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FYI! I will hit 7.5 this weekend. I will buy ice cream for anyone who shows up in Omaha to celebrate with me. Cold stone in Village Point.

HippieChick58 9 Jan 26

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Darn - I just saw this!

good to see you again!! I'd still go out for ice cream if you wanna.

@HippieChick58 We should! (sorry - just saw this, too - I'll have to see if I opted out of notifications).


Where I am in South Florida is the only place someone should want ice cream this time of the year. Lol. I am allergic to Winter, so sorry I cannot come celebrate with you. I like places that only have two seasons: cool, and hot as hell like South Florida.

Hahahaha Florida is exactly that, pleasant and then burn ....


Can't drive to the airport nor Omaha today because an illegal alien drunk driver totalled my truck parked in front of my house here in Myrtle Beach lucky I am not dead with my 2 SERVICE CATS sleeping 30 feet away past the vehicular homicide attempt crime scene


I think this is called...'being on a roll'...just keep on rolling girl and enjoy the ice cream, wish I was there!


It's a little cold for ice cream this time of year in the mid west. Think hot.

It is NEVER to cold for Rocky Road Ice Cream.


Well, when you make it, we can both have ice cream in our own countries and toast your achievement.


?? Hit 7.5 of what?

I love ice cream, but being in Nebraska would be too hard to take. Same for Kansas.

I am at level 7.5 now.

@HippieChick58 Are you referring to bmi? If so, I hate to see what mine is at this point. I've been extremely limited in my diet for the past year due to a serious health issue, and now I'm as skinny as a Thai, at 95 lbs. I try to eat fattening food, but nausea, or worsening symptoms often discourages attempts to gain weight. Right now, I'm happy to get down two meals a day. If there were no health consequences, I'd live on chocolate ice cream, LOL!

@birdingnut I have no idea what my BMI is, I don't want to know. My doc keeps making noises about A1C. No the 7.5 is the level on this site. You're level 5. After you hit 6 it is a slow slog on up.

@HippieChick58 I'm unclear on the benefits of the points. I just post for my own amusement..being mostly stuck at home, left to amuse myself reading Kindle books or binge watching Netflix.

@birdingnut The numbers going up amuses me. There are some perks for higher levels. I get to approve comments from lower levels. I can't remember all of the perks, but its just part of the package.

@HippieChick58 100 points when we refer someone in here from Facebook or Twitter

@GreenAtheist I know!! Two of my FB friends have joined, but they're not very active.


I am currently living in the he'll that is called Missouri, the thought of intentionally going to Nebraska, or worse yet, Kansas, is too much depression for me to handle. Thanks for the invite though and I wish you a fine b-day. Say hello to Warren Buffet because until you posted, I thought him the only relevant icon of that state. Plus, I grew up here watching the Huskers butt f!#k the Tigers every year. Oh yeah, and screw Osborne too.

LOL!! Love Warren, I've lived in Missouri, and Kansas. Nebraska is where I started and just happened to be where we ended up. Football, meh.


I just hit 6 a couple of hours ago , two weeks flat ! I've been to Cold Stone Creamery , but I don't have a car yet . . .

Dougy Level 7 Jan 26, 2018



I wanted to go bowling.


I'll savor a scoop of vanilla bean from California to celebrate your accomplishment! 😉

Nena Level 6 Jan 26, 2018

that sounds like an earthquake

Everything okay there in the Southwest , or were you referring to something else ?

@Douglas the 7.5 the only thing happening here today is a pretty steady 30 mph wind

@btroje Okay , I get it . . . ! 7.5 . . . I'm slowing down , it's past midnight here .

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