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It would be nice if all the religious crazies had their own continent where they could all be crazy together?
Antarctica is the obvious choice in my mind.

Surfpirate 8 Nov 16

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i thought the saudi embassy in turkey might be a good place for them to gather.



I like the Middle East idea except that the Palistineans have been crapped on enough. We might be able to convert them to our way of thinking though, this could work, Armeggedon anyone!

BillF Level 7 Nov 17, 2018

They would line up to get to the Rapture first but it would be unfair to the Palestinians and the Israelis would be firing on them as soon as the flotilla got within their territorial waters.


No, there is too much unspoiled territory in Antarctica, way too much of value to science that they would destroy down there.

I vote that we give them Nebraska, wall it off and dump them all in there. When they want to relocate and can prove their rationality they can come out.

Great, they'll be slipping across the border into my country for refugee status and the free health care. 😉

@Surfpirate Oh, the irony. We'll build a wall.

@icolan The snowplows are already lined up and just waiting to push the snow into an ice wall along the border, like the one in Game of Thrones. 😀


We have a place called Craggy island, the ideal place for them...


Then they can all get eaten by Shoggoths. I like this plan.


NOO ! they would have all the penguins shaking their heads..


Think about the poor penguins!


No fucking way are they moving into my neck of the woods. I won't allow it.


They can't have Antarctica. That would be mean to the penguins, and they already have MORE than enough to contend with as it is.


I think there's a nice black hole located at the center of our galaxy. I hear it's pleasant this time of year. They can all go live there.

I like the way you think.

now you're thinking!


send them to Mars IN Elon Musks van


Antarctica, the cleanest, most beautiful places left on the planet. No......send them to the moon

I've actually been to Antarctica and I can say with certainty that it would swallow them up without a trace.

and in 3,000 years they might be uncovered and researched lol

@AmmaRE007 Hahahaha

@Surfpirate Still not going to allow it. Sorry.

@Surfpirate not on the one place on the planet we haven't fucked up. Nah there has to be a better place. I'd say NZ but some of my besties are kiwis, but now that I think about it.....they all live in Aust! ok NZ it is 😀 (I duck down out of the line of fire)


Was thinking like present day Atlantis would be a safer choice..


Sadly they think we should be shipped off.


Now look here, The people of Argartha who live under the south pole don't want all sorts of crazy people going there, with their silly delusional beliefs, I know because a Pink yeti told me so.


And give them a new place to ruin? They already ruined the middle East. Let them have it. Ship the rest of them there to fight over the holy Land and leave the rest of us alone

Much better solution. Brava!

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