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shoes laces or slip-ons? I myself am partial to laces.... actually I'm partial to Converse All Stars with laces. . Do you have a favorite shoe? I know Barefoot ain't a shoe, but this is about comfort more than Style.

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hankster 9 Sep 21

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I've no "adult" footwear left. Upon retirement, wingtips, penny loafers, anything requiring polish went to Goodwill with suits, ties, sport jackets, and those button down Oxford cloth dress shirts.
Now, it's Crocs, hiking boots, or swim fins.

wisdom. superb decision making.


I’d go barefoot half the year if it wasn’t for fire ants.


Which shoe or boot I wear depends on the activity. All footwear must be comfortable and functional.

I never wear high heels. High heels permanently damage your back and feet.

Water shoes- canoeing, kayaking or fording a river or creek.

Hiking boots- obviously for hiking.

Micro-spikes- walking and hiking on ice and (not deep) snow.

Snowshoes- for deep snow. Sometimes we carry micro-spikes and snowshoes. It's heavy. But conditions vary and change.

Downhill and cross-country ski boots and equipment.

Running shoes - running and weightlifting. I keep a pair in my car trunk.

Leather dress shoes and boots- Winter dresses and skirts.

Nice sandals- Summer skirts and dresses.

Suede moccasins for indoors.

These are my beloved Lowa hiking boots. See the micro-spikes? I made velcro straps for Karen and me, to avoid losing expensive micro-spikes in the snow. I keep my hiking boots waterproofed.

My hiking boots last about 800 miles or 3-4 years. Then the traction on the soles wears down. These boots cannot be resoled.

When I start slipping and sliding on steep descents, I need new boots.

Wow.. that's quite a menu of Footwear.... it all sounds pretty scary except for the suede moccasins.......very nice pictures tho.


Which part is scary? We use hiking poles with baskets for stability. Micro-spikes are great for traction on snow and ice. They are smaller than crampons.

@LiterateHiker scary for me is just related to too much activity, like walking up hills.... I'm more geared for a saunter on flatter land.


In 2017, I set a personal record by hiking 326 miles with over 64,200 feet of elevation gain.

"Don't slog in the bog. Get high on the ridges!" has been my hiking motto since age 21.

Here's a story I wrote- with my pictures - about hiking Sauer's Mountain that was published in May 2018:


@LiterateHiker thanks but .... I'm beginning to feel a little queasy. ?


UGGs in the winter, Birkenstocks in the summer

GwenC Level 7 Sep 22, 2018

Flip-flops down in Florida.


I spend most of my time in boots, tools of the trade but like sandals when I can.


Doc told me NEVER go barefoot. Hell, at this point he says never without arch support. So custom orthotics it is. /cry

Same here. I have a pair of Birkenstocks that are only worn in the house


I hate wearing shoes so hard. The preference is barefoot, then Chucks, then flats, then other gym shoes. I love heels. Adore them. Wish I could wear them. But, alas, my new ankle and reconstructed foot think that's a bad idea.

sounds like bad idea. might want to stay near the ground for a while.


I choose Barefoot or Boots, ain't no in between for me.

what kind of boots?

@hankster Well, I'm either completely chill or kicking shit. So, they're shit kickers.

I have biker boots and black heeled boots, my most commonly worn are predictably Doc Martens in Oxblood.

@Donotbelieve that's what I was kind of guessing.. shitkickers...right on. ?

@hankster solid


So Cal, ergo, sandals; or flip flops (Hawaiians call them 'slippahs' )

@Gooniesnvrdie never owned a pair. Although I did rock Jack Purcell "Smiley's" when I was a grom. I like my feet to breathe now. Had to wear reg'lar shoes to work for too many decades.

I never could get used to that string between my toes, nor kicking the little rocks up in'em. I just couldn't work them right.


I love my chucks, and my Doc boots. I am way to clumsy to wear shoes I can slip on, because I will fall out of them, lol.


Being a bit of a shoe nut, I vote for all except barefoot. I have a nasty habit of walking into things and breaking toes. Shoes tend to take the brunt of the blow.


Yes to all.

even "zipper on the side"?

@hankster -- Yup. Had a pair of Flamenco dance boots with Cuban heels and inner side zippers. The zippers allowed a tighter fit over the ankle while using more supple leather uppers to allow freedom of movement in the ankle without hard spots.

@evidentialist nice!


My sister turned me on to orthopedic flip-flops! I wear them year round! Everywhere in the summer, when possible... And indoors all winter.

What brand do you wear? I love Vionics.

@SurvivorSteph Mine are just labeled SOLE. Great arch support and heel cup!


barefoot for indoors, sandals for outdoors (even in the snow). i have a bad toe and cannot tolerate enclosed shoes.


toe freedom.

@hankster freedom from pain!

i was just thinking earlier today, by sheer coincidence, that i should try to wear enclosed shoes while that toenail is short, to see if it hurts. how brave am i?


@genessa i couldn't say, gotta try them first i reckon. ?

@hankster maybe i'll be bold and try that soon.



For preference in this order
Flip Flop
Macbeth Vegan ....moved on from vans I never been a fan of converse any how
Then Palladium baggies
Then anything by vegetarian shoes that will do the job.

I used to live in my Doc Martens when I was a kid but I haven't been able to afford any yet in Vegan maturity.

But almost always lace up over slip on for sure. Slips are just too louche!

I'm going to have to get out my shoe encyclopedias. ?


I wear boots (hikers for work) laces (Vans), slip ons (Vans again), and sandals (Birkenstocks and Tevas), so that's what I prefer!

you really take advantage of the Footwear opportunities. I did try the Tevas once and it wasn't too bad.


Shearling slippers with rubber soles. Of course to actually leave the house it's slip ons.

very casual, but fast.


It really depends on what I'm doing.
If I'm working in the yard, it's definitely my Sloggers (slip-ons).
If I am walking around somewhere other than the yard, it's sneaker w/laces.
If I'm sitting on my butt at home, it's the Dearfoam slippers.

I wear my all-stars most everywhere except weddings and funerals. sloggers...great term.

@hankster I can't take credit for the term. It's a brand of shoes.

@KKGator ah. sounds like a couple of drunk


Slips on flats are what I wear for work. Even on the weekends. I do have boots I wear from time to time


I switch between trainers and croccs

i never did training well.... I just don't think I can keep my foot in those Crocs.



with that string that goes between your toes. I hate those things. makes me walk funny.


Merrill’s or Sketchers slip on for casual and Vasque laces hiking shoes for motorcycle riding and other more strenuous activities.


I prefer slip-ons


I'm an older guy and I now swear by Skechers slip ons!

......the truth and nothing but...

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