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Seriously? Please tell me there aren't still guys out there asking this question like it was still 1950.

Surfpirate 9 Sep 16

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I can build a house. And cook. So fuck you. Lol.

Just kidding. Feeling comical. But yeah. I can do both. Home building much better but my cooking is descent.

Subjugation has no place among thinking men.


I think it's a valid question especially since most guys, single guys, eat crappy take out lol. I can cook, but he better be able to also. No different than other questions I may ask of him based on my needs


What's the big deal??... Woman keep asking if I can kill a spider...

Can you? 😉

Do not kill spiders. Kill mosquitos. Please don't ask me why.

@Surfpirate Not telling ?......wait, you know what, I'll tell you but first, can you cook? ????

@Countrywoman ha ha... don't need to ask, it does make sense !!!! ?

@IamNobody like a house on fire, invite me over and we'll see what's left of your house after the flambe'. 😀

@Surfpirate soooo tempting but, I kinda like to keep my house ??????

@IamNobody Don't worry, you can just rebuild it, even better than the original. 😀

@Surfpirate Naahhh...rain check


There is also an assumption among some that all women can cook or are pro cooks... this becomes evident in the phrase do you like to cook? Or do you wanna cook together? ummm no.


Happily I can respond, "why yes I can" (too both questions).

And thats why I find you doubly delicious 😉


Sometimes it's a way to learn what are her favorite dishes... Since I do most of the cooking i am curious to know.. You can also swap recipes

Good point although I have heard more than a few women relate how many men on dating sites are really just looking for a nurse/maid/cook and not a life partner.


Ask away, I can do both!


No man has ever asked me this question.

Nor should anyone!


yes I can, and have.


I wouldn't ask that question, but yes, I could build a house. 😉


I can do both

I believe it. 👍


Yes, yes there are.


My father did the grocery shopping and my mother owned a band saw and a drill press. He couldn't cook, but neither could she. We managed.


Dinner tonight was a spicy, yellow fin tuna poke bowl over a bed of sushi rice, the house is almost finished from design to construction, except for the plumbing because I really hate plumbing.

@MissKathleen It would be a bit of a trip but you're welcome to drop by my cottage on Thursday for lunch if you like, it will take you that long to drive here if you leave right now.

@MissKathleen This Thursday would be a safer bet, I have no idea where I'll be on any given Thursday beyond this one.


I can cook and build stuff. But am sarcastic and speak my mind. Maybe that's why I am still single ?

Maybe you haven't found the man yet that is worthy of you.

@Surfpirate possibly but I haven't given up!


I cook, my husband cooks, our daughter cooks, & our sons cook. Daughter also built an outdoor koi pond!


I thought it particularly funny because I am a retired master builder and my favourite hobby is gourmet cooking. My wife cooks a little now but for the first decade I did all of the cooking because I'm a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to food - my wife says kitchen Nazi just because I stabbed a dinner guest in the hand who wouldn't stop reaching in and grabbing bits of sashimi off my cutting board, he barely bled at all - the big baby. 😉


Yeah, well and just 'cause I can, don't mean I'm going to. If you're in my house and over the age of 12 and can't feed yourself, well, you'll just have to starve.


i might ask a guy that... except i'm a fabulous cook. that's chance, not a job.


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