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Ugh, everyone who wants to hang out is religious. Why do I live in such a back woods area?

I want to wear my Satanist hoodie but I will get shot out here. I'm genuinely afraid of abuse in this damn town.

VaultGirl 4 Sep 21

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That’s why I like my 12 acres by the river!


Put everything you can in your car and don’t look back!


Bummer. I proudly wear my t-shirt all over where I live, and hardly anyone notices.


They're everywhere, they're everywhere!


Don't feel bad I live 80 miles from nowhere in the high desert.


I have many religious friends but those that are not I found in a Unitarian church. Seven of them are atheists.


Anything Satanist around here would really set them off. I do run off door to door religious people however. I tell it like it is and do not let them in or take their literature.


For the godless there are bastions of sanity to be found, even in the USofA.

@fidla but it gets so COLD there...

@MissKathleen Apparently it is a lot warmer in Christian Hell than it is in Canada too. 🙂 Name your poison. 😀


Try Manitou Springs. When I lived in Colorado Springs, the rumor was that Manitou Springs was the site of a large satanic cult.

Of course, that was in the early 90s and the whole country was experiencing the "Satanic Panic." So, yeah Colorado was terrified of "devil worshippers."

Good luck. I hope you have better luck finding rational friends.

JimG Level 8 Sep 21, 2018

Yeah Satanic cults aren't the same thing as the Satanic Temple. Even LaVeyans are too weird for me.


Colorado isn't so bad, try in it in Indiana. I have to be careful what shirt I wear all the time!

JK666 Level 7 Sep 21, 2018

Sounds cool the jacket. Religion is bad for you


Well, why DO you live in such an area? You're still young ... moving someplace less retrograde could be a huge positive for the rest of your life. You'd be right at home in a lot of places. Berkeley, CA comes to mind, but the cost of living might be problematic there. If so, consider Ithaca NY ("the Berkeley of the East" ) or any number of similar small to medium size urban areas with universities. Madison, WI, would be an example of a liberal enclave surrounded by conservatives that would be relatively affordable but full of like minded people and interesting events, etc.

I'm moving to Oregon once I graduate, but it's not as easy as just picking up and moving, it requires a lot of money to move, so I'm saving up.


Almost the Same deal here except for the atheist MeetUps. Lots of members but few show up for events. I keep my beliefs to myself in my rural town.


any chance you can leave that burg? i doubt you are gong to change people there.



So, Vermont being the most Athiest state, how many Vermonters here? @Admin, do you have numbers by state? That should be an easy enough inquiry to write. I’d love to see a list of number of members by state.


There is no way you can move to a more tolerating place?


Luckly here in Little 5 Points (Atlanta, GA) its ok to wear a satanic hoodie, in fact you will get compliments


IF you hear dueling banjos... RUN!

IF you were closer we could hang out, and engage in blasphemy.

Blasphemy! Blaspheyou! Blasphe-everybody-in-the-room! ?


Really? I thought rich urban liberals were the ones most likely to move to Colorado, but maybe Grand Junction is an exception.

There are supremacist flags and stickers everywhere and the KKK is handing out flyers. A lot of the liberals are in Denver and Boulder, but most of the towns in Colorado are still rather rural.

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