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Seeing this picture solidified my doubts about the christian religion. That and a post about childhood illnesses like cancer. After that my loss of faith was solidified.

HippieChick58 9 Feb 10

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Nothing is more evil than a do nothing alleged deity delaying human solutions to vital problems....a second wasted upon prEyer or worship let's more innocent victims suffer and die


Too many memes to choose from.


So true...


There are those that suffer much worse than these pictured children. Where is their god?


And all those wars,where people were told for god king and country,On both sides of the conflicts,priests saying god be with you.Fat lot of good that did for the tens of millions who died and the hundreds of millions who were wounded.When will people wake up to the fact all gods are a delusional creation of the human mind.


That pic is surely a shock to the system...if only I could feed the hungry children of the world! Where are those Christians when you need them the most? Where? What about billionaires, could they not spare some pocket change for starving children? If we can't even give them food, what good is hope? Maybe if that picture was plastered upon enough billbords, maybe, it would touch enought hearts so that at least food would be available!

Hiya,I give to charity.One monthly one annual.I would love to help these children out,but I don't know how it is over there in the states but we here in the U.K. Are told That the money that is sent to the African nations never get to the people that need it.A lot of the money ends up funding There wars.Very sad.

@Diddsdad that is exactly what the word is here too!

@Diddsdad I was told that when I was in my primary school years by my family , in the 70's. Some things have not changed I see . . . 😟

@Douglas maybe in your lifetime...maybe??


I had long had doubts of mythical creatures had often thought of the no proof idea. When I had heard of the 3rd pope that would mentally torment other religious patrons one example is he would have the children removed from Jewish parents that refused to convert to Catholic. Force the children to abandon their parents for a pathetic excuse.


Here is also one from Kevin Carter that I still sometimes think about:

i may recall that he won a prize for this pic. but what would interest me more is: did he take care of & save the little child?


The Robert Browning quote in Pippa Passes: "God is in His heaven and all is right with the world" only applies to people who have comfortable lives.

The illogical reasoning of religious teachings is so extreme that religious people must "check their brains at the church door" to sit through a sermon.
People are told that God controls everything, so why condemn people for anything, since God made them do it?
Why go to work?
Why take your kids to the doctor since it would go against "God's will."


Exactly. And by the way, we do not have to leave America to find children just like those in the photo.


When it rains , it rains on the good & the bad . What part of that scripture do they not understand , when they recite it ? This is not the product of a perfect loving god !

Dougy Level 7 Feb 11, 2018
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