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"You cannot be a doctor if you believe in superstitions," said by my Catholic professor.

Basically, it was just another ordinary day at med school. I was taking up some psychology classes and stuff like that. Now, this professor is a clinical psychologist. Alright, I respect him for that. Before we begin our class, he'd begin with a prayer (to which I just silently stand as others join).

I didn't mind the prayer. It's ok. Though I had forgotten the exact topic we were in, it was these words that struck me and the only thing I remembered throughout the day.

You will all be doctors someday. Superstitions are not part of a doctor's mind. You cannot be a doctor if you believe in superstition because it is irrational to believe in something unrealistic.

Right. You have a point there, but is religion sort of a superstition? That was the question I would like to ask, but it is not my place to debate. It's time to be silent for a while.

CesStuart 5 Sep 19

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Silence is sometimes the best recourse. Debate is fruitless, pointless and only leads to a shouting match.

Yes, since this is school, while the point should be made, I'm not sure if OP as a student is in the place to make that point.

In this particular case, she was probably better off not debating the issue of her professor's hypocrisy. As wrong as it is, he could have retaliated with an unjustly unfavorable grade, and gotten away with it.
However, debate IS often completely necessary, because the believers influence the laws that effect us all. Those with the power cannot be permitted to allow their delusions to force certain behaviors on the rest of us.
That cannot be allowed and must always be pushed back against.

@KKGator I totally agree with what you are saying. I am referring to debating or arguing with an individual about what they seem to believe. When asked, I will ALWAYS present my case for why I believe what I believe and encourage everyone to do the same, but I will not enter into a debate about it, as I find from experience, to be just a waste of time.


This is cognitive dissonance at its finest

obis Level 6 Sep 19, 2018

Cognitive Dissonance is defined as the mental discomfort by a person who holds contradictory beliefs. The key is they realize it. In this case dissonance does not exits when people are comfortable and don't see it as contradictory.


Religion is nothing but pure superstition.


I would prefer an atheist for a doctor and know he was a realist.


he may not be able to spell hypocrite


Religions are superstitions. If only we could convince the religious of that.

It is simply amazing how one religion views all others as superstitions nonsense but can not see it in their own.


That’s an amazing contradiction that only a true believer could spew that amount of bullshit with a straight face.


Yes you can. You can differentiate between the two. I'm sure there are doctors that are religious. He's not a doctor, but I have a religious friend that is a nurse. He's smart enough to know that faith will not heal a disease or that wishing medicine on someone is not the same as administering it to someone. Your professor is small minded.


No, debating would be foolhardy. But prayer in the classroom? I've never heard of that in a public university. If this is a public school, go to the diversity/equality office. You have a legitimate grievance.

Holli Level 6 Sep 19, 2018

@zarathustra13 oh, I didnt realize that. Definitely makes a difference!


I would say keep my lips zipped and just get through med school once you have your degree then you can deal with the other people psychoses but right now no reason getting some Professor pissed off at you


Pls take my advice . Shut your mouth at med school . U did the right thing . I want u to close eyes when these type of hypocritical professors are part of your day . They are grading your papers and clinical performance . U will not change their mind . A debate of any type will not be welcomed by these idiots .
The catholic psychologist / clinician who had the nerve to mention to med students that he is catholic without adding " people/ leaders of my faith are raping children and my boss leader is ok w this , " but here , let us pray b4 we talk about how to recognize and treat sexual abuse in your feature children clients , CAN GO AND KILL HIM SELF YESTERDAY AS FAR AS I CARE .
Debating w an asshole will not get u to graduation . Your goal is to get it done . Then , when in power and when u call the shots , u will have your chance to change this crap and help / influence future residents and fellowship ones when they work for u ♥️??
Keep breathing , eat well , sleep as much as possible , vent here , hydrate , and study . ( in case u miss your mother ! Hahahahahah !)


It would be an interesting topic to broach with the professor, esp as a clinical psychologist dealing with delusions, schizophrenia, brain washing but why religions get a pass with these labels. Tactful timing and discussion will need to be taken.

Funny, but its been my experience that some Catholic priests and scholars don't really seem to believe in God, or at least not the brand named one that is presented by their church.


IMO yes it's a superstition.


I'll need to consult the Ouija this evening. In the meantime, I ponder.


excessively credulous belief in and reverence for supernatural beings.
"he dismissed the ghost stories as mere superstition"
synonyms: unfounded belief, credulity, fallacy, delusion, illusion; More
a widely held but unjustified belief in supernatural causation leading to certain consequences of an action or event, or a practice based on such a belief.
plural noun: superstitions
"she touched her locket for luck, a superstition she had had since childhood"

So yes, religion IS superstition. Unadulterated. 100%. Faith in the absence of supporting evidence. Faith despite the mounting evidence that your belief system is based on fictions.


Ces you always have the best posts.

"You cannot be a doctor if you believe in superstition because it is irrational to believe in something unrealistic."

First off you can of course be a doctor and have all sorts of crazy ideas. In some areas it won't effect performance to any great amount, while in others it wastes time and in some scenarios can do real harm. The importance of the doctors role, level of patient risk and doctor superstition all are important variables, and it can be assumed it costs lives in some cases.

superstition - a widely held but unjustified belief in supernatural causation leading to certain consequences of an action or event, or a practice based on such a belief

Religion is absolutely a form of superstition. Any religious doctor will define all other religious beliefs as superstitions. If we have justification for a widely held belief, we base science on it. If we don't we call it superstition, which is synonymous with all religions.

Keep up the good work and thanks for sharing.


Kind of sad... Well said ?


Very well-said. This letter should be published in a major publication.


Hilarious first line and yes, religion is a superstition. Sometimes it is better to go with the flow until you can leave the stream.


Woah, you're an atheist in the Philippines? That sounds like hard work.


I would always call out my professors on their religious bullshit back when I was studying for my master's. I remember specifically one of them talking about Heaven in detail. After he rambled on for some time, I politely asked: "How do you know all that, sir?". He made reference to a book he had recently read, and I explained that humans, by their very nature, have no possible means of delving into the supernatural and all he quoted from the author were mere "claims" with contradictory alternatives across all religions. I should note that three of my male classmates were also atheists, whom I knew I could count on if the debate was ever going to get heated. I don't how atheism is viewed in the Philippines, but I doubt it is any worse than Iran (at least there is no death penalty for apostasy). I suggest that you pick your battles carefully, but at the same time not to be afraid of questioning things in an academic environment.

Did he proceed to sell you a plot in heaven?? ? Just amazing how Iran and the Middle East, the clergy and theocrats are managing to pull dark age catholic methods on 21st century minds. I'd say the whole world is reversing course with trump and ultraconservative nationalists everywhere. The dangers of eroding education


This is really baffling. How does he define a superstition?


I would have been very tempted to say, "obviously, clinical psychologists can".


That cracks me up, it’s probably pointless to point out the extreme irony of the situation.


Religion certainly is a superstition, but there are a lot of people especially scientists, who manage to keep both worldviews even if they contradict each other. It's strange how they do that, but they do. It's like when you do science, for instance, you switch to reality, when you pray you switch to superstition

Brain compartmentalization working at its best!

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