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Just wondering, about past experiences. Im on a couple dating sites, and have had several dates with women are church going Christians. My Bio clearly states agnostic, but yet they continue to agree to, even ask for a meet and greet. they say they understand the meaning my beliefs, but once expressed, face to face, you can see the expression change all most instantly. Has any one on here had these same experiences. A couple have even came back for 2nd dates. Most just bail out . LOL

By malibu644
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Well my experience is that Your lack of belief doesnt matter at first but it will later..
SHe will try to slowly get you into church and praying and oh the headace you will have to go through..

They arent alway honest in the beginning...

Rdurham Level 5 Oct 12, 2018

I usually say something along these lines

godsAmyth Level 5 Oct 12, 2018

hahaha excellet LOL

@malibu64 Well said. I may have to steal that statement.


They think they understand but dont. Reality is not their thing lol


To identify yourself as "Agnostic" specifically identifies you as not being sure about religion. Many (most?) Christians are going to see that as an open invitation to "show you the light of Jesus". I agree with the suggestion that these religious women who want to meet you assume they can convert you and when you appear to be a hard sell they bail. Even if you are on the fence in this regard you might want to try identifying yourself as Atheist which will probably turn off a lot of women but those that respond would seem to be much better candidates.

OCJoe Level 6 Oct 11, 2018

There can be theist agnostics and atheist agnostics. I identify myself as an atheist agnostic.

Ocjoe, exactly what I was going to say.

Pbuck, I keep saying this as well. Claiming that you "know" there is no god is no better than claiming that you "know" there is a god.

I think that people that identify as agnostic or atheist mostly have a different opinion of what that means than believers do.

I identify as an agnostic atheist , meaning while I don't know that there's not some sort of god out there, I certainly don't see any reason to believe in one.

But when you tell a believer you're agnostic, I think that most take that to mean you have no specific religion, but you don't have an opinion one way or the other.
On the other hand, telling a believer you're atheist seems to mean you hate god, reject god, want to destroy god,etc. I think most can't seem to fathom that I don't feel any differently about their god than I do about Santa Claus or The Tooth Fairy.
I may have strong opinions about the ideals of their fictional character, but c'mon... It's fiction people ?


Ha! Maybe to them, being agnostic is not as bad as claiming atheism. It leaves some wiggle room for possible conversion. Christians have always been big on conversion!

The-Krzyz Level 7 Oct 11, 2018

Iam on couple of date sites request just friends have made some good friends but don't push my beliefs on others

sunnn Level 4 Oct 13, 2018

A lot of believers think they can be the one to "rescue" you from yourself. I have met men like that. They are rampant here in the Midwest, as I'm sure you're aware.

Deb57 Level 7 Oct 13, 2018

Yes I know, you show up as the closest member to me. I live up by the Quad cities, and very very few liberal, agnostic, free thinkers in this area. If you go towards the Iowa City area it increases but not by much. I haven't had any try to save me, but a few that have just been cold as hell when they find out LOL


At this point in my life I would not even agree to date a jesus fan boy.


Thanks every one for such a wide variety of answers, suggestions and comments. I know religion, I was raised Baptist, baptised Mormon, and married to 2 catholics LOL

malibu64 Level 4 Oct 11, 2018

Which begs the question of why are YOU wasting your time with this?

GuyKeith Level 8 Oct 11, 2018

I avoid (like the plague? Is that too biblical a simile?) anyone who appears to be somewhat serious about their religion. But I have good friends (some of them women) who are religious but are very cool about it.

As long as they don't intend to convert me, or exercise their religion in a harmful way, I am no longer concerned about it. I am content with being an atheist, no longer care so much about being an antitheist. smile001.gif

Oh no biblical similes are the best! To understand the potent literary references therein is the only reason to study the Bible, other than more effectively pissing off christians. Best simile in the Bible is Ezekiel 23:19-22 I think, where the good lord saw fit to inspire the comparison: the men of egypt are hung like donkeys and they cum like horses! Apparently it's a pleasure to be a harlot there. Good to know, god. No yelp reviews for where a fella can get some action though? Oh duh, I'll just conquer a neighboring tribe and take their virgins then shall I? Oh god, you're a hoot. ?


These ladies sound like, “Broken wing menders.” They think they can “fix” you if they nurture and care for you enough. I’ve had my share of men who were the same. They thought I was broken from previous unhealthy relationships and all I needed was a “good man to show me the way.” Once I made it perfectly clear that I didn’t need to be fixed, things never worked out.


The meaning, to them, is that you are on the fence and it really doesn't matter. I lived with a woman for 12 years. She was agnostic and I Catholic. It really didn't matter. I did not push my beliefs on her and she even went to mass a couple of times because she liked the ceremony. We broke up when I left religion and became very vocal about environmental issues (and she relapsed with her drinking).
I too have been contacted by women who were religious (i have since left dating sites). Finally, I added atheist to my profile and when a religious person contacted me I told them our different belief systems would make this a no-go. One has to be proactive from the start.


Probably some combination between the usual denial of the religious, being horny, and thinking they can convert you.


I've actually had the shoe on the other foot. I was totally in love with a Christian. It hurt to let it go, but I knew it would never work. It is better just to stay with ones own beliefs, I think.

Angee Level 4 Oct 13, 2018

It would seem that clearly they've ignored your beliefs up until that moment. Surprised they don't try harder to convert you! I hope you have better luck in the future. It's definitely worth waiting to find someone who's on the same page.


Maybe they are trying to keep an open mind? That’s hard to say these days. I was raised Christian and date all types of beliefs. I’m agnostic now mainly because the evil I see in those people, not the actual religion itself. Maybe they are looking for a way out?

Snowsue Level 3 Oct 11, 2018

I instantly block/delete anyone who claims to be Christian/religious, and if they don't say so in their dating profiles, I ghost them the moment they reveal Christian religious beliefs to me.

I have no reason to argue with or communicate with them further, at all.


Many women I know talk about how men only look at the photos and don't really read the profiles and details on dating sites. Maybe that is true with women, as well? Or maybe they are like so many people and can not see what they don't want to see... that a man they are attracted to and has so many obviously great qualities doesn't accept their faith at face value.

I had one woman I dated twice who told me after the second date that my being an atheist was a deal breaker. We never talked about it. But it was plainly on my Match profile. I have rationalized it away as her just not being into overwhelmingly sexy men.

Seeker3CO Level 7 Oct 11, 2018

I would say that there is no base answer, I've had some work out well and others not. as a rule I lean away from the spiritual just because I don't like the disappointment when they realize they can convince me, also I feel a little bad when they realize there is no evidence for any gods and I was the one who took there entire world view and shook it up.

Thehosh84 Level 4 Oct 11, 2018

The very nature of their religion tells them to rescue you and straighten you out. If your bio says you are agnostic everyone in church knows that you haven't got a clue about god, or that you just haven't found the right god yet. Yes, agnostics and atheists need to be fixed and evangelized. The believer thinks they just need to be straightened out.

DenoPenno Level 8 Oct 11, 2018

I get the feeling beliveres think that with agnostics theres still a chnace they will become belivers where athiests are more of a lost cause

Simon1 Level 7 Oct 14, 2018

They hit on Atheists too. I always state Atheist and it doesn't stop them, they just don't care.


I'm fairly lucky on this front because I live in NYC, and for some reason, calling oneself an atheist or non-believer is just as common as liking pepperoni on pizza. But I have had a few encounters with people who are "spiritual but not religious" or "believe in something, but not sure what" and my experience is that it has to not be a big deal for things to go okay. If they're a regular church-goer, I don't even bother and I steer way clear of Catholics because I just can't with that religion. It could be easier because I have more choices here, but I'd like to think I'd do the same if I were anywhere else. I'm not an experiment to be used to see if I can be converted or investigated via romantic relationship.

Olnoseven Level 7 Oct 13, 2018

I agree with any hot chicks beliefs for sex. Halle Luya !


I think beliefs are personal matter. u can have 2 people with different beliefs and opinions marry have kids and be very happy. u don't want to marry your twin ! And dating is dating. Many men date for casual friendship and SEX. religion is suppose to unite not divide.


I have had the same problem, but never went to meet anyone. Just deleted my profile.
My profile specifically stated no Christians. Made me jokingly think to myself that they were illiterate.

AndiPandi Level 5 Oct 12, 2018

The worst ones nearly all use the King James and read no other book, you should write. "Therefore show thowself not to be likend unto a Christian before my face." They should understand better.

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