non religious, because I think there are not huge numbers of religious people posting here, and those who are are not fundamentalist or evangelist types. That's my reading of it here. Out in the real world, well that's different. The struggle goes on. "Which side are you on..?" as the song goes. Well, I know for myself. A little bit of recurring "strife" here on this site, however, is between agnostics and atheists. I won't go into that, except to say it has really surprised me. It has been the biggest surprise here for me, and I hadn't noticed that in the so-called real world. And I am still thinking about why that is.


One of my very first posts expressed something like this....I did not realize how lucky I am to live in Connecticut & not the bible belt

Agreed! I would just fail at being in the Bible Belt. The few times I've visited Northern States it's been weird? Glad I grew up in MA and now live in CT. Because we have enough religion here to make me a tad crazy at times.


Oh yah. I have several friends, Christian, Evangelical, Conservative, Fundamentalist, and Jesuins (people who take Jesus seriously). But I've also noticed that there's a lot of conflict between atheists and agnostics, vegans and vegetarians, vegans and just about everyone else, team fans against other team fans, Firefox against Safari, Windows against Mac, Star Wars against Star Trek... Conflict is what we do. The trick is to realize that we're taking ourselves way too seriously.


I think that the conservative christian movement is just getting louder as they feel threatened but non believers.

They sure seem threatened by something...I would be the last person that would harm them...I don't think leaving them to stew among themselves, is harm on my part!


There is so much 'strife' going on with Religions now a days, that I never noticed that it was more pronounced here!


i was unaware of it until I became a regular to the internet.
mostly because here in the UK, it's a bit of a non issue. Atheists, agnostics, secularists, etc, are extremely common. It seems that in the US, religious fundamentalists are everywhere, passing off their ignorance as if it were knowledge.
The notion that nearly half of the US population refutes evolution to some degree, seems bizarre to almost all other western countries.

It's embarrassing and concerning, actually.

As do a whole lot of other things the US does. = seem bizarre to all other western countries. I never realized they were actually a sort of dictatorship with an elected dictator, just most of them ( Presidents) did not take advantage of this position as trump does.


what i see here in the cinch of the belt is church folks get kinda confused about a non-believer. Like they haven't seen one before and it's scary because they don't look any different.


I was unaware of it as well. I thought the animosity was mostly on the other side, but I'm glad to see a bigger picture now. After thinking about it, it's very understandable.

skado Level 9 Jan 22, 2018

Been a non believer for more than half a century I didn't know that there was a segment of the population in need of being at war with religion and the god concept... to me was a disappearing act never in need to be address again but here is a new battle every day.

Come to Mississippi and see what the religious right has done to the laws here. See what the religious right has done to this country -- who have infiltrated Capital Hill and women's vaginas and who elected a low-life President. Google religious trauma syndrome. Apathy is contagious and dangerous.

@VictoriaNotes I am in DC right now, and I understand USA is broken on many ways, shapes and forms. I had said it before. I know being a woman is a tough job everywhere. I got a sister that is not in speaking terms with another sister because she supported trump. I made them talk over the phone once but it was all pleasantries without meaning behind. I been to the south were the redneck thinks that calling a Puerto Rican Mexican is an insult. My hair too straight to be black, my accent to thick to be american, my skin tone too lively to be caucasian. I heard my daughter as a "brownie" complaint I am not selling cookies because I am Puerto Rican. Her two grandmothers are white, her two parents are darker skinned... so when she was born... she was born white and the nurse didn't knew what to put for Race, I was in the delivery room and should had seen her looking back and forth to us. I think I said "We are Latinos, our races been mixed for hundreds of years. My mother has Hazel eyes by the way in case she had them too." They marked her "hispanic". I always considered myself and call myself Latino. I wasn't raised under the "hispanic" experience. I did 20 years in the navy and it wasn't until I join the Navy as a grown 26 years old I learned the meaning of the word "nigger". I had been schooled and reminded every day what it feels like to not understand how in hell this nation came where is at right now. Maybe that is why here I don't back down from an argument without stating what I was meaning to say first. I saw as a terrible mistake the approach of the democratic party of "when they hit low, we got high". Sometimes going high you missed the target completely. I know I was boxing fan and boxed al lot as a kid. I had never fought clean in my life. Learned that if your are going to fight is only to right a wrong and you had to make them pay and make them wish the wrong never happened. So they don't even think about doing it again. I had said I will never vote for someone that never served. No DD-214, not my candidate. Never voted for Obama for that reason. I will never vote for a republican so general kelly can run his marine ass for office if he wants to... not my candidate either. I had said before also, all I want is the Independence of Puerto RIco. I don't mind if we starve to death... we make do, we go back in time if we had to. Those who don't want to be Puerto Rican citizens can leave but the island will belong to those who stay and those who will come back to die "free". I had my arguments with Cuban friends here in america because I remind them that Cuba belongs to those who stay in Cuba, to do as they please once Fidel dies. Same with Puerto Rico at this moment. I think I left them a cool place when I left in 1980. But things got worse and worse ever since. I don't believe in Colonies from Empires. I wish the best in your fight against the south that just became relevant again via a god that don't exist and a bible that doesn't work. I wish you the best in life. And better yet wish you good luck in your fight to clean the mess we are into right now. No foreign nation is coming to help you as you well know. Is up to americans to make it happen and if you feel removal of god is step one... it is what you feel should happen and go for it. I salute you. I am here, I am going nowhere. And closing this it is a shame that in Italy more than one Porn Star could be in the legislative and do good for a nation and we got a celebrity as the worst candidate ever and got elected on a fake religious platform. Shameful but Please... no more celebrities. No DD-214 not my candidate. I hate to say it but at least hitler was a decorated corporal not material for advancement. I want someone that had served and that is the downpayment on the price for my vote. I got my eyes open just because I ignore the concept of god I am not seeing what is been done in his name. My elder sister is an ordained minister with tv time for many years in local tv. But she is not a televangelist. I hope.


“That men do not learn very much from the lessons of history is the most important of all the lessons that history has to teach.” ~ Aldous Huxley

@VictoriaNotes Accepted.


scubawags was just asking what it's like to live in less oppressive areas.

gipsy Level 4 Jan 22, 2018

Hi living in MA/NH we don't see as much of it do we?

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