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All right, you godless lot. Time for a fun, positive, feel-good game!

When was the last time you gave someone a sincere compliment? A friendly acknowledgment that made their day, week, month, or life?

Tag a member (as many as you want) and let them know what you like about them.

Please keep superficial physical attributes out of it. This is not an opportunity to highlight one's capacity for creepiness. All compliments should express an acknowledgement and appreciation of one or more of the subject's skills, achievements, non-physical attributes, etc.

Finally--to avoid the awkwardness of forced compliments--the recipient is not obligated and not allowed within this thread to send a compliment back to the sender. (Go ahead and send it somewhere else if you wish, but--again--you shouldn't feel obligated to do so and the original sender should not expect it.)

I'll start!

@Sheannutt, I've already told you what I think about you. You strike me as a sweet person and I enjoy your positive presence here.

@MrLizard, thank you for the advice you gave me. You had no idea who I was when I asked for help but you generously shared anyway.

@genessa, thanks for sticking up for a stranger and not jumping to conclusions.

And @CaroleKay, I appreciate the drought-tolerant gardening group you created and am impressed by your artistry.

Okay, let's keep this ball rolling, peeps! Remember: Stay positive and have fun!


misternatureboy 7 Sep 30

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Bah! Humbug!

Proper sentiment.


@Jonado, thanks for blocking me. My time on the site now is drama free, almost a Zen experience without you. It's lovely. ♥



There are so very many fantastic people here. So very many... Love y'all.

That's kind of how I feel. I would leave someone wonderful out of my tags and then feel badly. I think highly of so many members.

@Donotbelieve Me too.


Thank you for this opportunity @misterNatureBoy. It's important to tell people how special they are to us!

I have met so many wonderful people on this site. The number is too large to even begin mentioning them one by one. But I do especially want to call out the offenders group. It was started when so many of us were being beaten up and bullied for having an opinion. We were facing people that were reacting as opposed to acting. We didn't know where to go with it and feeling like step-children we sat quietly in the background and cried Softly. Somehow we all found each other, put a lot of time, care and effort into getting to know each other personally which is no easy task when the number gets up into the hundreds. Our bonds are strong and we have each other's backs!

I'm sure the elders on agnostic can tell so many of the same kind of friendship stories and I look forward to hearing them all! Anyone that I've ever had the joy to converse with on PM knows how I feel about them! This site and all of you rock! I am absolutely certain You Know Who You Are if you're one of my favorites here!

This speaks for me.

I am happy to have met you all!


Oh man, I'm late to this party. There are SO many of you I absolutely adore, many have been tagged on here already and others complimented them much more beautifully than I could have managed.
@Kafir is madly talented, wildly prolific and a genuinely good friend and person. I honestly can't think of a better set of qualities.
@Bingst is a quiet voice of compassion and reason that will sneak a laugh out of you AND fix your tech issues. You are all wonderful friends and I'm happy to have met you all.
And most of all @Admin for creating this community. I value the people I've met on here and everything I've learned so very, very much. Thank you.

Thank you, Possum! I'm blushing right now! You rock too!


Ok rules are for breaking...@kenriley & @BeeHappy nothing would make me happier than kicking back and necking a few beers..or whatever your pleasure is with you are truly unique and fantastic people..if I get stateside I'm gonna look you guys up and take you out to dinner and drinks at the best restaurant in town on me..and if you ever get within a hairs breadth of Ireland..let me know..same deal..your money is no good here..
That goes for all you offensive reprobate..yes you too Val! ..just don't all come the same frieken day..or I'll have to remortgage the house...its a royal pain in the ass living on the other side of the world..but no my country here for the community means something..and so do you guys!

Flattery will get you everywhere!! ?

So my money is no good in Ireland, how about for the plane ride there? I know I'm pushing it.

@kenriley ? I would bring the entire Offenders over here If I could....If I do come in to any real opposed to regular would work out cheaper to fly there..and get a few meets going..that would be great..but in truth if I could get a group over here to meet up for a week of fun here it would be fantastic..I know it's nigh on impossible to commit to 1 week of eating and drinking in Dublin..but for atmosphere alone..its hard to beat...

@Hitchens If I had lots of money I would fly you here, but sadly I don't, But I do want to see Ireland, and hopefully I will, and hanging out with you would be great.

@Hitchens One of the things I always wanted to do is play music in an Irish pub


We would have a ball...never say never!

@kenriley That would be easy...every pub in Ireland welcomes musicians...I would be proud as punch!


I met an American gentleman about a month ago..I was having dinner in a great pub in Carrick-on-shannon called the Oarsman..great pub..that also serve the best food in that town. I was enjoying a beautiful seafood Chowder..when this American musician started playing a guitar was one of my favourite tunes Ashokan Farewell..but played on guitar as opposed to violin/fiddle...I left the table to thank him for playing that tune..and shook his hand...he was very happy for it too. I asked the barman to bring him over a drink and charge it to my bill.
Do you know this tune Ken? You may recognise it as the theme tune to Ken Burn's brilliant Civil War Documentary ...??

@Hitchens I love this tune, I have never played it, maybe I'll start learning it, I use to play the fiddle some but it's been about 8 years.


It's a fine tune..with a recognisable Irish sound..must have been some Irish influence there surely...

@kenriley This one you will recognise from the last of the mohicans..

It's called the Gael..meaning Irish..I wonder would this translate well to acoustic guitar?..

@Hitchens Oh yel that's another great tune, I loved that movie too very sad ending. It would take a lot better guitar player then me.


?? Yep..its a tough one alright..maybe a Flamenco fast fingered Spanish guitarist could have some fun with it..?


You know it could have been..Im clueless as to the actual was just observing that it is so like the type of style we have here..that there may have been some Irish influence in the writing of the piece..☺


@Hankster - for being able to pull the crap out of my leg - without my realizing it. (And pretty much what everyone else has said too).

@Duke for being that crazy brother.

@GuyKeith for trying to inject some reason (Keep trying - they might hear you!).

@SukiSue for her way of seeing things differently.

@kenriley for being a truly nice guy. (That's honestly one of the best things you can be in my book).

@phxbillcee For being 'disagreeable' in the best ways possible. And for all the shoring up when I need it. You might be the most fun to debate with person on site and it's a well kept secret! (no more!).

Okay I'm pretty sure you guys know precisely how I feel because I tell you! . You folks I talk to every single day know who you are and that I do actually love and care about you.

@AMGT That you power on despite all? Inspirational.

So are the photos of the kitties (and that I've told you!).

I love you, too. Bunches & bunches! Also, I think the term your looking for is "snarky", 'cause I'm that even when I agree!!! I will be there whenever you need!

Nice? I'm not fucking nice, but I still like you.

@kenriley You can be an asshole and be nice in my book. I'm conflicted. 😉


I try to tell someone (even random strangers) how great they look, or compliment a turn of phrase, or Something, every single day!



You have made one of the kindest, most wholesome posts I’ve read in my short time here. Fuzzy feelings aside, consider yourself an official “good guy” in my book. That’s right, a stranger you know nothing about thinks you’re kinda neat. HAZZAH!

Thanks, buddy. I have my moments.


The Offenders Group, I'm not sure why I haven't been kicked out. I love you guys. @SukiSue, @Stacey48, @ProudMary, @Duke, @Val, @Ugly. And I know there's more.


Fuck that, this is the offenders group and I like all the fucking members. OK !

Uh, no it's not. Check the Group, Gramps.

See, I fucked up again !

Val, you're a very cool and fookin' funny fellow 🙂

I still fuck up !


I feel it is important to recognize a person who does their best. When I was working, I made sure to thank every nurse who helped me. I told every momma that I was proud of them after they gave birth. I thank everyone in service industries, from the checkout at the grocery line to the server in the restaurant. I like for people to know they are appreciated.


Love this community-building post. Thank you for publishing it.

@germangirl90439 Your infectious laugh always brightens my day when we talk on the phone. Our conversations flow like we've known each other for decades. You are so personable and I can totally be myself around you. Connie, you are so much fun to be around and I am so looking forward to the day we meet in person. Look out Gainsville. Haha ?☕

@AMGT Amy, from the time I joined a year ago, you were the main reason why I looked forward to logging on each day. I can't imagine without you. Don't want to. There were several times I wept after reading your earlier posts and I think you're one of the most courageous, forthright and wise people I've ever met. I was browsing on Amazon a few weeks back and found something that reminded me of you, so I put it in my cart. I plan to mail it to you someday when we exchange addresses. ??

@DeeTee I always look forward to your emails and the stimulating conversations we have when sharing video lectures, research, health/nutrition, and other mutual interests that have enhanced our friendship. You are quite intelligent, conscientious, and caring. A Gem. I'm glad our paths crossed. Even if we were no longer active on AG, I feel certain we will always stay in touch. ??

PS -- While I was making this post, I received notification that AMGT had tagged me, so I didn't break any rules here. Besides, such rules that hinder complimentary freedom of expression should be broken. ??

@germangirl90439 I'm aiming for early Spring if that works for you.


I told a young friend of mine and her young band (all in their early 20's)what a good job they did after their debut last night, because they did. Thinking about it, l compliment people all the time. It is such an easy thing to do, and hopefully makes a person feel a little better.


@Hitchens I hope one day to come to Ireland, We could really drink some beer.


@BeeHappy When ever I need a smile, I just have to look for you.

Awww, thanks!


Thank you, @travelerx2 for the great idea.

@Stacey48, Thank you for expressing your appreciation of my writing.

@chefbdad, I appreciate your sweet comment.

@KevinTwining, Aww..gee..shucks.. (sound of scraping boot.) Thank you for your compliment!

@HonkyBMcFunky, You always make me laugh! - “I have a pretty massive crush on LiterateHiker, but she is too far away and way too rational to deal with my crazy ass.”

@Bendog, Love your sense of humor.

You know you're a hottie... come on now!


I think that my elderly neighbor thought that I was hitting on him when I complemented him on how he looked in his red jacket. It was a really nice shade of red.


Awesome post!



I told my office mate just the other day that I was proud of his ability to tell his left from his right in only two tries.

godef Level 7 Sep 30, 2018

Truth. I struggle with that shit, lol.

Doggone it!


Here? Haven't been here long enough yet.

I did however push praise up the chain of command at my job. Brand new dispatcher, he's been there less than a month. Our senior dispatcher takes a week off leaving him with everything and no safety net. He handled it perfectly.


i did tell the bar staff earlier they were not as ugly as the last one


@MissKathleen, You are my most sensitive friend, And I really am so happy I have got to know you.

@kenriley I am honored that you would include me in your list of people to honor in this way. You are a kind and caring person and a good friend. I hope you can one day “change enough” to really be after @CaroleKay, who so deserves a man like you.


@RavenCT What a great level headed person you are and thanks for putting up with me.


@Shelton You are a very great friend, and one day we will have that beer.

@Shelton Kentucky won't never be the same.


@AMGT Amy you are the sweetest person on this site and I love you for that.

@AMGT I have never really care much for rules. I love that you just broke one.

@kenriley @amgt TEARS HAIR OUT IN CLUMPS

@AMGT Don't you know why Zen monks are bald?

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