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3,570 points until Level 8!!!!!

Marcie1974 8 Nov 27

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You will be there in no time!




Wow! Impressive!


What color shirt do you want? πŸ™‚

I don’t even know my choices!!

@Marcie1974 They'll give you a chance to choose. My choices were purple or black!


Whoop Miracle πŸ˜‰


Yeah, I see it's quite a stretch to get to level 8. I was never in a hurry anyway, but it was fun to reach L7. It'll probably be a couple of months at least, before I get to 8. I have been gaining steadily though, stuck inside on cold, snowy days. First of January I'll be escaping to the land of sunshine and will have so much more to do other than gather points. In any case, congratulations on the approaching big advancement! Here's a few more points!


You're my hero


Go for that t-shirt, lady!


What can I do to help?

JimG Level 8 Nov 27, 2018

You posted, that got me points....I think. Not really sure how it works lol

@Marcie1974 yes, and now I did it again. Good luck.

@Marcie1974 Me too - I'm posting and @ you.


I wish to bestow points upon thee.


Here are some random points.


Follow me and post where I do and you'll be lvl 8 by tomorrow night lol

cha cha cha!


level 8 always seems hard to get to, he's some help dear!


well here is some help to get you to a new T shirt for the hollidays.


It only took me a couple of days to reach level 8 when I was in your position. Good luck!

Just what position do you think I'm in? Sorry, my mind is currently in the gutter LMAO

@Marcie1974 Within sight of level 8! I could join you in the gutter if you'd like....


Climbing that point hill.


Good for you. I hope you reach level 8 by the end of the week. It will be an great accomplishment. I hope to be at level 8 by end of the decade. Currently at 7.1 at need 1,000 + to reach 7.2 . I look forward to the t shirt and other perks of that level. I'm sure you will enjoy all the perks of level 8.

I wish I would have noticed when I hit level 7. I'm hit and miss on posting here, depends upon how busy I am.

@Marcie1974 The same here. I try to add 100 points a day if possible and try to think of something that would make an good post.

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