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Does anyone else feel this way?

RobertMartin 8 Nov 4

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no. i do not feel that way. the two parties are nothing alike. if you don't vote democratic, even if you vote indie you're voting for republicans and that means you definitely will not get your country back.


Then why do Republicans say that if anyone votes Independent, it gives the votes to the Democrats? How can both be right?

@RobertMartin both are not right. you have not noticed that republicans lie? well, if indie votes redound to democrats, why did the republicans pay to have indie candidates on the ballots in two recent state special elections (one was ohio and i forget what the other one was)? republicans LIE. remember how they've spent the last several years trying to kill obamacare, and how they're currently suing to destroy the protection for preexisting conditions? notice how republican candidates are now saying that they will protect preexisting conditions and the democrats (you know, the ones who PASSED obamacare, preexisting condition protection and all) are the ones who are trying to destroy it? you don't notice this kind of thing?


@genessa all politicians are liars and crooks.

@RobertMartin not even close in amounts stolen right now. Republicans are war profiteering, giving breaks to billionaires to the point that mega yacht sales are booming while driving up the defecit with as much debt as we racked up in the first 200 years of our existence.

Demolishing all EPA regulations, telling people that asbestos and a little bit of radiation is good for you, all while robbing our medicare and social security, removing coverage for pre existing conditions, a GOPer is raising life saving treatments cost for us and lowering them in russia.

Mango mussolini is fomenting white nationalist violence and convincing the gullible white working class that people of color are the reasons we're in the shitter while to our faces handing all the money to the richest. Corporate profits are soaring and wages are flat.

The tarrifs supposedly placed to hurt china wound up hurting our own farmers and we wound up bailing them out with billions more borrowed from... China? Thatll teach em. Hes kissed the ass and sucked the cock of every dictator on earth while breaking ties and insulting our best allies. Hes made us a literal laughing stock in front of the whole world at the UN.

Not to mention every time a democrat has been involved in a sex scandal the past few years they have stepped down and apologized while every republican sex criminal doubles down and blames the victim. I could keep going but no the parties arent equally to blame for fucking anything as long as the republicans are sycophantic enough to line up behind the oompa loompa oligarch. Hes destroyed any moral high ground credibility or equality the republicans ever had.

@RobertMartin okay, generalize. THAT's helpful. NOT. not everyone who is in public service is a liar and a crook and they have to get into politics to get there at the levels about which we're talking. but hey, if you just paint them all with the same brush, then it's easier to justify one's own mental and physical laziness, isn't it? for the record, some of those liars and crooks got us the end of child labor, the weekend, the minimum wage (although the actual liars and crooks have kept that below a living wage; democrats are trying to get a minimum wage that can actually keep people ALIVE! how horribly corrupt of them! as well as social security (which is saving MY life), medicare, medicaid, the civil rights bill (which republicans are trashing).... do i really have to go on? so what do you want to do, have no government? oh, maybe YOU want to be in charge. that should be fun.


@Wurlitzer Damn πŸ˜€ ...and β€œMango mussolini” ..that’s a first, for me ~


I am a Democrat but I want our politicians to be statesmen and work for compromise for the BEST for the NATION, not the best for their pockets.


I’m a democratic socialist but an American first and I want this country to start to live up to its ideals and start to show some compassion for those In need


No I am a Democrat all the way. Until we get a different system you had better pick one or the other. This is how we ended up with this shitstorm.

The two party system is the cause if the shitstorm.

@RobertMartin no it's not. we do not have a parliamentary system. we don't make coalitions. three parties don't work in our system. that's just propaganda.


@RobertMartin No apathy is the cause. How many Dems didn't vote because Bernie didn't get the nomination. The old, "fuck me, watch this," scenario. The two party system is here and ain't going anywhere soon. If in your mind it is the lesser of two evils, then that is what you do. You pick the lesser of two evils. You don't sit on your ass and do nothing. That is how we ended up in this shit storm.


I see it wholeheartedly. I want my country back. It's always been a bit kooky but in the last 2 years it has went into total insanity. I do not want an insane America. I want an America where we can all live together and be equal and civil human beings.


There are things I don't like about both parties, but they are not equally bad. The conservative side has gotten farther and farther from the center and has cast ethics and honesty to the winds. Now it seems like common decency is frowned upon as a liberal trait.

Deb57 Level 8 Nov 4, 2018

We have such divisiveness today thanks to Newt Gingrich, Dick Armee, and TOm delay who made a point of making politics angry and mean -- and ideologically extreme. Additional blame goes to Mitch McConnell who deliberately and willfully obstructed any constructive action in the senate, and is continuing to do so today. Add to that the demagogic commentary of Palin, Cruz, Limbaugh, Ann Coulter and other such talking heads without truth or honor. The final blow has been the lying, vicious, fear=mongering, and divisive behavior of Trump.

I am a Democrat, but I always respected Republicans s like Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt, Howard Baker, Bob Dole, Everett Dirksen, and John McCain.

We can return to the days of constructive, patriotic bipartisan action if voters will get rid of the corrupt politicians enamored with the culture of creed, lust for personal and partisan power, and moribund ideology. It is up to us to start showing real judgment and a demand for real moral backbone.

Dick Armey, I always found that name funny. Did he ever have a clue to how that sounded.

@RobertMartin I always assumed that was his problem πŸ˜‰


Nope! Proud Democrat here!


I'm Native American. I know the feeling.


Proudly an American democrat...sadly living under republican before yesterday or STFU


why are so maney scared of helping each other is you greed so strong you prefer people to die?



no way . Democrat and proud .


I feel this way, i wish our political system would start to make sense again..




No, probably because I’ve so closely watched the propagandistic demonization of the Democratic Party, and know better..

Varn Level 8 Nov 4, 2018

Very true, the democratic party has been demonized by a lot of propoganda lately. So has health care, equality, human decency, lotta good stuff.


Yes I do. I consider myself an independent.


Excellent position.


This girl!


I feel this way, i wish our political system would start to make sense again..


Great meme...wish people would get out of their tribal mentality and realize we're all one tribe.


Has it wondered off?

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