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Ok so let's hear how everyone thinks on this issue.
Do you take off your shoes when you enter your home? Do you require others to take off their shoes.. and how do you deal with it? do you provide slippers?

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AmmaRE007 7 Oct 30

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I live in an a little dirt makes a big mess. I take mine off, but don't require others. Then again, others typically don't enter, or just stay in the kitchen/dining area. I also spent time in Okinawa and on the isn't that culturally weird for me anyhow.


I don’t care, shoes or no shoes. I have two dogs, so the carpet always needs a vacuum anyway.

UUNJ Level 8 Oct 30, 2018

Nobody wears thier shoes in my home, including me.
The stuff you walk through every day and you want to take that into your home.. yuck!



Here's my philosophy on shoes in the house.
Living beings put nasty stuff on the ground. There's poop, pee, spit, puke, dirt, oil, and a multitude of germs and bacteria. All carried in on the soles of one's shoes. You don't wanna take off your shoes in my home? Then don't come over.


I take my shoes off for comfort only and don't require my guests to remove their shoes.


There is not achoice for don't take them off. I don't. I would at someone else's house if it looked like they did.

MsAl Level 7 Oct 31, 2018

Same here


No, I do not take my shoes off. Doctor's orders. I also do not ask my guests to take off theirs. I have a vacuum cleaner, brooms and mops.


I have pets so there’s no point in taking shoes off just because of germs. I don’t eat off my carpets so I don’t see the problem. Unless it’s muddy, of course.

I do take my shoes off for comfort, though.

I think it’s rather rude to demand visitors remove their shoes.


Asian rules. Take them off, ffs.

@ShuMei2018 Not too many of us around here? My ethnic background is Korean. Too many Koreans are Christians. Well, my mon is a Catholic.

But we still take our shoes off when we enter a house. 🙂

"Good kimbop"? Too much trouble. Kim. Rice. Sausage links, cooked and sliced vertically. Sliced pickled yellow radish. Roll them up and eat without slicing them. Korean handroll.

Good enough. 🙂

@ShuMei2018 Sure thing! I am always (well, not always, always. I do work for a living) up for a happy hour drinks (with a bit of advance planning, lol!). Hit me up one of these days. Happy to share a drink with a fellow Asian atheist!


No. I don't take my shoes off nor do I ask anyone else to do so. That's nothing less than pretentious. I'm a farmboy. We don't do pretense very well.

I grew up on a farm and that's why we took our shoes off. No tracking mud and manure in the house!


I couldn't vote because I don't take off my shoes (unless it's winter and my boots are snowy or muddy) and I do not ask anyone else to do so.
Here's the thing for me -- I usually have dogs who run in and out of the house freely. -- unless there is obvious muck. Anything people bring in is probably going to be less toxic or unappealing than dog feet..
So I have a question for those who do remove their shoes -- what do you do about animals/pets? Do you own them? If so, what do you do about them tracking in germs, etc?

We take our shoes off and use slippers, the dog before entering the door we have wet wipes and clean all four feet beforehand then he's allowed to enter. As a matter of fact if someone else is walking him and they skip that part he's all confused and stays by the door. We then explain to the others what they have to do to get the dog to go inside. It literally takes 30 seconds

@astrnelis I had dog once that was pretty good emulating humans in that she sat her ass on the couch with her front feet on the ground but she also wiped her feet.

No shit, she did. It wasn't really effective but it was amusing to watch

@astrnelis & @Lucy_Fehr, dogs are just too funny in their creature habits!


Nah. Neither. D) none of the above


I don't remove mine, I don't ask anyone else to, and if someone asked me to remove my shoes I'd politely decline and probably leave.

I wear shoes for warmth, for foot support (feet hurt without them), plus no one wants to worry about the state of their socks around other people. It would seem just as rude to ask other people to remove any other article of clothing in your house. The role of host is make guests feel comfortable, not self conscious. Footwear that has been stomped through mud/slush etc are a different story. If you don't want people shoes in your house, keep a box of those little over-shoe booties by the front door.


Frankly my dear, I don't give a damn.


I think it's really weird to wear shoes in the house to the point where I ask if I should take them off when I go to someone else's house. Just think of all the crap (literal and figurative) you walk through in your shoes. Gross. I almost always have socks on though. I grew up on a farm so we always had to take our shoes off so we didn't track mud or worse in. Now I live at the beach and I don't need sand coming in on shoes. Take them off! I prefer guests take them off, but I don't require it. If the giant pile of shoes by the door isn't enough to give you the hint to take them off, I assume you are more comfortable not taking them off. It's so much more comfortable not wearing shoes too.

Remi Level 7 Oct 31, 2018

All shoes off, if not, get the fuck out.

@Quazi uh huh, I don't play that shit.

Don't take off your shoes, you're not staying that long anyway.

@MacTavish you can fuck off then (gordon ramsey voice) lol


You left out "I don't take off my shoes or ask others to".

Actually we're not stupid, we take our shoes off it it's rainy and muddy / snowy or otherwise a slop-fest as it's impossible not to track it all over the house. We also take our shoes off if it's more comfortable to have them off, which is usually true when we are staying indoors. But we don't necessarily do so when going in and out doing errands and such. My wife has boots of some soft material that she often forgets to take off because they're so comfortable, though. Also, ahem, at our age it's more work to get them off 😉


Not only do I not take my shoes off I don't ask people to either. Keeps my house from getting stinky.


How come "I don't take off my shoes" is missing as an option? I have quartersawn white oak floors and tile. I hate carpeting for so many reasons! I think the only person who removed their shoes is a neighbor that just came from their horse pasture and had horse shit all over their boots. Other than that... Wipe your feet and come on in.

Obviously I remove my hiking boots if I go hiking and they are really muddy. I'll kick them off in the garage or beside the laundry room and let them dry. I have a backpack vacuum that works great. I hit the whole house every week to ten days.


My son's friend did this ..and the smell was absolutely nauseatingly awful...his once white socks were was so bad I gave him a clean pair of socks ..and pointed him to the bathroom with soap and a towel.I could not clear the smell for lingered and was embedded in the carpet ..sounds harsh ..but sometimes you have to take the bull by the horns and confront a difficult problem.So ..the answer to this moral dilemma ..keep your shoes on please...especially if your feet stink !

That's always been the dilemma for me. Which is dirtier? Street crud or unbelievably smelly (greasy, sweaty) feet? I take my own shoes off for personal comfort, more than anything (keeping them on if my shoes have turned stinky).


For the past 25 years, I have had a shoe-free home. It keeps the floors much cleaner.

In the house, I wear moccasins. At night, I put my moccasins on a Peet shoe/boot dryer and warmer. Cozy and warm in the morning!


Sometimes I fall asleep with my shoes on

I HAVE to admit..i've done the same lol


Since I live in Florida, I am nearly always in flip flops and prefer being barefoot, I am very likely to kick mine off whether they want me to or not LOL

Enclosed footwear is another matter. If I see a pile of shoes at the door and they have light carpet or brilliantly gleaming floors, I typically take them off but in the absence of some obvious hint that I should, I probably won't

If you prefer that people remove their shoes, you could post a decorative or whimsical sign


I take off my shoes when entering any home. I know that is not how everyone does things, and I accept that. Most people remove their shoes in my home after they see I do so.


I do not take off my shoes, unless they are very dirty. I do not ask guests to remove their shoes. It's their decision. I am an American.

I know other cultures do this. My own daughter-in-law requests removing shoes, and I comply. She is Slovenian, and grew up with this home habit.


I believe barefoot is best, but my guests are free to wear or not wear whatever they like.

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