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OK folks, lets see how many here think they have this Figured out. Is there going to be a blue wave or a red one? Or close with blue taking control or red keeping control? Feel free to elaborate on your reasoning

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Captain_Feelgood 8 Nov 5

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I'd like to believe a blue wave will happen, but the Republicans will change all the rules in order to stay in power.

Gohan Level 7 Nov 5, 2018

How would/could they change the rules?


Make sure you vote.

Just did, and man there were a bunch of MAGA hats there.

@Captain_Feelgood Great! I voted absentee but very few MAGA hats here.


Only an idiot would vote for a democrat so I’m going to go with the red wave. Where I live it’s overwhelmingly red but I do realize folks in some other areas aren’t nearly as wise as the locals around here are.

You're an avid reader of history and still a Trump fan... Do you see the rise of authoritarianism as a good thing? I'd be interested in your perspective as I don't see how anyone could support Trump.


I'm not predicting anything. I'm just going to wait for the results.


I think I go along with Genessa on this one.


Close with red, as the medias have been wrong before in the past over polls.


i have a better idea. instead of trying to guess, make it happen. VOTE. not here. in real life.



I go with Homer J. Simpson, communist, hehehe.


I'll be riding a Green wave. I don't care what anyone says. Democrats need to shape up. They don't deserve or own my vote, and I can't be shamed into it either. They should be working for us, not the other way around. Just because they're better than the Republicans isn't sufficient for me. I have higher standards.

your higher standards will keep republicans in power.


@genessa That's exactly what his "higher standards" will do. It's like people I talk to that claim to hate a certain bad candidate in my area then say "they will vote for him anyway." WTF is that? Vote blue or we do not get needed change.

This makes you a Republican, supporting Trump and his agenda.

BTW, that RT dinner where Michael Flynn was sitting next to Putin, Jill Stein was at that same table. Why do you suppose that was?

Where the outcome is uncertain and there clearly is a choice between mostly good and mostly evil, sitting it out or voting 3rd party is a vote for mostly evil.

We are always faced with voting for the lesser of two evils. Didn't the 2016 election teach you anything? If all the 3rd party and sit it out voters had voted for Clinton, Trump wouldn't be president.

@genessa I can say the same about hardcore Democrat voters.

Hold Democrats accountable or they will keep the status quo. Just think, if all Dems voted Green, they might defeat the Republicans. You don't like that though, do you? You're asking me to do the same damn thing by voting for people I don't want to. The arrogance. Dems are owed nothing.

@shockwaverider I tell you I am voting Green and you say it makes me a Rep and a Trump supporter and also supporting his agenda. How completely blind is that? Do you even know what you said? As to the Jill Stein "issue", you can read all about it and also take it from her mouth, but that would go against your confirmation bias. You do know that Hillary Clinton invited Putin to a Clinton Foundation gala, right? Or would you like to twist that to not mean the same thing you're trying to insinuate for Stein?

You guys can spew all the misinformation about 3rd parties that you want.

@maturin1919 That's exactly what the two parties want. People keep promoting this idea that 3rd parties can't win. Of course they can't with that mentality.

Why not just go back to 2000 and blame Nader, just like everyone else. It's just not true. Gore didn't even win his own state.

There's something so arrogant about voters telling other voters who they should vote for. This is America and everyone is afforded their own vote for whatever reason they want. Stop being un-American. No party is owed a vote. I'm telling you to vote Green. Why not obey me? Cause it doesn't fit your own wishes. Exactly.

@maturin1919 Don't need to want it? They pump out so much propaganda about 3rd parties, as is evident with blaming 3rd parties whenever the Democratic Party loses an election, and Dems eat it up because it's easier to blame 3rd parties than their own party. Of course 3rd parties can't win with that mentality. Do you know how many people I have heard say, "I would vote for the Green Party because I like their ideas, but they can't win"? Hillary might have been qualified, but she had PLENTY of flaws. I'm not trying to make any point with my vote other than IT'S MY VOTE! If we followed the same logic then you should vote for who I said you should. It's been disproven time and time again that 3rd parties don't have as much influence in the Dem Party losing as much as you guys think. Not that Dems would actually believe it.

@DenoPenno Yep, I'm voting Green just so the Republicans and Trump can win. You found me out!

I like how people here say, GET OUT AND VOTE!!!...............but make sure it's for who we want you to vote for! Or else we will try to shame you!

@maturin1919 No, it's not a proven fact. Just like it was a proven fact that "Nader cost Gore the 2000 election". I don't think so. I've done A LOT of reading on it. It's laughable.

@maturin1919 he'll never get it. he thinks he's voting his conscience. whatever. too bad people will read it and think he knows what he's talking about. you've done your bit toward preventing that, better than i could, and i thank you for that. i'll just block him so at least he won't sully any of my posts.


@maturin1919 Basic indeed.

@maturin1919 Maybe you should reevaluate that. Just because someone votes for the Green Party doesn't mean they would vote for Dems if there were no Green Party candidates. Then you can shame them for not voting for the Dem then too. Win/win. If 3rd party options didn't very American. <sarcasm>

@Piece2YourPuzzle You're the blind one in this situation. Your vote for the Green Party goes directly into the ash heap of history, benefiting only your self-righteous stubbornness and Donald Trump.

I have nothing against third parties in a parliamentary system. America, however, is a two party system (for now). There currently isn't a viable path to victory for any third party in tomorrow's election. Any person who doesn't vote or votes for any third party, in this election, is helping Trump and the Republicans. Since you don't appear to be on that side of things, you may want to reconsider your position.

I could understand the whole green movement if it were not for the blatant communism. If you think its cool or something to wear a Che Guevara shirt like her running mate liked to do, theres no way l would ever vote for you. That duo was dangerous.


Blue WAVE OF House, Governorships, Not sure about Senate but would be wonderful to Impeach Trump

From analyses I have seen, you are correct. GOP will keep the senate and Dems will get the house. Governors not sure. But governors have no influence on federal govt, is this correct?
PS polls have been most unreliable lately.

@powder Governors tend to influence (where allowed) congressional districts. So they have a great deal of influence.

@GinaMaria thanks. I've heard of trifectors too, where both houses and the governorship are held by the same party.


Wednesday will inform all of us and no speculation needed.

OH jlynn... that's no fun.. lol


A slight blue swell on the low side with a calm red on the high.


Poll is inadequate. It needs an option for, "Doesn't truly matter. Politics, religion, and other maladaptive tribalism are destroying the fabric of our civil society. If we instead work towards uniting and fixing our cultures, it won't matter who gets elected."

Wordy, but that's the box I would have checked. 😉

That box would be called Apatheticshowing or feeling no interest, enthusiasm, or concern.: "apathetic slackers who don't vote".

@Varn DAAYUM VARN,, DAS COOOOLD.... funny as hell, but cold.. lmao

Republican is a more succinct explanation. No wonder Trump won in 2016.


The Democratic party has not yet learned the lessons of the 2016 election fiasco. They are still excessively influenced, paradoxically, by both regressive leftists and crony capitalists. I think that the U.S. voters retain sufficient annoyance with persistent Democratic Party demeanor to keep the GOP in control. I am not pleased with this expected outcome.

The Democratic Party has little to do with it… The candidates running within that party were selected within their voting districts, thus represent their interests. Party platforms are passe.. The people are voting, and from early indications, in increased numbers.


I do not care as long as I do not WAVE goodbye to our constitution.

EMC2 Level 8 Nov 5, 2018

Sitting it out or a vote for R is a vote to say goodbye to our constitution and say hello to our Dear Leader for Life, DJT.


I would like to say a blue tidal wave but unfortunately most people don't care enough to even go vote.... truly sad...
I did watch the Sunday morning news programs and most of them said blue takes the house but red keeps the Senate.

I agree with your assessment. If we don't take the House back, we're totally screwed.

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