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Asshole Yankees.
I swear I'm moving to New York and I'm going to walk around bitching about "Thats not how we do it in Florida". If these people love NY so much why are they here getting on MY nerves?

OpposingOpposum 9 Sep 17

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Oh yeah, I'm familiar with them. They move to Florida because they hate NY then immediately try to turn the community they live in into another NY

Port St Lucie has an official that moved here 6 years ago from NY. Considers it a selling point while running for office

My apologies to all the "Yanks" on here. Seems New Yorkers do this everywhere.

I agree, my response is well, go back home. It doesn't make any sense to me either. why would you move and expect the rest of the states to be just like where you left?

Right? My thought is-"No it is not like where you came from this is a different place and no we have no desire to be more like your particular hometown."

@OpposingOpposum or like you for that matter. we hear it all the time ! Southerners are so stupid, Southerners are so slow,Southerners are so lazy, I can't find any good spaghetti sauce their list of complaints go on and on and on .again ,my response is well looks like you need to go back home!

@Kojaksmom yep!


Listen we're not all that bad. Except when we travel. And when we're home... Ok, we're all that bad.


Old DT is your quintessential New Yorker, loud, brash and egotistical.

I’m surprised New Yorkers don’t support their man.


A Texan called me a Yankee once. Being from the West coast, I turned my head to the side like a dog does after hearing something so spectacularly stupid. I then proceeded to call that Texan an easterner. It amused me.


The East coast mentality is very standoffish where West coast is very Superficial. To a New Yorker give it right back to them they will respect you more.

Oh I do! I don't care if they respect me I just want them to leave me alone. I don't give a shit about NY frankly.
I don't want to hear about Jesus or New York or the Kardashians or anything else that rots the brain.

@OpposingOpposum City mentality does nothing for me. I have lived on both coasts. I had spent some time in South Carolina when I was young the people were sweet there. This is mostly why I live in a very small town 80 miles from nowhere now.


How you doing? I’m here in S Florida... I’m from NY where the pizza and bagels are better, real bread is everyplace and we tolerate people from Florida.

Bah! Humbug! Carpet bagger!




Erm that would be "Asshole New Yorkers". I was in Kennebunkport, ME once listening to NYers bitch about their entirely fresh fish. And how it would be so much fresher in NY?
I was looking across the table at someone else from Massachusetts and just dying a little bit inside.

It was a bit like having Seinfeld show up? rofl


Making me laugh! I am from NYC, I know what you mean.

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