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It is my opinion, based on what I observe and articles that I have read, that conservative evangelicals are framing a new religion. God's chosen people are no longer the Hebrews but American, conservative, evangelicals. They have suggested rewriting the bible to conform to conservative, evangelical dogma. It is completely contrary to biblical teaching and the very opposite to Jesus' instructions.

jlynn37 8 Feb 2

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Wish you lived nearby ????.
Like all Americans I’ve met they all want to visit Ireland ,You ? ????. ????

Of course I would like to visit Ireland but I have no plans to do so.

1 would be something to consider. The whole book is hogwash. No one with a global prospective who would have created everyone would ever say the things that are in that book. So either we have a god who can't write well or even write his own book. Seems like a weak god or one who isn't aligned with any religion out there.


Makes sense. We already know religion is all made up crap designed to control the masses, this is nothing new.

godef Level 7 Feb 12, 2018

Re-writing the bible has been the preferred method to get your agenda across to the masses. It has been done since Year 32. They made mistakes, of course, like trying too hard to tie the life of Jesus to the existing heathen calendar, only to mess up with Easter. Jesus rises on a different date every year, because Easter (the festival of the goddess Oestre, is tied to the moon calendar) Oh shit. But none of the believers questioned this , due to the extreme joy of the rising of the dead Jesus. So, next time you want to install a religion over top of an existing one, line up your calendars!


What else is new? This has been happening throughout history. In my opinion, it is never so much about religious beliefs as it is about power and control.
Your last sentence, about biblical teaching and Jesus' instructions makes me wonder if you are religious? I ask because I and most other freethinkers I know do not refer to the Bible in that way, with the assumption that it is Jesus' words.

marga Level 7 Feb 4, 2018

I am totally Atheist and Anti-theist. And how might other freethinkers refer to the bible. I am only referencing Jesus words as stated in the bible, which is, in my opinion fiction, myth, fable, nonsense, etc.


It gets depressive to talk about those fuckers, but CCs are the American Jihadi, if they could kill a person legally, they would— but hey, they kill people now illegally and get bias juries to give them passes anyway.


Not even new to the USA. When England was the worlds top banana there was a myth that Jesus had come to Glastonbury (I think he played the pyramid stage lol). Blake wrote a poem about it which became a hymn. The only one that us recalcitrant boys would ever sing at school assembly.


I love this reworking of a Woody Allan joke


I agree with you. When I observe the televangelists buying their jet planes and living in their mansions I think this is not the way Jesus lived and I think that a true Christian would take Jesus as an example and try to live as he lived....not in poverty...I don't mean that....but the golden rule is so important in life. These new evangelists are not tolerant or kind. They judge and they worship money and control. They are a new breed...that's for sure. They will go down in flames because what they are doing is NOT Christian by any means.


This idea has its origins in the wiring of evangelical Calvinist leaders during the Great Awakening of the mid 1700s. It is not at all new. People like Jonathan Edwards wrote that the "old world" has had its chance and has blown it. They had killed Jesus and martyred the saints. In their mind there was going to be a new millennium in which God established his kingdom in America.

American, conservative, evangelicals did not exist at that time, so how could they be the chosen people?

@jlynn37 American evangelicals most certainly did exist at that time. The conservative mix with it came later. Once the idea was established that we Americans were God's new chosen people, ideas of "manifest destiny" arose, along with conservative ethnocentrism. It was a natural progression.

You need to read Alan Heimert's book, THE AMERICAN MIND FROM THE GREAT AWAKENING TO THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION -- the most thoroughly researched book on the topic ever written. Be careful of false assertions.

Agreed. The origin for the 'new chosen people' is centuries old. The concepts of a virtuous America where a cultish belief in its exceptionalism gave rise to Manifest Destiny is as old as its founding. Further, the belief that America is the 'lamb-like beast' referred to in Revelation 13 (i.e., the final superpower prior to the end times) arose more than 150 years ago. What we are seeing today is nothing new--mere rebranding.

@wordywalt Your opinion is noted.

@jlynn37 Let me add that the origins of today's American evangelical sects can be traced directly to the Great Awakening. They would not exist today, were it not for the religious emotionalism unleash.ed in the Great Awakening.

@wordywalt I imagine that Adam, Eve, Cain and Able were American, conservative,evangelicals don't you think.

@jlynn37 You don't do yourself any favors by being absurdly sarcastic. Accepting the truth and admitting that you were wrong would serve you better. We all make mistakes. Own up and move on.

Interesting. It is despicable what people will do for authority over others.

@jlynn37 I enjoy your sarcasm. Even Bob Dylan sang;"With god on our side."


While I do not follow a religion based on the teaching of Jesus, I certainly believe that many of his philosophies are what we should strive to live by. The evangelical Christians are so far away from my understanding of what living a Christian life would mean, so horrendously hypocritical that it has gone far beyond what I used to find comical and now find scary and pretty depressing. People seem to be getting further and further away from true enlightenment. Hell, they seem to be losing their humanity. Sad, scary times....


That's a fair opinion/ interpretation there sure is getting weird.

WAIT!!!!! It always has been weird!

twill Level 7 Feb 2, 2018

I completely agree with your opinion. In addition to what you've stated, they're desperately trying to turn this country into their own personal Theocracy.

They are getting closer to doing that than ever before in the history of this country.

I know. It's quite frightening for an LGBTI person.

@jlynn37, the history of north america? the brutal near-eradication, if not forced conversion, the encagement in reserves of america's first nations...? the current outrage is just another chapter in a tome of ignorance, fear & violence.

@walklightly - Trust me, I know. I heard about it at my grandmother's knee. She was 100% Navajo.

yes, @BrigitAIA, i do understand, & i am sorry for the dreadful side of your family history. yet my point is: nothing in our modern world is actually getting worse than the past has been - for most people. more & more people wake up, which makes the pain of injustice more keenly felt.


That makes sense, but I don't like it.


I agree. I also think they're making a concerted effort to take over the entire country.
It's quite possible that they won't stop unless they are forced to stop. That would be
an extremely unfortunate prospect, and not just for them. Events are currently unfolding
which are deliberately undermining the US Constitution and Rule of Law. I have a bad
feeling that it's going to get really ugly.

I agree.


Ramen...he boiled for your sins.


A unique American religion? Sounds intriguing. Talk with the Mormons about this.

There was no mention of a "unique American religion", just a framing of a new religion.

It didn't mention it, but it seemed headed somewhat in that direction.


I never liked being referred to as God's chosen people. Glad there is a new group to bear the brunt of the load.

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